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The Explorers

Speedpainting for today as a cooling down. Gotta get the hand back into painting slowly =)
Thanks for the support guys!

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i like the explorers :)
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This really gets me excited to write something about explorers. It'd take a lot of work, I think, but it'd be great. I reference my previous comment about ruins. :)
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It's like concept art for Lost Planet! It's also 100% kickass awesome!
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Soo beautiful!
Love the sense of scale on this one!
Ragnarok6664's avatar
Sweet, looking vast :)
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dude you are so freakin amazing xD i click on the right arow on the keyboard and i am like :ok this is a fav.this one too..and this.and this xD
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This feels breathtaking, great job!
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if i could, i would give you DD for every single painting in your gallery
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Hah! Well, it'd kinda lose it's special feel wouldnt it?
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Wow, great work! :)
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Is this ruins of Ancient part of Greece? Or, now that I think of it, something mesopotamian, isn't it?
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Right. -_- I thought it is something ancient, but...
The picture is great, by the way. I don't even believe it's speedpainting - it's _really_ looks accurate, pretty detailed.
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well, there is a lot of photograpic reference in there, painting this by hand would take a lot longer. Hence, the Rome bit =)
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oh wow... i love this
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I see no need to slow down if this is a speedpaint, I think it's luvverly!
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Impressive atmosphere of loneliness. Fantastic work!
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Thanks. Lonely places are the best to explore
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Beautiful colors!
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