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Gelatinous Terror


Hey folks! 
This is this weeks Patreon painting where the topic was a image that could work for Magic. I picked a fictional black creature like Acidic slime and the likes and set it in the Innistrad universe. If you want the PSD you can get it if you sub

<3 Let me know what you think!…
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Acidic Slime by Voltiv  A proxy card of mine using your art <3
MaxGrib's avatar
Incredible! Your art is my inspiration!
Khasdannyanlord's avatar
the transluced green material oh god and all those details!!!
Khialat's avatar
WE'RE DOOOOMED!!! (Great work ;) :XD:)
El-Jorro's avatar
Terrifying, yet a little silly. In other words...perfect
TheIndianGhost's avatar
I love how realistic this looks and the almost-transparent shades of green you used here (green is one of my favorite colours):squee: 
sonofraramses's avatar
since I began to subscribe your channel and to have seen your previous concept paintings( they have always been excellent), just recently I noticed that your painting techniques have got a huge break through during the time! Thank you for having created so many beautiful and inspiring works.
appelt65's avatar
The word that means your job is...PERFECT!!! tKS for share those Masterpieces!  =]
CyberKurosaki's avatar
Realy realy awesom
Zambiino's avatar
Awesome work! This is amazing.
phyrexianrevoker's avatar
Acidic slime is a green creature :P
Nice art btw
Sylrielda's avatar
The buildings are so cool! I really like the way u did it!
Azuregos's avatar
Wow, this is so wicked creature. Absolutely love the greenish transparent color here - It's very pleasing to the eye.
Necozuki's avatar
great work, as usual
ThatSnazzyArtist's avatar
The civilians are in a sticky situation.
smurf la Bitten poptart LOL Dignity LaughPikachu Piff Plz Mew Laughing  
but seriously, great art.
DaddyHoggy's avatar
Fantastic. Love the translucency and what it does to the lighting.

Cthulu meets 'the blob'.
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R1chu5's avatar
that is really epic!
AdmiralMunches's avatar
i love how there's a horse carriage AND horses being engulfed into the slime. it's so creepy and horrifying!
Alexgv-art's avatar
wow awesome job :)
RUshN's avatar
OOOOOOOOOZE! love oozes 
Naiefz's avatar
Zac! is that you!
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