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Random Favourites

Good morning
Mornings grey dawn filters between the dishelved blinds
Creeping deftly across the worn floor, caressing my cool cheek with its tender warmth
Stretching towards the hopeful sky
Yawning sheepishly I feel renewed
Looking in the mirror I smile, that same familiar smile that belongs to me
Knowing I'm still the same man I was yesterday
:iconsirv3rt1go:SirV3rt1go 15 7
Every time you hold me, even in a small way,
It becomes all I want to feel,
Everything I want to last,
And the only thing in this world I don't want to end.
Sometimes I wonder if you could feel it too..
The way I try to wrap you in my arms,
The way I'm torn between the feelings of wanting more,
And the fear of losing myself in your warmth.
It's like the warmth in your voice when you speak to me,
The warmth in your eyes when you see me smile.
It's like a sense of love I crave to no end,
And something that always makes me hungry for more.
:iconablondmoment:aBlondMoment 97 96
Love Revenge
I love the way you tease,
With your finger tips on my back,
Breathing hushed whispers of things I could only dream at night.
I love the way your touch makes me freeze in my steps:
Swaying between the need to stand still,
And the temptation to shudder in mindless ways.
If only you could stop teasing for even a moment,
A moment for me to try to collect my mind,
Then I could show you just how much it means for your love to be mine.
:iconablondmoment:aBlondMoment 297 256
She smiles like nothing you’ve seen
Like the world was hers
Beautiful amid the dandelions
Catching the last drops of summer
Upon her shining curls
And she laughs at the sun
And cries for the days lost to time
And for all the things she can’t change
Unfolding every day
She wins the hearts of the clouds
With her childish whims and secret joys
Makes friends with the toads
And hums with the bees
Happiness most would pass without a second glance
She treats each day like a treasure
Finding the difference in the simplest ways to
Casting away the jaded routine
Of bleeding hearts and broken dreams
She finds her sunshine
In anything unique
Don’t pass her by
For she’s something to keep
:iconskarlit:Skarlit 5 9
You Can't Fix
Your hands press against mine like thorns of a rose (they used to fit perfectly into mine like two corresponding pieces to a puzzle) and your words pierce right through me like a shard of glass, stiffening up my lungs and stealing the breath right out of me.
Your tears fall like the first snow of winter, making me freeze in place; unable to do anything but sit by idly and watch you break into a million pieces (the beauty of winter's first snow) happen right before my guilt-ridden eyes.
Sometimes I'll stare into your eyes and watch them fill up with hurt, just so I will have someone to relate with. (You broke my heart just as much I ended up breaking yours) You're the one who taught me I could never be perfect, no matter how hard I tried. You showed me just how imperfect and unwanted I really am.
Thanks for taking what little sliver of happiness I had and locking it away in a place I can never reach again. (Your heart is forever out of my gra
:iconksmsoccer89:ksmsoccer89 19 39
My Best Friend
He is my truest, closest and most trusted friend. He has taught me many things and has inspired me to be great. He works hard on anything he does and never gives up. When he fails, hi picks himself up and keeps going determined to finish what he started.
He taught me how to love, to really love. With a pure mind and real intent. He loved me for who I am. I don’t know why, or what he saw in me but he loved me all the same. I was hurt, and he lifted my spirits and made me believe again. He made me want to live, really live. He was what I woke–up for everyday and what I went to sleep dreaming about. He made me whole with him just being around. I could breath when he was near. When we were apart, I was suffocating. Blind and numb to the world, only seeking his presents.
He is a musician. His music uplifts the saddest most pitiful soul. I hear his sweet music while I go through the day and it is the lullaby I go to sleep with. To be a musician is his dream and he will make it. If
:iconnilaeinjero:NilaEinjero 3 72
I'm sorry for all the times I'll yell,
I'm sorry when I put you through hell
I'm sorry for all the fight's I'll start
I don't really want us to be apart
I'm sorry when I act temperamental
You're the one I love, and you are special
For all the time's I'll hang up on you
When I know all I really want is to be with you
I'm sorry for when I'm not understanding, and I'm a bitch
I would change that about me, if I had one wish
I'm sorry for how stubborn I can be
Even when we're fighting, I still think we're meant to be
When I say I'm sorry, know that those words are true
But even more, please remember that I will always love you
:iconunyqui-dyme:Unyqui-Dyme 12 0
Her Last Kiss
Holding her close
The warmth of her body on mine
Her silky smooth skin against my lips
Moving her hair out of the way
Breathing in her aroma
And slowly close my eyes
Kisses her neck once more softly
Sinking my fangs deep in her flesh
The sweet taste of her blood
Feeling my body growing with power
My heartbeats with her blood
Her soul apart of me
Her breathing heavy
Her heart slowing
Her mind falling
I breath new life into her empty soul
Her heart beating with mine
She is mine
:iconbullshavik:bullshavik 6 2
she has eyes but no pupils
she looked at me
and with all the sorrow in her eyes
she traced her words around my
fingertips and whispered
'i can't feel anything at all except your
emptiness echoing off of mine.'
she asked me if i loved her and i said
she started to cry and i asked her
and she said she just wanted to feel
weightless for a moment or two
and love was heavy, heavy, heavy
i held her hand when
they pumped her stomach
and when she could speak again
she pulled me close and whispered
'you are a very strange creature.
but it's not the same when you
aren't around.
everything changes when you leave.'
on her bedside table,
the only flowers
were the ones i got for her
and they were a boquet of a dozen
half-blown away
:iconcrushasphyxia:crushasphyxia 24 15
Mature content
Crave :iconalilydarkly:alilydarkly 5 8
As One
And as the moon sparkles
Across the glittering lake
The midnight air
Breathes with me
As one...
:icondarkemoprincess:darkemoprincess 3 8
LOLSCHACH 03.19.09: Fake I.D. by ninjaink LOLSCHACH 03.19.09: Fake I.D. :iconninjaink:ninjaink 93 14 Schulz City: That Yellow S.2 by ninjaink Schulz City: That Yellow S.2 :iconninjaink:ninjaink 157 25 Schulz City: That Yellow S.1 by ninjaink Schulz City: That Yellow S.1 :iconninjaink:ninjaink 314 64


After months of planning and hard work Honz12 has completed a terrific tutorial on creating Hoverdesk themes. It covers every area and feature available in Hoverdesk 2.40. If you are interested in learning to create themes or maybe just extending your knowledge of Hoverdesk themes this is the perfect way. It is a very user friendly tutorial and when you complete it you will have a great new theme to admire.


United States
Favourite style of art: Clean,Minimal and/or Simplistic
Operating System: Windoze XP Pro
Shell of choice: Hacked Explorer



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