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Acherons' Landing

Heya guys,

It's been a while since my last post - I've been keeping very very busy here in Cambridge (if you are around gimme a shout!)
I managed to squeeze this one out while trying the new PS CS6
Let me know what you all think. C&C welcome!

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gosh, how in the world did you get make the light beaming down look so amazing? 
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*whistles* I have no words...
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Hey, way cool, I like this very much... cool ship!! :) Is it a spaceship of some sort, or just a floating air vessel?  Great job on the perspective- and I like the lighting and atmosphere of this painting.  It seems a bit mysterious, with the Acheron looming out at us over a dark landscape.  Thanks for sharing!!
That's amazing. I'd love this in a wallpaper size.
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did you name it after the ol spanish vessel?
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I named it after one of the rivers in hell. I'm not sure how old that name is, I got it from a 16th century book but I dont know if thats the first time it's mentioned. But no, not the spanish ship unfortunately
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Ah, I see. Still awesome!
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Titus, your rock. This reminded me of years back when I was playing and RPG about my Star Watcher stories. It could be the SeaWolfe and it reading to recover humanity.

Admiral G. Louis King took the helm of first ever LSA Carrier known as the SeaWolfe. " I do this mission to unite ours people, with this Air-Naval force will once again roam Terran." these were the words that begun the adventure of discovering 1,800,000 lost citizens. " Among these 47 volunteers are doctor,civil engineers, mother, grandfathers and sons willing to dig and find humanity survivors and treasures." these words gave understanding of common people who made the remarkable happen. We were nearly 5 billion and now we identify 15 million within the northern hemisphere. This was the innovation in history that change our chance of survival.
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hah ace, nice that it fits a story like that
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Way. Past. AWESOME. You squeezed THAT in? That would've taken me weeks!!
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Neat, a carrier? :) Both futuristic & conventional
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Great Image
You could feel the cold air in the planet....
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Absolutly Marvelous!
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For everyone who draws lazy Sonic fanart on this site, there's someone awesome like you.

In all honesty though I liked this a lot, especially the glow on those landing lights. Captured the dark feel of the scenario depicted very nicely.
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cheers =)
Everyone is of course entitled to their own creative fantasy which is cool. But a bit of professional diversity never hurt ;)
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Hey hey you got featured in here [link] :D
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SUperr STuff
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Wow ps cs6 didn't even know that was coming out, this is neat too.
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