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Long time no post; very busy painting!
Thought I'd share this one with you guys; inspired by all the recent volcano eruptions.
A lot of hours went into this one, original resolution is over 6000px wide.
I have about 20 steps of this one which I'll put online sometime in the future if I dont forget xD
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this is very dificult to draw ... RESPECT !
wojtaurus's avatar
very realistic and full of energy,
MisterCrowbar's avatar
Man, this is really crazy, you can feel all the forces of the explosion just from looking at it. Really awesome work!
TitusLunter's avatar
Thanks =) Glad you like it
quasihedron's avatar
Very ominous ... reminds me of the earth imploding in the movie 2012! :clap:
Well done! :D
TitusLunter's avatar
lol, that was the ref used xD ~Tho, thats a different kind of explosion. Looked at a lot of natural geographic stuff too.
quasihedron's avatar
You certainly did your homework, and it paid off well! :D
Have some fun this weekend, too! :party: :airborne:
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3S0T3R1C-3M0's avatar
TOTALLY LOVELY... I've got the feeling of WW2 or something..... Can't you feel it too? ;-)
TitusLunter's avatar
I can feel a volcanic eruption xD
HunDrenus's avatar
Great atmosphere!
Matthew-van-Zyl's avatar
Mmm... toasty... :)

Wonderful work!
Taeral's avatar
man, how did you get so good?
Taeral's avatar
i knew you were going to say something like that :p
jw-18's avatar
I love it! Looking forward to the 20 steps thing.
kil1k's avatar
awesome art !
HatPup's avatar
Nature's power at it's best.
I'm glad it wasn't in my backyard, though.
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