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My OC from my novel "The Circle of Kings". Love Animals have a thing for her as you can see =P (Razz) The flowers are called Lifeblooms and they contain light inside them. They bloom in her presence and the light inside escapes. 
I edited this artwork according to some helpful critique, hopefully it looks better nowShy 
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hello here, Im here for ProjectComment for Everything must go on Challenge! ProjectComment

First of all, I want to say that I really like the Character rendering! a good in between realism, comic art and with no visible lines! I love how you captured the character and the expressions! Great work!

I found a few things that could help you push your art even further:

- You can use different kinds of shapes in the background to help the viewer to understand where they are. Right now, even if it's well made, it's hard to understand what's in the front and the background, maybe because the the shapes tends to go the same directions.

- The character seems a bit out of place when looking at the overal lighting. From what I can see, the lights comes from behind and the top, there should be more parts of her body illuminated in this strong light, like the plants in front of her (you could do the same thing for the animals:)) You can even play with some plant shadows on her :D You can put some more shadows on the arms holding the plants and some darker shadows on the plants to create more mass, volume and sence of weight to :) And lastly, you can blend the shadows of her top a bit more to get a more realistic feel on it like you did for the rest of her cloths!

Hope what I said might help you out! Great work and I will be thrilled to see your next art!!

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Thank you for your feedback. :love:I tried to fix her up a bit with the help of the advices I got. I hope it looks a bit better now.

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Hi ;) I'm coming here from @ProjectComment and I let myself to do a little draw over for u, so u can see what I mean with this critique ^^

Your drawing has great amount of detail and I can tell that u spent long time craftin it. I've seen a comment below that you're doing good with separating a character from a background, though I wouldn't entirely agree with that... Here's why.

Try to squint your eyes and look at your original work and tell me: can u see right away the character and what's going on in the picture? Now try doing the same with my overdraw. See the difference. I know it's hard to put your character in a shadow that covers so many details that u so carefully placed on them. But u've got to respect the light environment that u place your character in. It's a number 1 rule of realistic drawing. Otherwise your pictures won't be "wow looking" and will be just "ok looking". If u have such a huge light source behing a character she basically becomes a silhouette. Of course it's a drawing, so we can break couple of rules and put some detail on our character ;) but still. we need to signal very clearly, that we know how the light works and that character needs to be way darker in order to stand out. In this situation u can also include subsurface scattering - super vibrant colors at the feathers, because light is peaking through the thin layer of them. The forground needs to be darker as well and don't ever put such a huge contrast so far away from focal point (I mean those white roses especially the one in the corner)! It's super distracting and u want to make a viewer focus on the character not some random item that is unnecessarily grabbing attention. Try to reduce contrast in the back as well, since whats further away is gonna get air perspective to it. Also don't use hard edges there (the texture of the leaves is very distracting). Remember: everything that is out of focal point should have 1. lower contrast, 2. no hard edges, 3. less saturated colors.

Hope it helps ;)

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Thank you for your great critique!!:love: The main reason I didn't make a a literal silhouette was mainly because I wanted it to be more of an open environmental light with a little bit of back light because of the sun's direction maybe I wasn't sure how I could indicate that.

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Very nicely done.. I'd say you captured your subject well in just one pic, except now I know she's not a real person per se.. to which I say "Wow". As now I'm curious to know more bout the book.

Overall Great work. B-)

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Thank you so much I'm so glad that this picture made you curious, it is always my goal when I draw! To tell a story:happybounce:

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this is beautifully done! i cant do backgrounds that mesh with the subject as well as you can you also have good sense of lighting the flowers being out of focus is an amazing touch and adds depth to the picture fantastic work the details in the fabric pretty amazing its hard to get shades like that in such small spaces the only thing that stands out to me is her blue feathered friend needs abit of rim lighting around the wings like how the squirrel has around his fur

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Thank you! I'm struggling with fabrics and blending characters with backgrounds and this makes me hopeful lol!

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it is really tricky with characters and backgrounds i feel like its a continuous learning process you already have alot of basic things nailed down keep doing what you love and have alot of patience no matter what level your at you can always get better thats how i feel anyway. im forever stuck trying to git gud my self

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gonna keep an eye out for your work!

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Amazing work 🤩

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You're welcome 😁

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