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So I have a few paintings in the cooker that I'm sneaking in between all the end of year festivities. I hope all of you out there are having a nice time with family and friends and can unwind for a bit. Maybe more coming this year, if not see all of you in 2013.
Thanks for your support and kind words!

>Streaming Every Tuesday at 8PM GMT+1 with chat and feedback here: [link]<
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I'm a writer and I need artwork for adventure modules :) Do you work on commission? I'm new to this, do you do royalty work?

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представьте вот такую карту для сталкера .
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Love the mood on the water, very mystique
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whaa... this is so awsome!
i wish i could be there :)
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Looks like Heine from l2
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Fantastic picture! The detail and style is superb, very well done!
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I got a great idea from this!
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Kyaaa!!! I like this so much :D

Great work!
Oooh, I like this. Is there a story?
Wow! I really want to visit this place!
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I want to go to there.
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I want to go to there.
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Increíblemente hermoso :)
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nice environment 8)

great job
This is nicely executed, but I do have some constructive criticism. Foremost, what I really wanted to see as I scanned the image was the full extent of the towers. And I can't think of any reason why those gorgeous towers would be cut out of the frame! What appears to me to be the focus of the piece is the rock formation looming behind the bridge -- and it's not clear why that SHOULD be the focus. It's certainly unusual and distinctive, but I can't tell why it's important.

Another thing I want to mention is related to that in a way: the reflection of that rock formation is done well, so it's a mystery as to why the reflections at the very bottom center of the image aren't. It looks like the top of the castle is reflected in glass, with no distortions, rather than in water, with the expected horizontal disruption due to the unevenness of the surface.

Finally, a lot of your edges are too crisp -- a good example being the outline of the cliff formation at right. Yes, when you paste an object into your painting it will have sharp edges -- but if those edges are supposed to be off in the distance, then they should be a bit indistinct. In Corel PhotoPaint (I know, not many folks use this) I use the "feather" command to "fuzz" things up, even if it's only by a pixel or so. Now that I think about it, I think that cliff needs to be not just a bit fuzzy, but more jagged as a matter of its natural construction.

Nice job, and it's clear you're on track to do a whole lot better!
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Wow awesome work! Great job!
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