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Blacksteel by titanpsp Blacksteel by titanpsp
**reloaded 8/13/02 **
Thought I would share the dashing daring Agent50 who graces and protects my desktop. I would like to thank Moshi [link] for allowing me to port his LS theme into my favorite apps, Jake Parker [link] for allowing me to use 5Agent50 in the wallpaper and Copland [link] for the wonderful icons used. All permissions are in the zip.
The theme includes the font and 1024 and 1280 wallpapers. The file is the new .HvD format so it will install itself on download. Please share your thoughts on this theme with me so I can make future HVD themes better.
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cherie Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2002

the best! this skin suits me soooo much =p (Razz)
titanpsp Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2001
Thanks guys I really enjoyed making this one....its been on my desk for awhile.....she's just so damn seksay!
jark Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2001
i love the darkness of this. one really nice, well thought out, well put together, theme. quality work here!

Alien Shit Happens Alien
imtoomuch Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2001
That's a darn good port, Titan. You have to upload this stuff to LOS now =) (Smile)

=) (Smile) Ill end up alone like I began=( (Sad)
firedancer Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2001
Holy cow! Moo

I didn't think I'd find something to knock Sinter off my desktop anytime soon, but you blew that out of the water.

Great job with this theme...and it's easily customizable, which is always a plus. I've already made my highlighted icons for the topbar. Agent 50 is now protecting my desktop too :D (Big Grin)

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honz12 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2001
One of my favs that you've done. Looks great! If I had any say in the matter I'd give it DS, but I don't =[
risblaque Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2001
Great colour scheme and fantastic sound effect used on open menu. :) (Smile)

You are really spoiling us this week. :D (Big Grin)
moshi Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2001
cool port. now im going to look for the app skins to use with my litestep theme. ;) (Wink)
zkreso Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2001
I'm getting this now !
elwin Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2001
Excellent choice for a port!
Good Job!

titanpsp Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2001
Will do my man! :) (Smile) ......thanks all for the kind words everyone
thdj Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2001
excellent theme !

just 2 small suggestions (only suggestions since the theme is really great as it is right now) : you should put a higher value for the Taskbar End X and add the outline effect on font for the popup menu (to match the ones on the tiles / taskbar) ;-) (Wink)

attila Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2001  Hobbyist Photographer
Looks spectacular from the screenshot, it's downloading now, so I'll definately be back with a full-out report :) (Smile)

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wipeouter Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2001
Yeah, I'm with the-joker, this is great.
Really reminds me of the nowsoveryfamous "not easy beeing green" by Dangeruss, which is my all time favourite HVD theme.

J W O R X - Flatness Forever
the-joker Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2001
Looks very nice...Cool theme...

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