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Fatal by titanpsp Fatal by titanpsp
*** reloaded 1-2-02 ***
This theme is made from Moshi's Dangerussian Secret Technology LS Theme [link] that he made from a SS of Dangeruss's Transition Hoverdesk theme [link] .
The wallpaper I used is Fatal Guardian Ver 2 by karnjerrylow [link]
I sought and obtained permission of all involved and would like to thank them for allowing me to use thier work.
This theme takes advantage of all the new features and plugins in Hoverdesk 2.45.
Fonts included. Please try it out and let me know how you like it.

***please excuse the jpg artifacts in the ss.the theme is clear. ***
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Pachunka Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
(possibly slightly late comment)

This is really nicely put together. It looks so good.
bikerboy Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2002
The theme is so perfect on the eye and reminds me of a sunny bright day, not cold and snowy as it is today for me in the states.
crazypenguin Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2002
nice work, i downloaded HoverDesk just to try this out, w00t!
titanpsp Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2002
Iterep no really HVD is super simple for multi rez's it will detect and change for different ones. The trouble comes from finding a paper in all the rezs and then making the ini's which isnt really a problem if your computer can show diff ones, for example I have trouble with anything over 1024 so i have to hit up friends that can support larger to make my ini's. Hope to be getting a 19' soon so maybe my themes can support all.

itirep Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2002
such an awesome theme... too bad everyone seems to be making 1024 res only these days... is it real hard to use the multires option in HVD?
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honz12 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2002
Hey! how come I've not commented on this un yet?
Excellent transistion Tank, interesting color scheme, perfectly matching wallpaper........looking forward to more from you ;) (Wink)

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moshi Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2002
cool. you found an amazing wallpaper for the theme. i also like the changes you did on the winamp remote and the dropdown menu a lot. :) (Smile)

risblaque Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2002
Nice work on the amp. :) (Smile)

snowman Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2002
wootacious!!! Brilliant work mate!
And the croud goes wild..... more, mooore/b>! 8) (Cool)

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iamabyte Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2002
Breathless........ jeez.. that's ... art
karnjerrylow Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2002
the whole theme is awesome and totally magnificant... Awesome Awesome Job

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thdj Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2002
Excellent theme ! Nice original color scheme and all is working perfectly. I've just noticed a .xls icon on the main tile (no big deal, easy to correct) and .. you forgot to put the Theme informations (name etc...) ;-) (Wink)

Anyway, congrats for this wonderful theme which really takes advantage of the new plugs features !

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HvD Tutorial : me.htm
EzPop :
zkreso Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2002
Yeah I saw this before... pretty awesome. Your best so far.
I would download it if I had HvD too

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