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:icontitansayan:TitanSayan posted a status
Tag by :iconpokemonlover777:

1: What was the first anime you watched?

Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball - Goku and Krillin [Fist Pump] [V.1]  and Naruto :bademoticon:  , I love this two but I don't really like the final of Naruto shippuden in mi opinion is trash

2: Favorite male anime character?

My Waifu , My Favorite caracther of all the universes is...VEGETA More SSGSS Vegeta  , He is the perfection in saiyan , I love akira for created this caracther Woo woo! C'mon Vegeta Lets Go Party~ EW KAKAROT, ITS A WORM! Inching up next to ya 

3: Favorite female character?

Sakura Haruno naruto gif Sakura Haruno  And Mikasa Ackerman M-mikasa...  , My friends say im mikasa (Hair , Eyes , etc) Eren and Mikasa Duo Approach [V1]  I gonna kill them 

4: What is your favorite anime as of now?

Dragon Ball Z Surprise! 

5: Best anime villain?

Aizen :aizen:  And Hollow Ichigo Ichigo Hollow Gif  (I think he is a villain XD )  Sorry but i love them Ichigo Nyan Free Avatar Leafy Bleach Chug Chat Emoticon 

6: Best opening in an anime?

Unravel tokyo ghoul gif ken kaneki , Guren no Yumiya Annie Leonhart (Laughing)  [V1] , The Day:bademoticon:  , Battery (Anime Name) , Chala head chalaGoku  , Full metal Alchemist brotherhood 1 opening Edward Elric (I got this) [V1]  , And a lot of openings of Naruto Naruto - Rin Nohara Icon 

7: Worst anime you've ever seen?

Dragon Ball GT Black Rock Shooter Vomiting  Icon 

8: Favorite manga?

Tokyo Ghoul (Incluid Re) tokyo ghoul gif ken kaneki  , Boku no Hero Academia :bademoticon:  , Gekkan Shoujo Pariente-kun Laughing  , and other yaoi Racing Girl Emoji (Nose Bleed) [V3] SP: Stan Icon 1 :bademoticon: 

9: What rules do you follow to make sure an anime is good?

Original Idea , No much fan service , Good opening and First episodeSurprise motherf***er 

10: Thanks for taking the quiz! Did you enjoy it?

Yessss!!! Ene (Smile) [V7] 

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