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Im pretty bored so im going to be doing black and white heashots of oc's, NO fanart, sorry. Himouto! Umaru-Chan: Happy Umaru 

This is only for watchers and it would not be open for so long.

•I can draw humans with masks, animals parts (like ears), horns, i cant draw furries because i dont really know how to draw them.
•2 headshots per person.
•I take my time and tomorrow im finally have free the rest of the weekend, so sorry if i take a little bit more of time than needed.

DONT FOLLOW ME FOR A HEADSHOT AND THEN LEAVE baldi is triggered | bbieal Thats why i will take in consideration for later newer  watchers(example someone who saw this post and just follow me

So give me your babies Drawn the artssss that sound really bad hahaha. 
Edit: I added Examples

Martin (Request)- Friend Oc's by TitanSayan

South (Request)- Friend Oc's by TitanSayan

Oc's from here are from :iconpokemonlover777:
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  • Post 8 facts about your character.
  • Tag 8 people.
  • Post those people's icons
Character: James 
Oc's Card - James Pier by TitanSayan

I haven't draw him in so long, so the drawing is pretty outdated about his aparience and my current style APH Germany Slap self 


1•I think he is the character that has gone through the most changes of appearance, but never of personality, story mmm in some plots and other things little things,

2•He was abused by both of his parents since childhood, later becoming sexually abused,that affected his person and how he communicate with people in a lot of aspects for obvious reasons.

3•He hates being touched in any form and is not really easy to establish a relatioship (Friends, Co-workers,he doesnt like romantic relationships) with him.

4•He has 3 half-brothers, He only met one when it was a baby and doesn't consider him his family, he never met the other 2, so they actually doesn't have any kind of plot in the stories, but i would like to do a spin-off non canon of what would happen if they ended up meting, all of them.

5•One of my friends like to call him hedgehog because of his hair.

6•He is named James because i like that name and if i have a child, something i never wanna do, one of my favorites names would to name the baby would it be James, and if you know spanish you know that one of the varations of James is Jaime,funny fact that was the name of one of my crushes, yeah an actually real one, is actually pretty cute and common name for me.

7•If you wanna see a smile of him, i give you a tip, he loves adrenaline.

8•He actually doesn't really know how to be around women,not because he dislike them,because doesn't have a lot experience with female companion, so sometimes it makes funny outcomes.The reason from this is because the only contact with a woman he has ever have is with her mother and it wasn't a very good impresion.

My favorite OC


:iconpokemonlover777: Jean

I wasn't put anybody but im actually curious about him.

Sorry for the bad grammar, is 1 am and i dont really wanna check it again

Please Comment in this Journal if you would like to commission me or sent me a Note.
DO NOT sent me points before you even tell me what kind of drawing do you want and the details , Because the price that appear there is the example one , i can raise it or decrease it depending in your petition
Once you and i agree to you to sent the points there is not refund or complain that you dont like it , I take my time doing them so please take that in consideration.

♥Questions & Answers♥

-How much i have to wait for my drawing?
•Not more than a week if is half body with/without color or an Headshot , If is a Full body allow me two weeks because these are the most time take.Im currently in school and i dont have so much time like in vacations.I would notify you if im in vacations far from home and i can't make your commission in that time.

Also i dont have a scanner , one of my friends have one so i will ask her if she help with that , I dont live with her so i dont know when and dont she have time to scan it , Please , if you want the quality one please take this time of scaning in consideration.

-What you can draw and what you cant?
•I can draw;
-Half animals
-Fan Art
-Original Characters

• I can't or wouldn't draw;
-Sometimes Females (I dont have so much experience with it)
-Furry (I dont know how to do them but lately im trying to study how , Sorry ♥)
-Hate or discrimination drawings , i would deny the commission if i dont feel good doing it or offend a group.
-Any kind of Fetish.

•What kind of payment you accept?
-I can make and Art Trade if you and me agreed in doing it.
-I DON'T accept currently payment with paypal because i do have bank account but i dont like to use it currently and i also dont have an paypal account.

Do you do Digital Drawings?
No , Im still new to do digital drawings  , when i feel comfortable doing it and with the style of this ones i would open this kind of commissions.

Sorry for the poor english , its not my first lenguage.

---------- ESPAÑOL -----------

Por favor comenta en este Journal si estas interesado en comisionarme o mandame una nota.
Favor de NO mandarme los puntos antes de que me digas que tipo de dibujo te gustaria y los detalles de este , Porque el precio que aparece es el ejemplo , Lo puedo aumentar o disminuir dependiendo tu pedido.
Una vez de que tu y yo estemos de acuerdo eres libre de mandar los puntos , no hay reembolso o decir que no te gusto , toma en consideracion que me tomo mi tiempo haciendolos.

♥Preguntas & Respuestas♥

-¿Cuanto debo de esperar por mi pedido?
No mas de una semana si es un Half body sin/con color o un headshot , Si es un Cuerpo Completo permiteme tomarme dos semanas porque estos son los que mas toman de mi tiempo.Estoy en la escuela y eso no me deja con tanto tiempo con el que tengo en las vacaciones.Te informare si estoy en vacaciones y estoy lejos de casa en ese momento por el cual no podre hacer tu comision en ese tiempo.

Por cierto no tengo un escaner , una de mis amigas tiene uno asi que le pediria a ella si me ayuda con esto , No vivo con ella y no se cuando tiene tiempo y acesso a escanear , por favor , toma esto en consideracion si de verdad quieres el dibujo en buena calidad y escaneado.

-¿Que puedes Dibujar?
•Puedo dibujar;
-Mitad Animales 
-Fan art
-Personajes Originales

•¿Que no puedo o no Dibujare?
-Algunas Veces Mujeres (No tengo mucha experiencia dibujandolas).
-Furry (No se como hacerlos pero últimamente estoy practicando para poder hacerlos , Lo lamento ♥).
-Dibujos de Odio o Discriminacion , Negare la comision si no me siento bien haciendola o ofende un tipo de grupo.
-Cualquier tipo de Fetiche.

•¿Que tipo de Pagos Aceptas?
-Puedo aceptar en hacer un art trade si tu y yo estamos de acuerdo.
-NO acepto en este momento pago con paypal porque si tengo un cuenta de banco pero no tengo las ganas de usarla en este momento y no cuento con una cuenta de paypal.

•¿Haces Dibujos en Digital?
-No , todavia soy nueva en lo digital , cuando me sienta comfortable haciendolo y con un estilo de estos abrire este tipo de comisiones.

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1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with the creator's avatars.

Ryan (The Stripper) 
Monopoly Meme of the C.K Universe by TitanSayan (The red guy)

He is not a real stripper , But he loves to do pole dance Mark Pole  
His hair is a little longer that why he uses a headband Ritsu Headband Icon  
He its best friends with robian since they meet in work jyushimatsu finger guns  , Ryan was before a police member but he later become a Swat one (I maybe change this in the future because i have to do a lot of research in this kind of works) 
since he was a kid he dreamed about becoming a Firefigther but he was weak in terms of force to enter so he train a lot Kougami ...and i dont gonna do more spoilers Akihito - Weak smile 
His father thinks he is gay GIF Steven Universe - Lapis Laugh  
He likes to smoke but because a promise he leave it Kou Still Hot 
Im trying to do a new concept about his clothes and make better the hair , i wanna like the end of this gif Makoto Tachibana Sexy Hair  but i suck in doing haircuts patrick stump emote || hair flip 
He is a peaciful person [ YURI ON ICE ] :Viktor Nikiforov peace: 

Bye bye Owari no Seraph gif 
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1. You have to post ALL the Rules
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer
4. Choose 13 people 
5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people 
6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags (Shit...)
7. Tag-backs are ALLOWED
8. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! unless you're talking ABOUT the entry
9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator tells you.
10. Be creative with the title. No, " I got tagged" stuff

 I love to hug/sleep with cats , its the best thing ever Cat Bread Face 
2- I go to the psychologist , mostly because of my attitude EXO : Chanyeol Spazz 
3- I own a pillow of Free Free - [Rei] Blush  , im not a pervert Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] 
4- All my family members are Womens Racing Girl Emoji (Evil Scheme) [V3]  , obviously not my dad
6- Mostly of my time im always in home, only going out for Food , school or an special reunion because i hate a lot of people in one place and makes me anxious stay in places they are not my home Rin Matsuoka [Scratch Head] 
7- I love shooter games and also that ones where you decide the route 
8- Im a huge fan of Overwatch Tracer Icon 2  Mercy Main btw Mercy Eyebrows  seven symmetra is better than lucio  :bademoticon: 
9-  I have freckles Cry Yams  take that seven GIF Gravity Falls - Celestabellebethabelle  i give you some if you want Yato Tounge Icon 
10- All my friends on ps4 thinks im a dude Dean Winchester: Problem, dude? 
11- Im a really extreme lazy person Lazy Gudetama 
12- In the end i always hates all i do even my friends and thats a reason im sometimes away for a time from my own group Oreki Pouts Icon  
13- I always try to be nice to people Chiyo Talking Icon  but  always ends angry Oreki Rants Icon 

Questions by

1- You like Overwatch?
Is my life Zarya Icon 1  , literrally i have like 450+ hours , im not joking Smile Miguel 
2- If you do which is your main?
Mercy Mercy evil smile  and :bademoticon:  (My other 3 are Zarya , Mei and Tracer) all womens? Widowmaker Icon 3 
3- If you could be a cyborg, you would be one?
only if i can be a green cyborg ninja dude {F2U} Genji with Cat Ears Icon 
4- Which was the first videogame you played?
A lot , mostly of them were from ps2 even ps1 :bademoticon: 
5- Favorite videogame?
Overwatch Widowmaker Icon 2 
6- Ever played RPG games like Misao, The Crooked Man, Ib, Mad Mather and stuff of that style?
Yes , but with no offense i dont love this type of games , i like some and i hate anothers Mama Suga 3 
7- Who is the character you have made which you are most proud of?
James , did i just say that? Oops 
8- You would marry one of your characters? Then who?
Ryan , Suko or James Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
The unicorn Llama Emoji-66 (Orly) [V3] 
10- Favorite culture?
Mexican :hoLA: 
11- What you do more, watch gameplays or play the games?
Both sometimes i love the concept/story of the game but i dont wanna play it Kudryavka Noumi (Depressed) [V2] 
12- You like watching gameplays?
Yes Meme (Popcorn) [V1] 
13- Who is your favorite singer/band/composer?
Iron Maiden You Rock! 



Im to lazy to do the questions pokemon eevee gif sleep 
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1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with the creator's avatars.

Monopoly Meme of the C.K Universe by TitanSayan (The only girl in the picture)

The only female protagonist i have Llama-Emoji-12 (Left and Right) [V1] 
She have two designs (Clothes) , the old one look like 18 from DBZ with some changes Pout  so i changed it by a new one that it's more fun to draw  Erza - My drawing Fairy Tail 
The only girl/women who is part of C.K Serena / Usagi Funny Icon 
She is an antihero and also have friendship with some authorities like the police Officer Nick Wilde - Icon 
She like hamburgers America (Eating Hamburger) [V1] 
She loves to give the people what they deserve naruto gif Sakura Haruno 
His zodiac sign is aquarius Aquarius Emoji , initially it was going to be Aries Aries Emoji  but its already one in the group , Guess who? Suko Owari no Seraph gif 


Bye bye Shigure Sohma (Bye-Bye) [V1] 

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1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with the creator's avatars.

Hikaru! by TitanSayan 
He dont really have horns...i only draw it in that picture because i was bored Ryuu Embarrassed Icon 

The original desing it was a 25-30 male character with a scar in the face also the principal enemy in the story of my gods Totty... 
He can change time (Even return a dead body to when it was healthy by returning the time only in that object ) but that is not his power of god Yato (I'm a god) [V1] Mother of god 
I design a super awesome sword for him and i  love it Hayato Kimata (Oh my god really) [V1] 
Like Kushi he has a height of 3 Meters and also one of the two more strongers characters of my universe Yamato Strong Icon 
He only kill one person in all his life [APH Icon] - England: Oh god,it's you. ....because of that he is a person who is never gonna kill somebody again (Maybe Karamatsu icon )  , if he have to do it he prefers to lock up that person in a place where nobody is gonna find him and leave them to suffer all the rest of their life waiting for their death Shintarou Smile Icon 
If you want something from him is gonna cost you a favor or something he wants Kirito's Tea Time 
The best fighter of all my characters legend of korra gif  Suyin  Beifong 
He loves to travel through planets and universes , also he dont have house (neither kushi) because they were banished from their planet KickThePJ 8 


I dont want  KickThePJ 4  because of personal things Mikoto Embarrassed Icon 


1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with the creator's avatars.


KUSHI by TitanSayan (DON'T LOOK AT THIS PLEASE NOOOO sobbing - crying  )  No one expects an angel to set the world on Fire by TitanSayan  

I dont create his design , it was :iconpokemonlover777: I love it so i let it like that (its perfect *Free Icon/Emote* Molang (I Love It!) ) i tell her to do a fusion between Akuma and Tenshi   Akuma and Tenshi , The Gods of my universe by TitanSayan (Gosh i hate so much how i draw in that time and also my ideas tattletail disgusted , hey monica ¿si fue asi no XD? fue hace mas de un año creo que hasta dos!!!) who were the originals gods of my universe.
He don't have interest in having a relationship , i hate romance Triggered Yurio (GIF)   but i accept sometimes i wish he has a partner  Icon 
His name means Poop in a lenguage of a specie of  :iconpokemonlover777: it was a really funny and strange coincidence , i create it from uniting Akuma (Ku) Tenshi (Shi) , i know im a genius Mukuro Rokudo icon 
1 of the 2 characters more stronger of my universe Yamato Strong Icon 
He looks more like his father than his mother Okita-Smug  who also have a lot of horns Devil Tsuda 
Also 1 of the 2 characters more taller of my universe , 3 Meters Kyungsoo is Too Short 
His mytical form is a Fenrir Happy Wolf - Icon 
The only person who he respects is Hikaru who also -spoiler- him at the end of the first part of the story , you will never know smile  

(Seven se ve igual tuyo porque lo copi pestie :v)

My tags:

I dont have friends so bye bye :bademoticon: 
So , Before start sorry for the bad english Yamato Nervous Icon  this is my first Request Journal Yato Nervous Neck Rub Icon  , so you can ask for anything you want me to draw in my style (Its a little...Ugly and bad Maou Nervous Icon ) obviously there will be rules
1.- Tell me the details like if you want it to be black and white (Pencil only ) or  color. Lucy - Wait a second... 
2.- I dont usually work with so many drawings at the same time so sorry if the wait is really long. Mabel is not amused Icon 
3.-You can ask for many resquest you want.Finnian (Wants food) [V1] 
4.-If i cant do it or if a find a problem im gonna tell you before start with it 50 
I think is everything i have to say , see you later Congrats to Dr-Dash for 80k Subs (NOICE Chat Icon) 
Im feel like nobody is gonna read this Nickderp  
Bye Bye GIF Gravity Falls - Wave 
Hi everyone Markiplier Creepy Smile (F2U)  I gonna present myself with a bad english....I'm a Lazy Girl who is...a potato or maybe not ,maybe im a boy or a Alien Eren Yeager (Surprised) [V6] 

Being Serious ,Im really tired of doing bad draws ,I hate how i draw and i don't feel good doing it Britney Spears Upset  Feels 

But im gonna do a Comic of Every Important Caracther  (like 30)  i a really stupid idea but i like to do things with no senseChest 

the first Comic for the two more import caracthers of all my OC's is coming in 2017 Maybe in January or at least March Dean Winchester icon ~ free to use! 

A little Information...
•Almost all the caracthers are males Dexter - Icon (Because i draw girls like shit Mikoto Surprised Icon )
•There is no Romance (I hate to put Romance in Caracthers stories) :bademoticon: 
•I'm a really lazy person i spend almost all my time in videogames soo if i dissapear is fault of my Cats the walking dead  gif 
•The person who is gonna to do the translation to english (Because my english sucksKashima Surprised Icon ) is Seven because she is my Absolian (I don't know how to put it , Absol? Absolian? ) unicorn jacksepticeyes [HYPE DANCE V.1]THE BEST LAID PLANS 
•The comis have vulgar lenguage but no that much  Masato Inohara (Burning Spirit) [V2] 
•And also blood , Fights , etc. Hinata Death Glare 1 Icon 
See you in hell i mean in the supermarket Ichi face 

OMG Mucho ingles por hoy Oh yes! (Jacksepticeye) 
Today i play all the campaing and let me say....It was one of the best i ever play , I cry and laugh , The villain maybe its not even that good but ethan , reyes and her partners OMG they was awesome , I literrally still sad but happy at the same time because i love this campaing Yato (No one wuvs me) [V1] Bambi sad Rainbow Dash (sad) plz 
and Vegetto in Dragon Ball Super....MY FAVORITE FUSION ,I KNEW IT THIS IS AWESOME {F2U} Sombra Icon Woo woo!