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Temple of Anhach Zuldan


Hey everyone here is my latest painting for my ongoing project: Discovery.
Hope you guys enjoy!
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I love your art! Hopefully i will get on your lvl one day^^ got to get better...
This place has a fascinating feel 
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Looks a lot like the Stilshrine of Miriam, from Final Fantasy 12. 
Jocik's avatar
Star Wars the Old Republic, Gree again :)
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Very cool, love it!
escume's avatar
Great movement!
wateradept8's avatar
looks really good, i think maybe the falling sand effect is slightly overused is all.
TheShock's avatar
all painted? i see some photo there. then i will call it illustration. ;)
wateradept8's avatar
i believe it's matte painting. a different kind of painting using pictures.

TheShock's avatar
subtle differences then. anyway i like a lot your style
CwACH's avatar
Very superb!  Looks kind of realistic.
kropfkid's avatar
How is this EVEN POSSIBLE?!?!?! It's... it's so FLAWLESS. HOW?!?! 
brynjones's avatar
flipping heck!
Fantastic. What gave you the inspiration for this piece?
i love your work !! what are your favorite syfi inspirations?? like movies or video games
Marzipanzers's avatar
It looks somehow Star Wars-y!
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What The : O This is painted xD I thought it's real 
You improved alot Mr.Titus
happy-spades's avatar
a combination of ruins and tech >>>> really beautiful scene ^^
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Totally agree. I like the contrast and the longer I look, the more inspiring and interesting details I find. 

Epic! :clap:
lastbullet2's avatar
Look just like I could walk into the image, awesome work
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