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Patient Hunter by titanlizard Patient Hunter :icontitanlizard:titanlizard 44 6 Dino Doodles 2 by titanlizard Dino Doodles 2 :icontitanlizard:titanlizard 18 0 Sigilmassasaurus brevicollis by titanlizard Sigilmassasaurus brevicollis :icontitanlizard:titanlizard 61 16 Dino Doodles by titanlizard Dino Doodles :icontitanlizard:titanlizard 42 9 Malguriz - ''The Strain Bringer'' by titanlizard Malguriz - ''The Strain Bringer'' :icontitanlizard:titanlizard 57 7 Ancient Cosmic Monsters - The Dancer by titanlizard Ancient Cosmic Monsters - The Dancer :icontitanlizard:titanlizard 25 2 Ancient Cosmic Monsters 4 by titanlizard Ancient Cosmic Monsters 4 :icontitanlizard:titanlizard 57 3 Ancient Cosmic Monsters 3 by titanlizard Ancient Cosmic Monsters 3 :icontitanlizard:titanlizard 40 0 Ancient Cosmic Monsters 2 by titanlizard Ancient Cosmic Monsters 2 :icontitanlizard:titanlizard 42 0 Ancient Cosmic Monsters 1 by titanlizard Ancient Cosmic Monsters 1 :icontitanlizard:titanlizard 45 1 Austroraptor militia - Spec Challenge 5 by titanlizard Austroraptor militia - Spec Challenge 5 :icontitanlizard:titanlizard 93 12 Hatzeg's Inferno by titanlizard Hatzeg's Inferno :icontitanlizard:titanlizard 54 10 Erythronyx grandis by titanlizard Erythronyx grandis :icontitanlizard:titanlizard 55 5 Spec challenge #3 by titanlizard Spec challenge #3 :icontitanlizard:titanlizard 83 12 Nightingale and Beelzebub - T. rex characters by titanlizard Nightingale and Beelzebub - T. rex characters :icontitanlizard:titanlizard 18 8 Hellish Loneliness by titanlizard Hellish Loneliness :icontitanlizard:titanlizard 69 26


Commission for Fiachmara by porkuspine Commission for Fiachmara :iconporkuspine:porkuspine 1,120 20 Wrong Sound by Liktar Wrong Sound :iconliktar:Liktar 288 10 SP3- Where the River Ends [C] by mamasaurus SP3- Where the River Ends [C] :iconmamasaurus:mamasaurus 128 2 Shattered Peaks: Mountaintop Confrontation by Kiire Shattered Peaks: Mountaintop Confrontation :iconkiire:Kiire 254 12 Gabriel by tetramera Gabriel :icontetramera:tetramera 780 9 Godzilla Neo - SKULLCRAWLERS by KaijuSamurai Godzilla Neo - SKULLCRAWLERS :iconkaijusamurai:KaijuSamurai 2,858 148 ON/OFF by NanoMortis ON/OFF :iconnanomortis:NanoMortis 2,596 22 The Rain Plain by Sheather888 The Rain Plain :iconsheather888:Sheather888 224 14 :PATREON REWARD: CloveChan by fleesveon :PATREON REWARD: CloveChan :iconfleesveon:fleesveon 221 2 Dromaeosaurus raptor posable art doll by hikigane Dromaeosaurus raptor posable art doll :iconhikigane:hikigane 212 8 Ice Feather by Skirtzzz Ice Feather :iconskirtzzz:Skirtzzz 1,465 31 [comm] Control by biolumi [comm] Control :iconbiolumi:biolumi 188 5 Basin of stars by ThemeFinland Basin of stars :iconthemefinland:ThemeFinland 1,263 41 Dermopod by megabass22 Dermopod :iconmegabass22:megabass22 95 30


Patient Hunter
Experimental painting of a Carcharodontosaurus slowly following its victim.
Dino Doodles 2
This time with 3 abelisaurs.
-The head of a slow Majungasaurus
-And two rather stylised version of fast running abelisaurs, Skorpiovenator and Carnotaurus.
Sigilmassasaurus brevicollis
As the Sun is rising above the jungle during this early morning, a huge animal is coming out from the river after a relaxing night.
The inexperienced eyes would find it familiar to another, more famous creature, but this behemoth is one of a kind on its own.
Ignoring the rotten corpse of a juvenile sauropod nearby, this male Sigilmassasaurus seemingly has more important things to do. It's the mating season.

On this part of the delta due to his dominant presence, he is the only one who's allowed to mate with the females of this region. While standing on his favourite rock, he starts his classic mating call.
Doesn't take too much time for the first female to appear. But the Sigilmassasaurus can't just rely on his marvelous vocals. Although it's somewhat shorter than that of its more famous cousin, to attract the opposite sex the male Sigilmassasaurus uses his tall, colourful sail on his back. The bigger and more colourful sail you have, the number of females around you will increase too.

Perhaps that's the reason why are there cases of female Sigilmassasauruses breeding with the somewhat smaller but taller sailed male Spinosauruses, eventually giving birth to hybrid specimens.


This artwork was somewhat inspired by a recently published paper related to the North African Spinosaurs, in which there's this theory about the possibility of jaw materials of larger Spinosaurus specimens (like the one from 2005) actually being Sigilmassasaurus materials.
The posture itself is based on an illustration of a great cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo) that I saw in a book.
Dino Doodles
Some quickly made doodles about dinosaurs.

-Two heads of Carcharodontosaurus
-One Giganotosaurus
-And a hybrid named "Hatzegotitan", because Dr. Wu was not creative enough to combine some of the coolest Archosaurs.
Malguriz - ''The Strain Bringer''
Dwelling across the woods silently on its creepily moving limbs, "the strain bringer" is slowly spreading its disease through the whole continent, infecting any living being that crosses its path.

The billions or trillions of microscopic creatures are produced deep inside its mysterious body. Once they find a victim, the organisms are starting to "change" the host. In the end, the infected barely possesses any of its previously known common traits but has more resemblance to a "cosmic monster" in appearance, such as:
-asymmetrically placed, multiple different sized eyes (or eye-like organs) over the body
-abnormally jointed limbs (or limb-like outgrowths)
-disproportionate body parts
All of these can happen to any eukaryotes, no matter which kingdom are they from, which means when it's done, "the strain bringer" is able to turn a whole region into some of the most outlandish manifestation of Hell.

During its mission it usually keeps its first torso deep inside its body while another torso on the back looking around. The first torso will be revealed only when it's really needed to, by the help of a flower shaped head.


titanlizard's Profile Picture
Greg A. Smith
I'm a deviantartist guy from Hungary.
I like to do artistic stuff, mostly drawings about the organisms of Terran and Extraterrestrial lifeform. I'm interested in paleo too, mostly dinosaurs, but (I think) I wouldn't like be only paleo artist, but a creature designer as well (so beside prehistoric organisms, imagine fictional creatures too).

Favorite books: After Man-zoology of the future(Dougal Dixon), The Mist (Stephen King), All Yesterdays, All Tomorrows, Snaiad (this 3 was by CM Kosemen); Expedition (Wayne Barlowe), Jurassic Park books (Michael Crichton)

Favorite Movies: Pacific Rim, Jurassic Park movies, Reign of Fire, Avengers, The Mist, Cloverfield, Godzilla 1954, Watership Down,

Favorite documentaries: Alien Planet, Ice Age Giants, The Velvet Claw and most of David Attenborough's programs, Cosmos-a space time odyssey, Láthatatlan madárfotós, Dinoszauruszok és Vadászaik, Walking with Dinosaurs.

Favorite shows: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Primeval, The Strain.


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