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We are a group that is dedicated to giantesses and female characters who can grow to giantess size who use their massive size to help people, fight evil, protect the innocent and be heroes. We accept all forms of artwork whether it be animations, drawings, traditional art, digital art, fan art, FC's, OC's, fanfictions and stories.

We allow all forms of artwork in our group as long as it is about female characters who either are already of giant size or can grow to giant size who are heroes and use their massive size for good.

We also do not allow any and every form of artwork that is too mature so please no sex, no nudity, and please try to keep any and all mature language to a minimum.

Giantess heroine characters can still show skin but they have to still be wearing something.

Also please no bullying, no fighting, no harrassing and no threatening each other.

This group was made for all of those who love Giantess heroes so please be nice, kind and courteous to everyone in this group and everyone who wants to join this group.
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Jul 22, 2016


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Giantess Heroines

1,165 Members
1,105 Watchers
106,309 Pageviews

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Mature Content

Aerith Gainsborough by honeytoe

Mature Content

What's a PRINCESS to a QUEEN ??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by mrjulius1967
Muscular Women
C-07 Big champ here by Falkoirm123

Mature Content

Recovering a Stolen Missile Carrier by ReddofNonnac
Shannon Courtney #14 by LauriceDeauxnim

Mature Content

Saeko (HSOTD) by reportgg
virtuafighter49's Giganta Yuuko Kinoshita
Giganta Yuuko's travels: the parade by nickhalperin
Magic Wand Make My Giganta Grow by booman1
Giganta (Yyuuko) vs The Triceratops Megazord by booman1
Giganta Yuuko's travels: freedom by nickhalperin
Gianticluv's April O'Kon
April O Kon by booman1
April O'Kon standing near cliffside by ChipmunkRaccoonOz
April O'Kon with TMNT, dinos and other friends by ChipmunkRaccoonOz
Riding On April O Kons Foot by SuperSaiyanPlusUltra
KingShisa08's Nara
nara - commission by samuraiblack
EG Kaiju Godzilla vs Doragory by Syfyman2XXX
Commission - Nara by NenesArt
Commission: Nara by Sonson-Sensei
Giganticluv's Giantastics
Artwork From FSWC 43 by lordtrigonstar
The Coloussastics by booman1
Artwork From FSWC 42 by lordtrigonstar
Artwork From FSWC 41 by lordtrigonstar
Heroines and Villainesses
Who's in charge, now? by AgentHotman
Artwork From LeslieTheNerdyBoxer OC 4 by lordtrigonstar

Mature Content

Perona Giantess Booba by Da-Fuze
Aurelia's Gigantic Pampering (Finished) by JaredtheFox92
Featured Folder 2
Giantess Yamato's capture by nickhalperin
Bolo defeats giant Risky Boots by nickhalperin
FE Godzilla AU Just Two Earth Monsters by AnimeArtist154ever
Kid, You're Becoming A Real Unicorn Kaiju! by Devon13168
Feature Folder 3
Magic Gaia And Rainbow Ninja by Devon13168
Fire Emblem Corrin Omni Savior by THEDAIBIJIN
Konosuba Tasty Tiny Wiz by THEDAIBIJIN
Giga Yoko and Giga-er Manami by Hellbender47
GTS stories

Mature Content

virtualfighter49 needs a new beta reader for his fanfiction.

he is looking for a beta that has a account who betas for


martial arts

super hero

and the Animes, Ranma 1/2 , Baka to  test, and evangelion
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Mature Content

Giantess Wonder Woman by AmyGiantess
Giantess Panties by AmyGiantess
Gentle Giantess by AmyGiantess
Giantess Hero by AmyGiantess
Giganta Yuuko Kinoshita- Episode 3 by Jackurai
Giganta Yuuko Kinoshita- Episode 2 by Jackurai
Giganta Yuuko Kinoshita episode 1 by Jackurai

Mature Content

Dragon's Crown Giantess Arena by Jackurai
Muscular Women
Rin-chan Strong by Yilx
Rin-chan's abs by Yilx
Shima Shima Rin-chan by Yilx
Rin-chan Workout by Yilx
Heroines and Villainesses
Blue Jester Sakura GTS POV by VoyagerHawk87










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Giantess Wonder Woman by AmyGiantess
Giantess Wonder Woman
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Giantess Panties
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Gentle Giantess
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