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Trixie always saves the best for last

credits: (Starlight) by Tardifice (Spike) by Glesmlp (Trixie) by Jeatz-axl

Trixie Returns :heart: Spike (Happy) Plz :heart: Starlight Glimmer (true friendship) plz 

Spike should have been in the episode, this was another missed opportunity for him and Trixie to be friends.
They should light up fireworks together or something, that's like the only thing they have in common.
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Trixie pulling a dragon from her hat would be great trick.
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I can use this vector??
Titanium-dats-me's avatar
Sure, just make sure to credit the artists that made them :)
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titanium-pony , you really are a crazy shipper don'tcha. :D (Big Grin)
I'm begining to wonder what your cutie mark looks likeChibi Princess Cadence Icon 
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Twilight (Happy) Plz Hey guys, can I join the party?
Spike (Suspicion) Plz I don't know. Girls?
Starlight Glimmer - Shocked Well, um... Trixie?
Emotipony Shifty(Left) After the way you treated me? No way!
twilight sparkle (smile) plz Oh come on! I'll do anything!
Trixie Returns Starlight Glimmer (true friendship) plz ... With sex. ANYTHING?!
Twilight Sparkle (RLY?) plz Y--Yeah...

And naughty stuff happened. The End.Twilight (Sly Smile) Plz 
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Why can't I like this comment?! Waaaah! 
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Is Trixie drinking weed soda?
MsLizEzor's avatar
LOL :giggle: I just noticed that. Is she? :XD: 
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Well, I was rooting for her to be one of the Mane 8, but it turns out not what I expected.
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I kinda wished he was there too
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Honestly, I was fairly surprised by Spike's absence in this episode. :O_o:
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