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It came for the thrill of the hunt


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It came for the thrill of the hunt


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My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

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Past Sins: Knights of Harmony Volume 1

Chapter 1 A Good Book "A long time ago, in the Magical land of equestria. before the rule of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, when the three tribes of Ponies first formed Equestria the First Alicorn, Queen Ryugu once ruled the land as Celestia and Luna do now, with kindness and love. but one day, the Queen discovered the power to manipulate and even feed on the life force of the land, animals, and even other ponies. eventually she was corrupted, warped, and consumed by the desire to feed on the life force of Equestria itself! "The three tribes of the land felt betrayed and heartbroken that their benevolent ruler was transformed into an

Knights of Harmony

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From Beyond the Stars


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