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Dol Guldur

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Just came back from the Hobbit - amazing film - and I just had to quickly paint this before bed. 2.5 hours. Im usually not a fanart kinda guy but this movie deserves some love. Hope you like it. Also, if you haven't seen the movie go check it out in HFR! For me it removed the blur of the panning shots completely, finally headache free =D

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wow your landscapes are baller
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bro, can i use this picture with your link an devaintart username en the facebook cover of my band with my logo on the picture
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This is incredible!!!!!! That light, I could stare at this for hours! Thanks so much for sharing
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Loved the movie, this is spot on Dol Guldur!
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Your concept art is so amazing I had to print several of them out and hang them on my wall :)
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Great effect, especially showing the ruin at night, with the eerie light coming from within. Great textures, very effective overall representation.
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I always thought that Dol guldur was cool.
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I just watched this movie yesterday... and I'd seen this artwork before, so I had to come looking for it again.
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Awwyeah, replay value +1
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So wonderful picture !! You did it by yourself ?? Congratulations ^^ sorry for my english not really perfect. Your drawing is as beautiful as the John Howe ones.
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Atmosphere is incredibly eery and foreboding. Color palette and textures dead-on and amazing! For a 2.5 hour job, this is unbelievable! Kudos!
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2.5 hours?? zomg!
awesome movie awesome painting :P
All you work is amazing! Good luck!
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Stunning work !!!
LaptopNinja510's avatar
I love it! Brilliantly done!
WoodHelm's avatar
So beautiful and inspirational :D
nimbus2224's avatar
Aw yeah! When I saw it in 3D and the creepy Mordor song played I was like, "Yep, I would definitely never go in there no matter how much someone payed me." The whole really dark, creepy feeling of that place just gave me the goosebumps. Great artwork!! :D
asemharun's avatar
Sweet! Creepy atmosphere makes it look pretty cool!
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