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Almost done with the series! I present to you, Island. I know I said no more Ravnica / buildings but.. well. couldn't resist.
Enjoy. Thanks everyone for your continued support!

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Love the colors. They look realistically surreal, if that's possible. I imagine this is from right after sunrise.

I so often forget there can be such awe inspiring vistas, and that it's surely an intention of architects to show them off as best they can. It's funny, too, as I so enjoy them myself. I need to remember this for my writing. :heart:
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Really beautiful.  Feels like a movie scene.
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And that's what it looked like before the Death Star blew it up.
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D: oh my.. you're god
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reminds me of Dinotopia!
The most beautiful
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Whoa. I thought this was a great picture. Then I saw the detail on the painted buildings. 
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Who doesn't love Islands from Magic the Gathering?
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Aaah, your work is truly one of a kind... In love with this one! <3
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That's incredible
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Amazing! It looks like a mix of Naboo and Rivendell :)
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Looks like my book!
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This is so beautiful
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Beautiful; could've been taken right out of a fantasy book! Reminds me of Lord of the Rings!
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Wow this is amazing! :D
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Yes!! I love this
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