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OJuice by titanpsp OJuice by titanpsp
*** reupped 9/19/02 ***
Heres some OJuice for ya. Ported from [link] with permission. It has animated group buttons and only a 1024 wall.
It should look ok with any orange paper though. Hope you enjoy it.
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jone Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2001   Interface Designer
i like orange, and this is a orange skin so really like it!! +the design is also very nice! :) (Smile)
northx Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2001   Interface Designer
Kelz stop trying to sound smart. "Plagiarism" refers to the taking of WORDS in a literary work and not giving the author credit for them, and not about art. I think you should keep your mouth shut next time.
Great work here Anthony! I absolutely love it. I know this has been in the works for quite a while now and it sure came out wonderful. Those are some great menus man. :) (Smile)

.:: [NORthX] ::.
NYC United States of America USA
kelz Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2001
OK. Apologies to the designer of Ojuice. I was perhaps a little hasty in my accusation of plagiarism. They are very different sites, it just reminded me of egomedia's site and Yes I agree with the previous comment on the futility of taking ownership of a colour. Don't misunderstand me I really like the site.

zkreso Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2001
kelz, it was ported from

geez... next time read the description.

Ok, just commenting again since all the comments were lost in the server breakdown.
xaphan Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2001   Interface Designer
looks nice.. even though i don't use Hoverdesk.. LS ownz j00

chadamus Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2001
No doubt, Kelts. That was harsh. There already is a suite based on Looks nice, but Titan's design is in no way similar other than the color of orange. You can't copyright a color. If you have a complaint with the designs being similar, take it up with the web site this is based on. Leave a talented artist just enjoying his craft out of it.
titanpsp Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2001
kelz you have lost your mind
kelz Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2001

A Great looking site but it is so similar to in colours used, interface and layout. No way can this be a coincidence. Imititation may be flattery but nothing can beat original ideas in design. Also, if you're going to borrow/steal a design why not make it your aim to improve upon it rather than just plagiarise others ideas. I'm sure you're a talented designer use your own ideas.
wipeouter Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2001
Hey! This turned out great man!
But whatta h3ll did you do to the wallpaper? It was much better before (without the dark orange and the drippings). Oh well, that's just my minimalistic opinion ;) (Wink)

You haven't failed to let me down with any of your skins yet. Keep 'em coming!

BTW, the holidays start on friday. I'm gonna sit my ass down and have a look at all the stuff I'm gonna finish. I'll see if I can do anything on the winamp skin I let you down on...


J W O R X - Flatness Forever
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December 17, 2001
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