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The evolution of My Oc's - James Pier #1 by TitanSayan The evolution of My Oc's - James Pier #1 by TitanSayan
Well this one here is my journey trough this path of drawing and evolving my favorite oc of mine , i never drawing him much because of his hair

1.- The first one , is his first drawing , made in July 2 of 2016…
2.- The second one , his face is like so beatiful , im jk , i never uploaded this one because i forget and later i didnt like the bodies , they were like circules with more circles
3.- The third one is from all my characters that represent the sins , yeah he is a sin , i know , so original , made in August 23 of 2017…
4.- I really like this one , i know how edgy but i really like it , one of my favorites , this one was from September 10 of 2017…
5.- This is the one im currently finishing , i dont know if im gonna upload it because it has weir body porportions and is just pure fan service , of him and other 2 oc's 

This is Oc is part of my story The 13 , Being one of the protagonist if not the protagnist, its the only one i have his story finish and all his information , why ? , is like my baby oc , i like him so much , his personality , aparience , color , etc

His Names is James Pier , i dont gonna give more information because in the end who read it

Also sorry for the very poor english , is not my first lenguage and my grammar sucks :makeeverybodyhappy:  oh i know this is just very little improvent but i like doing comparasion , to see what i have changed , etc , i still have a long journey to go throug
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Wow OoO James mejor tomatito
Tus estilo a cambiado mucho owo
Y sube el fanservice! Deja que el mundo vea esos six pack!Meme (Popcorn) [V1] 
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November 8, 2017
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