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We are a group that is dedicated to giantesses and female characters who can grow to giantess size who use their massive size to help people, fight evil, protect the innocent and be heroes. We accept all forms of artwork whether it be animations, drawings, traditional art, digital art, fan art, FC's, OC's, fanfictions and stories.

We allow all forms of artwork in our group as long as it is about female characters who either are already of giant size or can grow to giant size who are heroes and use their massive size for good.

We also do not allow any and every form of artwork that is too mature so please no sex, no nudity, and please try to keep any and all mature language to a minimum.

Giantess heroine characters can still show skin but they have to still be wearing something.

Also please no bullying, no fighting, no harrassing and no threatening each other.

This group was made for all of those who love Giantess heroes so please be nice, kind and courteous to everyone in this group and everyone who wants to join this group.
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Giantess Heroines

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Jennie goes to the Supermarket  by Spurs1966
Giant girl in a shrunken city by IvanZden
Girl with shrunken girls by IvanZden
Girl with shrunken girl by IvanZden

Mature Content

USSBBW Amazon Rhonda Anaconda : Smack dat Ass! by pressim

Mature Content

Hilda The Giantess Nordic Goddess needed a push... by pressim
Lila Test Stomping Cities  by agpolg

Mature Content

Morticia the Demon USSBBW Goddess: Of Two Worlds by pressim
Muscular Women

Mature Content

Tay-Tay goes to the Supermarket  by Spurs1966
Olimpia - The Super-Sized Belgian Blue by LauriceDeauxnim

Mature Content

Angela Mao spots a Kung Fu rival at the Gym by Spurs1966

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SF6: Kimberly Jackson's Glow up! by HoneyDonuts
virtuafighter49's Giganta Yuuko Kinoshita

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BG Year 4 -208 by SeriojaInc

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Hilda Dimitrescu - english by Necro5s

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RubySelina2 - on the beach by Necro5s

Mature Content

Revy Mission by Necro5s
Gianticluv's April O'Kon
April O'Kon (busty) by Sturk-Fontaine
April O Kon vs Lynzilla by booman1
April O'Kon smiles at April O'Neil + dinosaur pals by ChipmunkRaccoonOz
April O'Kon smiles down at Kaito and Rena by ChipmunkRaccoonOz
KingShisa08's Nara
Frog by AILA-HeLen-S
Artwork From WBL By Alberta7511 9 by lordtrigonstar
Artwork From LeslieTheNerdyBoxer OC 8 by lordtrigonstar
nara - commission by samuraiblack
Giganticluv's Giantastics
HeyThereMakayla: 2029 Happy Chinese New Year by lordtrigonstar
Artwork From FSWC 68 by lordtrigonstar
Artwork From FSWC 67 by lordtrigonstar
FSWC: 2029 Happy New Year by lordtrigonstar
Heroines and Villainesses
Artwork From Cpunch OC 38 by lordtrigonstar
Artwork From PBL By Alberta7511 18 by lordtrigonstar
Artwork From StainZ OC 17 by lordtrigonstar
Dominating Titaness by SueTheGoddess
Featured Folder 2
Girl with shrunken girl by IvanZden
Girl in a shrunken city by IvanZden
Girl in a shrunken city by IvanZden
Giant girl in a shrunken city by IvanZden
Feature Folder 3
Black-a-muse 13In Lilliput. In a mansion.Countess: ha. Those counts are amateurs.Countess 2: i agree. Men can't do anything right.Countess 3: i have an idea to get rich, ladies.Countess: a delightful idea.Soldier: my lady. We have found something huge.The soldiers find Giganta who is in giant size unconscious. They tied her up in a platform and take her to the kingdom. They imprisoned her in a tower with 6 guards. 20 days later. Black-a-muse enters the tower.Black-a-muse: it sure looks fancy today. I wonder what the countessses got.????: halt!!Guard of the East appears.Black-a-muse: and who are you?Guard: i'm a guard.Black-a-muse: guard of the west?Guard: no! Guard of the east.Black-a-muse: you're the eastern bunny?Guard: why you!!!He charges at Black-a-muse. The madman wash the floor with a mop. The guard slides and falls down the stairs.Black-a-muse: the floor's slippery.He goes to the elevator and heads to 4th floor. Black-a-muse finds Giganta who is still asleep. She is crucified and a stasis collar is placed on her.Black-a-muse: that's one big beauty.He throws eggs at the chains and collar. The eggs crack and acid dissolves them.Black-a-muse: now to wake her up.????: oh no you don't.Guard of the South appears.Black-a-muse: are you guard of the north.Guard: no. I'm guard of the south!Black-a-muse: are you related to South Park?Guard: you asked for it, madman!!Black-a-muse: nope. (rings a loud bell)This wakes Giganta up and the tower starts collapsing.Black-a-muse: tata. (jumps off the window)The tower collapses. Giganta emerges from the rubble.Giganta: (yawns and stretches herself) what a good sleep.Guard: uh oh. She's awake.Giganta: how did i get her. I gotta head back home.In the mansion.Countess: a toast to us.Countess 2: the large jumbo will make us rich.Countess 3: best idea ever!The mansion is destroyed by Giganta, knocking them out..Countess: oh come on!!!Giganta find a boat and sails. The countesses are arrested by Lilliput soldiers. The king reigns in peace and live happily ever after. Black-a-muse relax in his island.The End.
Jill the Music Titan by nickhalperin
Hercules meets RheaIn Shantae’s lighthouse.Shantae: what a sweet day. (reads a comic) oooh its a nice one. (hears the door knocking)She opens the door and its Hercules and PhilHercules: hey Shantae.Shantae: hey Hercules. Hey Phil.Phil: how are you doing?Shantae: (smiles) great I read some comics.Hercules: sounds cool to me.Shantae: so what brings you here?Hercules: it’s time I’ll meet my grandmother. Rhea.Phil: wow kid. Is it a good idea?Shantae: it make sense because Herc wanna meet her.Hercules: yup. I imagine that she’s eager to see me.Phil: I’ve heard tales of Rhea from Zeus but I haven’t seen her in person before.Shantae: maybe because he wanna make sure his mom’s slumber won’t be disturbed.Hercules: makes sense. Shall we meet her?Shantae: sure.Phil: I’m in, Hercules.They see a WetMan walking. Phil throw a rock at the ocean. A giant squid attack the WetMan. The heroes laugh.Shantae: (laughs) good one.Hercules: (laughs) nice throw.Phil: (laughs) thanks.In Giant Realm. The heroes arriveShantae: here we are, boys.They go to Rhea’s temple.Hercules: so Rhea slept in the temple?Phil: not likely, kid. Zeus told me that Rhea slept underground for eons. He kept this place a secret from other gods.Hercules: any idea how to wake her?Shantae: with the bell, Hercules. The bell can wake Rhea and hee friend.Hercules: good idea. Gotta be careful. (ring the bell)The ground rumbles. Rhea and Winona wakes up and emerges underground.Rhea: (yawns and stretches herself)Winona: (yawns and stretches herself) I slept deeper.Phil: wow that’s one big titaness.Hercules: she looks pretty.Shantae: yup. Rhea's one large goddess.Rhea: (rubs her eye) that was a pleasant sleep.Winona: is that Shantae? And she has friends.Rhea: I see them. (shrinks to 1000ft tall and hold them gently)Phil: that’s one big momma.Shantae: hey Rhea. Hey Winona.Winona: hi Shantae.Rhea: who are your friends?Hercules: i'm Hercules and this is my friend Phil.Phil: i taught him how to fight, Rhea.Rhea: (smells Hercules) you’re Zeus’ son?Hercules: indeed. That makes you my grandmother.Rhea: (hugs them and cries) I’m so sorry I didn’t show up in your life. I’m really sorry!!Hercules: no worries, grandma.Shantae: you were just sleeping for eons.Rhea: still it's awful that i wasn't there for your birth.Hercules: it’s ok. I'm just glad that i can meet you today. And i love you.Rhea: (stops crying) you mean it?Hercules: yeah. Shantae: that means he can visit you anytime.Rhea: that's wonderful to hear.Winona: awww you're so cute! (grab and hugs Hercules)Hercules: wow, easy there.Shantae: she find tinies adorable.Winona: i sure too. (put Hercules on Rhea's hand) Rhea: so how are you doing, dear?Hercules: pretty good. I met Megara and stopped Hades.Rhea: so one of my sons turned bad?Shantae: yes. Hades want to rule Mount Olympius.Winona: someone needs some scolding, Rhea.Rhea: he really should. Still, i'm proud on you, Hercules. I can tell you and Shantae are good friends.Hercules: (smiles) we sure do.Phil climbs down.Phil: wow. You’re right about one thing Hercules. She’s one pretty Titan. I can see her large underwearRhea: w-what? Its kinda embarrasing.Winona: hey! Stop peeking.She steps on Phil, hurting him.Phil: (dizzily) ouch.Shantae: oh Phil.Hercules: sometimes he never learn. Sorry about our friend.Rhea: it’s ok.Winona: sorry for kinda stepping on him.Phil: no worries. Hehe i see stars.Rhea: i'm glad that i can properly meet you, Hercules.Hercules: me too, grandma.Rhea: if you need my help, you can wake me anytime.Shantae: cool.Winona: yeah. We'll gladly spend time together.Hercules: that's great.Rhea: (kiss Shantae and Hercules) i wish you two a nice day.Shantae: (smiles) thanks. Anyway, Hermona has grown to 1800ft tall.Winona: wow that's great.Hercules: who's Hermona?Shantae: one of the first titans Rhea created.Hercules: incredible.Rhea: (yawns) i'm tired now. Let's resume our sleep, Winona.Winona: sure, Rhea.Rhea: (put the heroes down) we'll meet again next time.Hercules: we sure will.Shantae: have a good dream, you two.Winona: thanks.Rhea grow to 1900ft tall. She and Winona yawns, bury themselves and fell back in deep sleep.Shantae: sleep well, girls.Hercules: best to let her rest.Phil: amen, kid. I wish Zeus was here to see this lovely meeting.Hercules: me too. Let's hang out together.Shantae: yeah. (winks)The heroes walk and the WetMan is still attacked by giant squid.The End.

Mature Content

Mt. Lady's Costume Malfunction [Request] by AdorableBastard
GTS stories
GAP: Something Squirming in Apt. 2EIt was a week before Pinky’s anniversary of coming to Cloverleaf, and Speedy was just coming home after a hard day’s work. However, before he went inside the apartment building, he heard a voice call out, “Hey, you down there!” Speedy looked up to find a woman with golden-brown hair waving at him from a second-floor window. “You want me?” asked Speedy. “Yes, I do!” replied the woman. “Okay then,” said Speedy. “I’ll be right up.”On the second floor, Speedy went to apartment 2E and knocked on the door. The door opened and the woman from before peeked her head out. “Hello there,” said the woman. “Do you think you can get me some food?” Speedy said, “Yes, but why can't you go out and get it yourself?” The woman replied, "I just moved here and I’m afraid that I’ll get lost just trying to find a place that sells food.” Speedy then said, “Okay then. I’ll be right back with your food.” He left the apartment building, got into his car and drove off to the supermarket.Upon arriving g back at the building, Speedy was met by Pinky who was returning home herself. “Are you going to have me prepare a feast for tonight?" said Pinky. “No, this is just some stuff for our new neighbor living on our floor,” replied Speedy. “I’ll have you meet her.”The two of them went back to the second floor and Speedy knocked on the door of apartment 2E. The woman opened the door with only her head peeking out again. “I’ve got you your food,” said Speedy. “Why, thank you!” said the woman as she was handed the bags of groceries from Speedy. “Since you’re going to be living here, I’d thought I’d introduce you,” said Speedy. “I’m Alexander Anderson, but everyone calls me Speedy. And this is Pinky.” Pinky politely waved her hand at the woman with the golden-brown hair.“I’ve heard quite a bit about you, Pinky,” said the woman. “My name is Wendy, and it’s a pleasure meeting the two of you.” Speedy said, “Now that the introductions are out of the way, let’s come in and have Pinky make us some quality cuisine!” Wendy said, “I don’t think that’s a good idea. I haven’t cleaned since I moved here.”“No problem for me,” said Pinky. “I should get your home tidy in no time.” She used her x-ray vision to look inside Wendy’s apartment for any help that could be given, but her face froze in horror as to what was inside. “On second thought, let’s just leave you be while you get things organized,” said Pinky. “Let’s go, Speedy. We shouldn’t disturb her. See you another time, Wendy.”Once inside their own apartment, Speedy said to Pinky, “What was that about?” Pinky replied, “There’s something about her that’s not quite right. Just be careful around her is all.” Speedy responded, “Whatever you say, Pinky. Whatever you say.”As the days passed, Speedy always came home from his job to bring Wendy groceries until she was confident enough to get them herself. On the day when Wendy would finally get the confidence to show herself to Speedy, he would get a surprise that Pinky warned him about before.On the day of Pinky’s anniversary of coming to Cloverleaf, Wendy was looking down the window at Speedy and Nadia having a conversation. “Okay, everything’s done,” said Speedy. “Now all that’s left is to invite the people that she’s helped out in the year.” Nadia said, “And what about that woman that you’ve been helping out?” Speedy replied, “I been thinking about that, and Wendy needs to get out more, see more people. So I’m going to invite her.”Wendy thought, “He’s going to invite me? But what will he think of me when he finally sees me? He has to accept me. He must accept me! I’ll make sure he accepts me!”Upon arriving at the door to Wendy’s apartment, Speedy knocked on the door to which Wendy answered. “Hey there, Speedy,” said Wendy. “Hello to you too,” said Speedy. “We’re having an anniversary party for Pinky for what she did upon arriving in Cloverleaf. And I was wondering if you would be able to come.” “I would love to come!” Wendy said excitedly. “But there’s something about me that you should see before I join you.” Speedy said, “Sure. I mean, I’ve been questioning about what your place is like that you wouldn’t have me come in, but what you have to hide shouldn’t shock me too much.” Speedy went inside Wendy’s apartment just as the woman closed the door.As soon as he entered, he stumbled upon something to which he said, “I take it you haven’t had time to clean before letting anyone in because-“ Speedy had gotten a good look at what he stumbled over; what he saw looked like a worm’s body, except much bigger. He saw the end of the worm body stretch from the window leading into Wendy’s lower half. “You- You’re a chimera?!” said Speedy as his eyes widened. “Yes, this is what I didn’t want to show you before,” replied Wendy. “You don’t have a problem with it, right?”“Uh, well…” Speedy said nervously. “I mean, I’ve started to know a chimera, but-“ Wendy interrupted by saying, “If you do have a problem with it, then you must go!” Suddenly, she heard a knock on her door and the voice of Nadia who said, “Is anyone in there?” Wendy said, “Damn! Look like we’ll have to take this elsewhere, but I’ll have no choice but to reveal myself.” She used her worm body to coil around Speedy and jumped out of the window. Pinky noticed this and took immediate action by grabbing Wendy’s worm body to release Speedy. “Don’t get in the way!” said Wendy. In a matter of seconds, Wendy grew to 30 feet in both height and length and grabbed Speedy. Pinky grew to the same height and went to confront the crazed worm woman.“What do you think you’re doing with Speedy?!” exclaimed Pinky. “I’m going to make him accept what I look like, even if I have to crush him in any way I can!” replied Wendy. Pinky said, “Listen to me! Just put Speedy down and we can discuss this.” Wendy sighed and said, “Fine. Whatever you say.” She put Speedy down and turned to face Pinky once again.“I had my suspicions about you the moment I looked inside your apartment!” said Pinky. “But the lengths that you would go to just to get someone to accept you is just unacceptable!” Wendy said, “Like you would know! You didn’t have your legs taken away and replaced with this disgusting creature, trying to live a normal life afterwards!” Pinky said, “You’re right. I don’t know what that’s like. But I do know when someone or something threatens the people I know in this city, they’re going to regret it!”“Stop!” a voice cried out. Pinky and Wendy looked down to find that the voice came from Cleo who grew to the same size as the two. “I’d thought that I would never see you again!” said Wendy. “But you’re the chimera that the man was talking about?” Cleo replied, “Yes, I am. Now what’s this about trying to make him accept who you are?”Wendy stammered about and said, “Uh, well, uh, he said… well, I assumed he said-“ Cleo sighed and told Wendy, “Look. When I showed what I looked like to these people, they didn’t treat me with hostility. And even if they gave me weird looks, I didn’t make them accept me! What were you thinking?” Wendy held down her head in shame. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I got a little too ahead of myself to think that he thought that I was disgusting.” Pinky asked, “So what’s the story between you two?” Cleo replied, “Wendy is the same as me, having been made into what we are by the experiments performed by Coral Lamia. As you saw, she can get a little crazy when someone assumes she’s a freak.”Wendy looked to Speedy and said, “I can’t believe that I was so close to hurting you because of my stupid assumptions! Can you ever forgive me?” Speedy replied, “Yes, I forgive you. Make sure you apologize to Pinky too.” Wendy looked at Pinky and said, “I’m sorry for how I acted. Can you forgive me too?” Pinky replied, “As long as you haven’t hurt Speedy and are actually sincere in living a normal life here in Cloverleaf, I forgive you.”She, Cleo and Wendy all shrunk down to their normal sizes with Pinky running up to Speedy and Cleo and Wendy going their own way. “Excuse us for a minute,” said Cleo. “I need to have a talk with Wendy. You go on ahead and we’ll join you back at your place.” As Pinky and Speedy headed home, Pinky asked, “Anything happening back home I should know about?” Speedy replied, “You’ll see.”After arriving in front of their apartment, Speedy opened the door to let Pinky inside. The android saw that the lights were out, so she turned them on to get the surprise of her life. In the living room were Pinky’s friends, people that she helped out in the past, and her sisters who all shouted “Surprise!” to the friendly pink-haired android.“What is all this?” asked Pinky. “This is to celebrate one year of you coming to Cloverleaf and keeping us safe!” replied Speedy. “Some of us wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for you,” said Catherine. “I really don’t know what to say,” said Pinky. “It’s what I was made for, after all, but this means a lot to me! I swear to you that I will keep protecting this city for as long as I can function!” The guest cheered on from Pinky’s brief, determined speech.Meanwhile, Cleo and Wendy headed to Speedy’s apartment for Pinky’s anniversary party. “I sure hope there’s still some cake left over there,” said Cleo. “You might want to slow down,” said Wendy. “I can’t move as fast as you with this worm body I’ve got.”In the other world, Coral was watching the two women on the large monitor. “So it looks like another one of our own is living there,” said Coral. “Lord Karma, send me over there so I can teach those traitors a lesson!” A voice called out, “No, send me over there instead.” The voice came from Lily whose body appeared undamaged from Pinky’s first encounter with her. “Besides, I’ve got a score to settle with Android PKY-47!”
I have this cool idea for muscular giantess roleplay if anyone is interested. It's with characters I made up. Here is the setup:
Someone plays the role of Erin. Erin is a fourteen foot tall muscular beautiful 18 year old girl with long luxurious red hair. She's got an hourglass figure and the most perfect breasts. She's also has the hulking muscular physique of a big female bodybuilder. Her arms and legs are like tree trunks and she can bench press a car easily for three sets of ten reps. She's been working out since she was thirteen years old. At first it was just to keep up with her friends but soon it became something much more. Erin loves being taller and stronger than everybody else. It makes her feel special and powerful. She gets off on watching the guys stare at her when they see how strong she is. The girls love to watch her flex in front of them too. That's one reason why she doesn't wear a bra very often. She loves to show off how big and strong she is, often by flexing her massive biceps and making her dense pectorals bounce when she flexing them. She also loves picking up her friends up of the ground to hug them and carry them around like they are babies. Erin can lift over 8,000 pounds which isn't surprising considering that she weighs 1,000 pounds. That means that she can do a lot of damage if she gets mad. She usually walks around with a smile on her face bff or make fun of her she'll simply act like like the Hulk and threaten to smash them. But for the most part, she's a gentle giant to her friends and loved ones. She's sweet and kind and willing to help anybody who needs it. She'd rather be thought of as a good person than an intimidating monster.
Meanwhile, I play the role of Todd. Todd is Erin's best friend. Todd is only three feet tall and has had a crush on Erin since middle school through high school. During that time, Erin used her size and strength to protect Todd from bullies. Now, they go to the same college together. Todd loves how much bigger and stronger she is than him. She completely towers over him. His head doesn't even come up to her knees. Her arms and legs are wider than his entire body. He's always getting picked up by her and carried around in her arms like a little baby. He loves the feeling of having such a big soft body pillow to cuddle with. He's never met anyone else like Erin before. She was like a goddess. Little does he know, Erin has a crush on him.
If anyone is interested in doing this roleplay with me, comment below and/or send me a note.
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