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We are a group that is dedicated to giantesses and female characters who can grow to giantess size who use their massive size to help people, fight evil, protect the innocent and be heroes. We accept all forms of artwork whether it be animations, drawings, traditional art, digital art, fan art, FC's, OC's, fanfictions and stories.

We allow all forms of artwork in our group as long as it is about female characters who either are already of giant size or can grow to giant size who are heroes and use their massive size for good.

We also do not allow any and every form of artwork that is too mature so please no sex, no nudity, and please try to keep any and all mature language to a minimum.

Giantess heroine characters can still show skin but they have to still be wearing something.

Also please no bullying, no fighting, no harrassing and no threatening each other.

This group was made for all of those who love Giantess heroes so please be nice, kind and courteous to everyone in this group and everyone who wants to join this group.
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Giantess Heroines

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Secret War Part 6King Goryuu StrikeWhile our heroes is waiting on Soviet Superwoman to return with other heroes they stay behind to watch Nancy and her baby daughter JJ. Akemi seem to getting boring while waiting of the other heroes but Flash took her not to get all work over this. "You can say you're getting boring, but what else can you do?" said the young in the green jacket. "This remind me who are you anyway?" ask Flash. "You see familiar have we met?" said Flash. The young man in the green jacket stay quiet for a bit, but he tell Flash who he is. "Knowing you Akihisa Yoshii you're going to be shock." said the young men in the green jacket. "WHAT! How do you know my real name?" ask Flash. "Have you ever met someone named Daryl Archer and Alucard Zaleska?" ask the young men. Flash still couldn't believe it, how does this young men know his secret identity and his real name. And what made things worse. How does he know about Daryl Archer and Alucard. Flash begin to question the young men about how does he know his real name. The young man also told Flash he know about Yuuko being Giganta as well. "Ok hold up! Who are you?" ask The Flash. The young look at him. "You could say my mom and dad have been dating each other for a long time." said the young. "Hold up! You're telling meÖ. you're?" "Yes that right Daryl and Alucard are my parents." said the young men. "WHAT! You're Daryl son! But now...I mean how did Daryl and know? ask Alucard. "You think the question would be not to think about my mom and dad could have sex?" said the young."Well you could give me your name?" ask The Flash. "Ike Archer." said Ike. "Figure." said The Flash. Ike knew that he's taking a risk from The Flash who his parent is and hoping flash don't tell Daryl and Alucard they would end up having a kids from the future. Ike believe if they found who he is this will cost a space and time convention."Flash! What ever you don't tell my mom or dad about me." said Ike. Flash agreed to keep his word that he wouldn't tell both Daryl or Alucard.Over in the far distance King Goryuu is watching the heroes very closely. Keeping his eye on the main target, King Goryuu seen something that caught his attention. A beautiful unconscious woman with long blonde hair, size of titan that people would worship her as a goddess. King Goryuu have a smirk on his face as he stare at beautiful body of Nancy Archer. "I found my bride." said King Goryuu as he laugh. "Sawyer we must head back. The other heroes couldn't arrive soon." said the green looking Oni. King Goryuu ignore the green looking Oni as he set out for his prize. " My Lord you can't!" said the green Oni. "Just staying in a white it, won't take long." as King Goryuu walk off.While Ike is talking to Flash they hear someone from a far distant calling for help. Flash asks Ike if he hears someone crying out for help. Ike told Flash it's nothing new to him because he already heard a person crying out for help and he knows what direction it's coming from. "Someone please help me". Not too far from where they were Ike and Flash arrived to see who was calling for help. It looks like Flash wasn't too surprised to see who was calling for help. "Came on Flash, save me!". Ike turned to Flash and asked "Do you know this guy?" ask Ike. Flash just shook his head "This idiot here is none other than Yuuko twin brother Hideyoshi" said The Flash. "Come on guys help me. I'm sinking?" cry out Hideyoshi. Ike walk out in the quicksand as he grab Hideyoshi hand and pull him up to safety. "What. . . what! How can you stand on quicksand?" ask Hideyoshi. "That's none of your business why I can walk on quicksand. Just be happy I was able to save you." said Ike as he toss Hideyoshi over to Flash. "HI! Watch it, you almost injure me." said Hideyoshi. "Oh stop whiny." said the Flash. Ike notice something doesn't seem right why in the world of all people Hideyoshi just happened to be stuck in the quicksand! Ike asked Hideyoshi how did he ended up in the desert in the first place. Hideyoshi have no clue or memory how he ended up in the desert. But he did told Ike and Flash that someone did toss him into quicksand. "Wait you're telling me, someone was here besides you!" said Ike."We have to head back where Akemi and SasuÖ" "FLASH!" yell Ike as he knock unconscious. "One down two more to go." said the Mystery Man. Ike drew out his sword as he attacked the Mystery Man but he deflate Ike attack like it was nothing more than child's play. "You're not bad kid. But you're way out of your league." said the Mystery Man. He placed his hand in front of Ike "BE GONE" Ike felt a full force as he was knocked back in a far distance. Hideyoshi watched in horror as he was shaking in his boots. He couldn't feel leg even if he wanted to run he could do anything. King Goryuu power over the young boy. Hideyoshi stares right at King Goryuu red eyes. The fear inside Hideyoshi was so frightening he couldn't say one single word. "Where the child." ask King Goryuu. Hideyoshi remain quiet. "I'll ask you one more time. Where the child?" said King Goryuu. Still no word from Hideyoshi. "Ok it seen like I have force you to talk." King Goryuu grab Hideyoshi by the neck lifting him up off the ground as he continues to threaten him. "Please don't hurt me. I...I don't have any baby!" said Hideyoshi as he begged for his life. King Goryuu just laughed as he enjoyed every last single moment hearing Hideyoshi beg. Hideyoshi looks over and sees the unconscious body of Nancy laying down. "Is. . . that her?" Pointed Hideyoshi. King Goryuu looks over and sees Nancy lying unconscious. "It seems your life will be spared." said King Goryuu as he tossed Hideyoshi aside. King Goryuu couldn't help but look at Nancy's sexy body, from her legs always up to her chest. "She will make a great Queen for me. We will rule the demon world together as my new Demon Queen." said King Goryuu. Suddenly he hears a little baby crying. "Huh! So this is the baby they wanted to kidnap." said King Goryuu."I don't have time to babysit this brat." said King Goryuu. As a dark cloud of smoke circles around King Goryuu's body. He began to change in his true form as he continued to grow in size. Muscular red skinned, with six horns (3 horns on both sides of his head) pointed ears, he has two tusks in his mouth. Long deep blue hair, his fingernails and toenails are claw-like, he wears Golden Wristbands, and wears an Armored Kusazuri/Mawashi like outfit around the lower part of his body. "Now my new bride, we shall rule the Demon world together." said King Goryuu as he picked up Nancy and carried her off.A mysterious portal opens up in front of King Goryu. As he's about to step into a portal someone calls him out. "STOP RIGHT THERE." shout Akemi. King Goryuu looks back and sees a young girl with pink hair tied up in a ponytail. "That symbol? I've seen this symbol before." said King Goryuu. Akemi asks King Goryuu what do you think you're going with Nancy. Hideyoshi, observing hiding from behind a tree, remarks that it really is the Demon King himself, King Goryuu. King Goryuu says to Akemi that it appears she has combat experience. Akemi declares that she will beat King Goryuu too. King Goryuu laughs at the fact that Akemi does not know who he is, and says that he wants to kill Akemi. An angry Akemi insults King Goryuu and leaps at him. Akemi jumps up and punches King Goryuu in the face, surprising King Goryuu with her speed, and knocking King Goryuu back a bit. Akemi kicks off the ground and comes at King Goryuu again, but King Goryuu holds his hand out to block her attack. So, Akemi stops and grabs onto King Goryuu arm, then swings up to punch King Goryuu in the face. But King Goryuu catches Akemi with the other arm, and knocks her into the ground. Akemi just touches the ground with her hands, and pushes herself back toward King Goryuu, kicking King Goryuu in the chest and sending him flying.The Toy Master looks down from the airship, and tells Beats and Runt they should run away. The green looking small demon tells them to not freak out and have a little more faith in King Goryuu. King Goryuu is going to get serious now, and he throws off his fancy cape thing, leaving just a regular dōgi outfit. King Goryuu says heís going to show her just how fierce he really is, but Akemi is not worried. King Goryuu then quickly charges at Akemi, and he kicks Akemi high up into the air. King Goryuu follows Akemi up there, and punches Akemi straight down into the ground, or rather, through the ground.King Goryuu comes down and pulls Akemi up out of the hole, and holds her up with one hand, then punches her in the face with the other. Akemi really busted up, but she still manages to bite down on King Goryuu finger, so King Goryuu tosses her to the ground. But Akemi staggers back up, amazed at this girl's strength. King Goryuu tells Akemi thereís nothing left for her but death, while he still has half of his power left. King Goryuu laughs, asking what heíll do now, and so Akemi puts her hands together as she begin to make hand signs. King Goryuu freaks out, but once Akemi starts calling out her attack, King Goryuu is relieved itís not the Mafūba. Akemi fires it off, and itís a direct hit. ButÖ When the smoke clears, King Goryuu is completely unharmed. Akemi is worried, while King Goryuu laughs and asks if sheíd like to die slowly. Akemi jumps up and attack punches King Goryuu in the face, surprising King Goryuu with her speed, and knocking her, Akemi canít believe his strength, as Hideyoshi says heís glad heís hiding. Then, King Goryuu closes his fists, with the palms facing himself, and starts charging up for something. He looks at Akemi, then throws an arm out, with the hand open and palm facing Akemi, and fires a ki blast directly at her. Akemi just barely manages to jump over it, but then King Goryuu fires another one up at the now mid-air Akemi. Itís a direct hit, and Akemi hits the ground, looking even more dead this timeÖThe Toy Master canít believe this girl finally defeated, and King Goryuu walks over to the fallen Akemi as he started to laugh. King Goryuu walk back to Nancy as he carry her off. Akemi is defeated by Demon King Goryuu and loses Nancy. After a portal is open and flee, Hideyoshi comes out of hiding and looks over Ike body. He hears something, and bends down to hear that Ike heart is still beating!Hideyoshi shouts and smacks him, but Ike wonít wake up. So, he throws Ike over his shoulder and runs off toward a river, then dunks him in the head first. Ike awake now, pissed, but Hideyoshi tells him it canít be helped, that King Goryuu is a monster. Ike quickly recovered from his injury as he flew off to reach Nancy. "Dammit if anything happened to Grandma. I would never forgive myself." said Ike. Ike sooner arrived but Nancy was nowhere to be found. Ike checks up on Akemi to see if she was ok, she only suffer an amount of injured. "Damn it I fail my mission to protect Nancy." said Akemi. "Hi hi look, don't get all to work up. The good news is the baby is still safe." said Ike. Flash soon arrived barely and he couldn't stand. "The look on our face tells me we've lost." ask Flash. "Yep," said Ike. "Hi someone is coming?" said Hideyoshi. As Most of the heroes finally arrive, Akemi explains what has just happened moments ago. "King Goryuu? Who's that?" ask Soviet Superwoman. "He's a powerful Oni. He's the father of one of my teammates named Nijia. I heard a few stories about him but it's all the information I had on him." said Gaia. "Yeah. . .but why did he kidnap Nancy instead of the baby!" said Mindy Marvel. "We have no clue why he did it, Mindy Marvel. Well right now we have to rendezvous with the other heroes." said Soviet Superwoman. "Yeah and that blue light is the key so I answer. So let's head towards that direction." said Gaia.Hero UnitedMeanwhile back on the flying airship Firebrandi and the other heroes have just arrived at base where the mysterious blue light has appeared. "So, you think we're the first one to arrive?" ask Quincy. "I don't think so. The way it looks, somebody has already arrived here." said Firebrandi. "Yeah. . .but it looks abandoned." said John. Once the ship landed Firebrandi and the other hero scoped out the base to find if there were any other groups of heroes inside the base. "Don't worry my friends, the base is tightly secure." said the voice on the intercom. "That voice sounds familiar?" said Firebrandi. "It's me Firebrandi, Doc Valiant." said Doc Valiant. The security door opens and Doc Valiant is waiting inside, greeting the other heroes. "Doc, how in the world did you end up here?" ask Firebrandi. "It's a long story. . .but once the other heroes arrive I'll explain everything." said Doc Valiant. "Hi Doc, I just retrieved another transmitter." said Steven Webber. "Hi we have a person over here that is badly injured." said Quincy. Steven took a quick look at Robert checking out how bad his injury was. "It seems he lost a lot of blood. The cut is deep, but whoever did this to him they know what they were doing." said Steven. "Take him to the medic room." said Don Valiant.Meanwhile Firebrandi is with Don Valiant asking him if they were the first one to arrive. Don Valiant responds to her "No, you're the first to arrive." Answer Don Valiant. "Firebrandi look at him "So you have any idea how all of us end up here." ask Firebrandi. "That's the big mystery that I'm working on." said Don Valiant. Back at the medic room Dr Steven you're treating Robert injured along with John Crane assistant him. "Mr John if you can I need you to put your hand down and put the pressure on it to stop the bleeding." said Steven. John put his hand down as Steven began to stitch up his injury. Well that's all I can do. It's up to him now." said Steven. "Thank God we were able to get here early." said John Crane. "Well he wasn't in a life threatening situation. But his wound should heal in time." said Steven."I must thank you Dr Steve." as an old man walked in the medic room. "Indeed his injury is bad but he is one of my toughest students. "said the old man. "Mr. Tatasuya I didn't expect you." said Steven, looking surprised. "ありがとうございました (Thank you)" said Tatasuya as he bow to Steven showing her appreciation for saving Robert. Meanwhile on top of building Terry, Alucard and Quincy is having a conversation, "So it seems like all of us encounter this white mysterious spaceship." said Quincy. "It seems like it." said Terry. "Yeah but it still seems all suspicious about this mysterious ship." said Alucard. "Anyway I have a question, Alucard? How in the hell did you end up on this planet?" ask Terry. "To be honest, the only thing I know, I was heading over to see Daryl then all of a sudden this mysterious white space ship appeared." said Alucard as he explained. Back in the lab Don Valiant is still picking up strong signals, one signal is very close and nearby. The scene picking up six people and it's very close. "Hello, hello." as a voice play on the radio. "This is Don Valiant. I can hear you very clearly." said Don Valiant. "Can I ask who this is?" said the unknown voice. Don Valiant responded "This is Don Valiant. Can I ask who this is?" ask Don Valiant. "Colossa!" said Colossa. Steven walked in after he heard his wife's name. "Colossa. . .she here." said Steven as he was excited. Steven ran to the radio to have a talk with Colossa. Colossa was relieved to hear her husband's voice while the two had a conversation over the radio. "Colossa." said Steven. "Yes dear." said Colossa. "I'm happy you're safe." said Steven. The radio became quiet for a minute as Steven waited to hear from his wife. He began to call her name several times to hear her response. She soon responds back to Steven. "Steven," said Colossa with a low voice. "Something wrong dear!" ask Steven. "I have something to show you when I arrive." said Colossa. Steve was kind of quite a bit but he knew Colossa had something she wanted to show him important.Don Valiant looks at Steven's face knowing something important you have to hear. Don places his hand on Steve's shoulder telling him everything is going to be ok. John Crane walked in after checking on Don Valiant to see if he heard any news on his wife Mindy Marvel. Don Valiant responded "I haven't". Firebrandi enters the room to let Don Valiant know someone has arrived at the base. Don Valiant looked at the security camera and saw six females standing at the front of the gate. One of the females was a woman with short red hair; she wore special black shorts and a tank top with a blue trim on the edges. "Hello Steven, it's me Colossa." said Colossa. Don Valiant open the door letting the Colossa and other girls inside the base. Firebrandi flew outside with Steven to meet up with Colossa, unfortunately she was a bit surprised when she saw Colossa and the other girls were giants. "Whoa I didn't expect this." said Firebrandi. "This must be your first time meeting Colossa in person." said Steven. Firebrandi respond back "It's not that. . .it just I didn't expect the other girls to be this big!" said Firebrandi. Daryl meanwhile is looking around hoping to see Terry, Nancy or JJ. She has a worry look on her face wondering if a brother or her mother or her baby sister is safe. "Hi Daryl, don't worry I'm sure they are safe." said Nijia. "Yeah. . .but I still worry about Terry?" said Daryl. Lucky of Daryl, Firebrandi heard Daryl mention Terry. "HI, you say your brother's name is Terry." ask Firebrandi. "Huh!. . . yeah" said Daryl. "He's over there somewhere." said Firebrandi.Back on the top of the building Terry is helping Alucard with his training. Alucard hands Terry a gun which Terry thinks this isn't going to go well. Alucard promised Terry nothing bad going to happen just fired the gun at him point blank. Terry isn't sure that this idea isn't going to work. Even though Alucard can dodge a bullet in point blank, Terry worries about the bullet hitting somebody. "Oh for the love of God Terry fire the damn gun." said Alucard." Terry fired the first shot at point blank and Alucard dodge with ease. "See nothing to worry about," said Alucard. "Holy s*** did you just dodge a bullet at point blank " said Quincy. "You damn right." said Alucard. "You do know I can stop a bullet with my magnetic power." said Electro. "Come on Electro, even you have to say it was amazing." said Quincy. All of a sudden a huge shadow popped up behind Terry as a giant hand slowly reached out and grabbed him. "OH MY GOD TERRY I'M SO HAPPY YOU'RE SAFE." said Daryl as she hugged her brother dearly. "Dar..yl, I. . .I can't breathe" said Terry, who's trying to gasp for air. Nijia gently temp Daryl on the shoulder reminding Daryl she's about to suffocate her brother. Realizing what Nijia says Daryl looks down and sees Terry between her boobs gasping for air."Oh no sorry Terry, I just was so excited to see you safe." said Daryl. "Yeah, yeah that fine sis. . .you could've been gentle." said Terry. "DARYL! You're here as well!" said Alucard looking surprised. Dary got eyes brightened up as she see Alucard. "ALUCARD I'M SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU." shouts Daryl as she reaches out grabbing Alucard giving him a big huge and big wet kiss. "Wow she really is a big hugger huh?" said Quincy. "You have no idea!" said Terry. "QUINCY you're ok." said Titan-Girl. "Hi Carla, you ok." said Quincy.Meanwhile Steven is very confused after seeing his wife Colossa or you could say his older Colossa from the future. "Colossa. . .you. . .you look old?" said Steven. "Yeah you could say 20 years in the future." said Colossa. Steven couldn't believe what he just heard from his wife. She's from 20 year in the future while his younger version of his wife is on the earth. "I just don't get it? I seem you and Jessica at home before I left." said Steven. "Jessica!" ask Colossa. "Yeah, our. . .I mean younger self daughter?" said Steven as he explained more to Colossa. "Oh yeah. . .about our daughter." said Colossa. Steven looked behind him and was surprised to see another giant girl looking down at him. "What the Titanya you're here as well." said Steven. "I'm not Aunt Titanya. You don't recognize your own daughter!" said Jessica. "Wait WHAT!. . . don't you just say you're my daughter?" said Steven, looking surprised."Dad it's me, Jessica." said Gargantica. Steven had to take a deep breath for a minute. He has to take a seat just to think about what he just heard from Jessica. "You're telling me you're Jessica? But. . .but how did you get so big? The doctor says you don't have your mom's gene." said Steven. "Well you see, it's a long story about that. As the two continue to have conversation, Steven listens to Jessica about her story and how she became a giant. Steven is fascinating about one of his prototype experiments that has side effects on his daughter. Not only he was shocked about what happened to his daughter but he's surprised to see an older version of his daughter standing right in front of him. Jessica on the other hand is more surprised to see her father beside not telling him that he would be killed on her 10th birthday. Steven wonders if this mysterious white spaceship could travel across time and space. This will explain why his daughter and wife 20 year from the future is here. "Tanya would be happy to see dad." said Gargantica. "What, my sister-in-law?" ask Steven. "No silly your other daughter." said Jessica. "WHAT! I have another daughter?" shouted Steven. "For the love of God Jessica stop telling your father about the future." shouted Colossa.Back inside the lab Don Valiant is still waiting for the other heroes to arrive as he sends out radio messages to see if the other heroes are nearby. "No message huh?" ask John. "Don't worry John. I sure Mandy Marvel is safe." said Don Valiant. Back in the medic room Robert is recovering from his injury, Tatasuya is glad to see his students recovering from his injury. "Sensei I'm sorry I failed you." said Robert. "You don't need to feel sorry. I'm just glad you're alive." said Tatasuya. Tatasuya knew something was wrong with Robert as he remained quiet for a minute until Tatasuya asked Robert is something was wrong. Robert looked at Tatasuya for a minute and hesitated. "Sensei, I need you to train me once more." said Robert. Tatasuya seem to have a smile on his face after he heard Robert wanted him to train him. "Be prepared Robert because this training isn't going to be any normal training." said Robert. Meanwhile back with Daryl and others Jessica asks Steven if there any Hot Springs around for the girls to use. Steven informed Jessica the base has a huge size Hot Spring and he pointed in the direction where the Hot Spring was located. Jessica couldn't wait to get into the Hot Spring as rush over to Daryl and Titan-Girl. "Daryl, great news. This base has a super size Hot Spring for us to use." said Jessica. "Really. I needed a good relax in a Hot Spring." said Daryl. "What makes you think you need a good relax in the hot spring Daryl." said Giganta. "Come on guys we can both take a nice warm Hot Springs together." said Titan-Girl. Nijia lift Daryl up on her shoulder as she headed off to Hot Spring. She told the others "You guys are coming or what!" as she walked off. Daryl, Yuuko, Titan-Girl and Gargantica follow up behind Nijia as they head towards Hot Spring. "HI NIJIA! Wait up." said Yuuko.Meanwhile at the Hot Spring the girls seem to be enjoying a nice warm bathing together. Nijia is seem relaxing in the water as she lay back to enjoy herself. "Ahhhhhh. . .this feel so relaxing." said Nijia. Daryl was lying on the hot spring side on her stomach, while Yuuko was in the pool feeling the hot water enveloping her body. "Now this is what I call relaxing." said Gargantica. Gargantica sees Daryl's big butt up in the air as she couldn't resist watching Daryl butt jiggly as it moved. Gargantica face begin to blush red from watching Daryl booty jiggly. Nijia seem to notice something going on with Gargantica as she noticed she haven't take her eyes off of Daryl. "Something tells me she's got a crush on Daryl." said Nijia as though something to herself. Titan-Girl on the other hand is bathing her soft skin, as she has poor water on her long blonde hair as she begins to wash hair. "Ok I have questions? How much shampoo do you use to wash your hair?" ask Giganta. "You could say one truck loads of trailers with Shampoo." said Titan-Girl. "For real." said Daryl. Titan-Girl begin to laugh for a minute but she know she couldn't hold in after heading Daryl talking about she couldn't wash your hair without shampoo getting in her eyes. "You girls are sure loud" said Firebrandi. "Well look who decide to join us." said Gargantica."How come you're not in the Hot Spring yet? You won't drown," said Yuuko. "What makes you say that?" asked Firebrandi. "Well seeing the Hot Spring filled with four giant girls. We might not be paying attention to you since. . .well you know you're tiny." said Yuuko. "You do know I had the ability to control fire. I can increase the temperature of the water to make it hot enough for you guys, not the bath in the hot spring." said Firebrandi. "Now, now girls , there is enough room for all of us to bathe in." said Colossa. "MOM! Where did you come from?" ask Jessica. "I've been here the whole time." said Colossa.Far out in the distance until to the girls Terry, Alucard and Quincy are spying on the girls why they're bathed. "See guys I told you this is a great idea." said Alucard. Both Terry and Quincy don't seem to like the idea about Alucard spying on the girls while bathed. Alucard joke about Terry saying that he knew he wanted to see the girls bathed. Terry still refuses to do so, not only it's not the right thing to do but it does feel kind of weird for Terry seeing his sister bathed. But for Alucard it's heaven to him especially when he sees Daryl in the Hot Spring. "I'm telling you guys. You're missing a lot." said Alucard. "You're really a pervert are you?" ask Quincy. Alucard responded "How can I be a pervert if I'm watching my super hot giant girlfriend." said Alucard. Terry responded back "Not only you're watching my sister but you're watching other female bathing in the Hot Spring." said Terry. "The more the merrier." said Alucard. Both Quincy and Terry just shook their heads as both began to walk off. Alucard doesn't understand why Quincy and Terry are walking away from. Surely he know that Terry wanted to see the girls bathing in the Hot Spring, he couldn't never understand why Terry was turning away from this.Back in the Hot Springs Colossa is relaxing, as she slowly dipped herself into the hot pool, and sat down as the boiling water surrounded her body. As Colossa settled in, her breasts began to float up a bit. She was unsettled for a moment when the natural vents were blowing, and the bubbles began to rise; however, she felt one vent blow into her backside, and she loosened up to relax with it. "This feels so relaxing." said Colossa scratching her arm out. Suddenly she heard something moving in the water, it was her daughter Jessica. Colossa notices something is wrong with Jessica as to see a sad look on Jessica's face. "Okay Jessie what's wrong!" ask Colossa. "Mom, can I ask you something?" said Jessica. "Go ahead sweetie." said Colossa.Jessica began to explain to her mom about how come she can't talk to her father about her lifestyle. Deep down inside Jessica really wants to spend more time with her father. Throughout her life Jessica really wanted to be around her father since her father was killed when she was just a little girl. Colossa knows Jessica really wants to be with her father but she also knows that it'll be a risk if Jessica would tell her father everything about what happened to him. If Jessica would tell her father about what happened to him in the future this would end up creating a Time Paradox. Colossa wants her daughter not to tell her Steven anything about his future. She also wants her that she probably will face the consequence if she ended up creating a Time Paradox. Not only destroying her future by also destroying others' timeline as well. Jessica was shocked to hear this from Colossa not realizing the risk you could take destroying her own future. "So yes sweetie, I understand you want to talk to your father but right now we can't take that rick." said Colossa.Back in the lab John is still on communicator waiting for any message from the other hero, his hope it's still up, hoping to hear from his wife Mindy Marvel. Suddenly the communicator came on as a voice played on the communicator. "Hello, Hello." said the known voice. John grabs the communicator and responds. "Yes, yes this John. Who is this?" ask John. "John! It's me, your wife." said Mindy Marvel.To be continued. . .

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Flowers and seedsIn Demon Town.Nocturna: that vacation is really good.Discordia: yeah. We visited the Netherworld.Lucia: and we met Giga Succubus.Lyra: yeah. Having fun together is super fun.Nocturna: it sure is, Lyra. Lyra: (yawns) iím kinda tired. Iíll take a beauty nap in my house in the Succubus Isle. See you girls later. (flies to Succubus Isle)Discordia: have nice dreams, Lyra.Lucia: itís good to be back in Demon Isle.Nocturna: yeah. I bet its protected well.Roxy appears.Roxy: hey Nocturna.Nocturna: hi aunt Roxy.Roxy: (hugs Nocturna) Iím so glad youíre back.Nocturna: (smiles) indeed. We enjoyed ourselves in our vacation.Lucia: yeah. We visited my home realm and met Giga Succubus.Discordia: Indeed. She may be big but sheís a total sweetheart.Roxy: incredible. Anyway Queen Ellie asks for your help, girls.Nocturna: ok and wht?Roxy: no idea but itís urgent.Discordia: alright then. Letís meet our royal friend.Heroes: yeah!!They see a crook walking. Lucia throws a rock at a bushes. A group of wolves chases him. The girls laughs.Nocturna: (laughs) good throw Lucia.Roxy: (laughs) that thief deserves it.Discordia: (laughs) you aimed well.Lucia: (laughs) thanks girls.Nocturna: alright letís meet Queen Ellie.Girlís: yeah. (leaves)Roxy: good luck girls.In Demon Castle. In The throne room.Queen Ellie: thanks for coming, girls.Lucia: no problem kid.Discordia: what seems to be the problem?Albert: oh everythingís fine. So far, thereís no threat that is targeting Queen Ellie.Nocturna: thatís good to hear. How can we help you?Queen Ellie: i need some special flower seeds. The flower is called the Heaven Daisy.Lucia: whatís a Heaven Daisy?Albert: a rare flower. The Heaven Daisy is a powerful plant that can bestow protection and luck to others.Queen Ellie: my mom Charlotte loved those flowers. They represent hope to the family. She grew 8 Heaven Daisies when she was queen. But sadly, Malcolmís attack destroyed them. Discordia: that monster! He has no respect for royalty and flowers.Nocturna: good thing i slayed that moron.Albert: my niece Ellie wants to plant the Heaven Daisies and help them grow just like her mom did.Queen Ellie: (smiles) of course uncle. I shared my momís love for the flowers.Lucia: so where can we find them?Queen Ellie: theyíre found in a valley called the Valley of the Holy Flowers. Its located in the grasslands.Discordia: you mean the place where we fought a Greater Demon.Queen Ellie: indeed. I wanted to go there myself but I canít leave my duty as queen.Nocturna: donít worry your highness, weíll bring the Heaven Daisy seeds here.Lucia: and we can overcome any dangers.Albert: I wish you girls good luck.Nocturna: thanks. Letís go girls.The girls teleport. Meanwhile in a forest. A portal opens. Hinata appears and the portal closes.Hinata: wow where am I? That new world is incredible. She sees two mermaids singing.Hinata: wow. Its full of monster girls. I wish Lady Luminous was around to see this. Iíve heard that thereís vampires in this world.????: they sure have.An old man appears.Hinata: who are you?Old man: Iím a humble old man. Just passing by.Hinata: oh I see.Old man: I have something to tell you.Hinata: and what is it.Old man: itís about Nocturna and her friends Lucia and Discordia. Those demon girls killed a human king named King Malcolm.Hinata: what?! They destroyed a human king?Old man: oh yes they did. King Malcolm is a benevolent ruler of the Umbra Isles untill Nocturna and her friends destroyed him with no remorse.Hinata: those wretched girls. When I find them, iíll make them pay for what they did!!Old man: oh you can find them in the Valley of Holy Flowers.Hinata: thank you, old man. When I find them, justice will prevail!When she leaves, the old man turns out to be a goblin named Goblox as he remove his human disguise.Goblox: (laughs evily) that paladin is more dumber than an orc.He goes to a cave and is unknowingly followed by Umbra Shogun. In chamber full of Demon Cultists.Demon Cultist: report, Goblox?Goblox: the Holy Knight is ready to attack Nocturna and her friends.Demon Cultist: excellent.Demon Cultist 2: that wretched half-demon has the nerve killing our king!!Demon Cultist 3: good idea to use the human as a pawn, High Priest Hugo.High Priest Hugo: indeed. Once those brats are gone, King Malcolm will rise as a Phoenix and then the Cult of Isles will conquer the world!!!!In the Valley of Holy Flowers. The girls arrive.Nocturna: wow.Discordia: incredible.Lucia: those flowers are new to me.Nocturna: (smells a flower) their scent is unique.Discordia: the blue must be the Holy Rose. The red one is the Scarlet Tulip and the purple one is the Violet Lily. Lucia: wow you know much of flower.Discordia: (smiles) yeah. I read a book about those flowers. Nocturna: alright. (looks at the map) the map says that the Heaven Daisies are located in an area which has 3 tall tress and a field of flowers. Lucia: look girlís.They see the flower field and head to it.Nocturna: its beautiful.Discordia: that must be the Heaven Daisies.Lucia: those yellow flowers are pretty.Nocturna: Queen Charlotte visited this valley, girls. Time to find the seeds.They see a tree trunk with yellow glowing seeds.Lucia: that must be the seeds, weíre looking for. (put 20 seeds in a bag)Discordia: they are unique.Nocturna: yeah. Now letís head back to Demon Castle.????: you girls are not going anywhere!!!Hinata appears.Lucia: whoís this girl?Nocturna: no idea but she looks crazy to me.Discordia: who are you?Hinata: Iím Hinata Sakaguchi. Iím the leader of the Ten Great Saints and Luminous Valentineís right-hand.Lucia: oh nice to meet you, dear. Have you come here for the seeds.Hinata: Iím not here for the flower seeds. Iím here to destroy you girls to avenge the human king named Malcolm.Nocturna: who told you that?Hinata: an old man I met in the forest. He told me that you demons killed a benevolent fair ruler.Nocturna: did you believe him?! That old man is just tricking you!! King Malcolm is the most hated man known in the Umbra Isles! Heís a monster who cares only about himself!!Lucia: his reign of terror proves that he is a narcissist and a madman.Discordia: Malcolm wanted to spread pain and suffering but we stopped him.Hinata: then prove me wrong in a sword fight.Nocturna: thatís fine by me. Because iíll shred you into pieces with my Demon Scythe.Discordia: wait Nocturna. She may be manipulated but sheís still a good person. I feel her thoughts about friends and faith.Lucia: show her that youíre a great fighter, dear.Nocturna: alright then. Time to teach that holy jerk a lesson she wonít forget.Nocturna and Hinata fight in a sword duel. The paladin shoots Holy Magic at her foe but the half-demon dodges and blasts her with Light Magic. The Holy Knight attacks her with her holy blasts and uses Disintegration skill but Nocturna counters it with her Dark Magic beam which hits Hinata.Hinata: what the? You use Light Magic and Dark Magic. What kind of a demon are you?Nocturna: iím a Half-Genie, Hinata. Half-Genies protect innocents from evil threats and lunatics who wanted to harm them.Hinata: that may be true but you wonít beat me that easily!!Nocturna: perhaps iíll have to get through your thick skull with my scythe!!Their fight continues. In the cave. The Demon Cultists watches the fight via a crystal ball.Demon Cultist: everythingís going as planned.High Priest Hugo: of course. Once that silly paladin kill those three, weíll destroy her when she outlived her uselfulness to us. Then weíll head back to Shadow Isle and wipe out Princess Ellie once and for all. Weíll resurrect King Malcolm and begin a new age. And this time, the world will tremble before us and nothing can stop us!! (laughs evily)????: that wonít be happening.Umbra Shogun appears.Goblox: uh oh.High Priest Hugo: who are you intruder?!!Umbra Shogun: your executioner. (kills all Cult of Isles members) cowards! (sees Nocturna fighting Hinata via a crystal ball) I like to meet Nocturna personally. (teleports)Later. Nocturna and Hinataís fight continues. The Holy Knight has the upper hand but the half-genie bypasses her defenses with her Demon Scythe and shoots fire balls at her, harming her foe.Hinata: how is possible that your scythe can bypass my defenses?Nocturna: my father gave the scythe to me before his disappearance. He left notes with instructions about how to use its full powers. Your self-serving attitude clouded your judgement, Hinata.Hinata: grrr. Why you.Umbra Shogun appears.Discordia: who is that samurai?Lucia: no idea but his dark aura give me the chills.Umbra Shogun: human Knight. Leave Nocturna alone.Hinata: i donít think so, Demon!Umbra Shogun: (draw his Shadow Sword) that wasnít a request. Its an order!Hinata: Iím not afraid of you!!Discordia: Hinata! Donít. Heís way too dangerous.Hinata: Iím the Holy Knight serving Ruminas. I wonít back down from a fight.Nocturna: in other words, sheís nuts.Hinata charges at Umbra Shogun and tries to attack him, only for the demon to block her sword blow and shatters her rapier with his Shadow Sword.Hinata: what the?The demon samurai slices her right arm offHinata: (screams) my arm! (gets kicked by Umbra Shogun) ow.Umbra Shogun: pathetic. (slice her left leg off with his sword)Hinata: (screams) my leg!!!Umbra Shogun: youíre nothing but a vampireís lackey!Hinata: iím not a lackey!!! I heard from an old man that Nocturna killed a human king.Umbra Shogun: the old man is a goblin who is a servant of the Cult of Isles. Zealots who are loyal to Demon King Malcolm. And I killed those fools!!Hinata: so the girls are telling the truth. I have to make amends with them! Iíll do anything to do whatís right!!!Umbra Shogun: then youíll die dumber than most worthy swordsmen!He is about to kill Hinata but Nocturna block his blow with her scythe and kick him away.Nocturna: that human may be a jerk but that doesnít give you the right to attack her!Umbra Shogun: how noble. You fight to protect others even if that human is your enemy.Nocturna: I can tell that sheís just misguided. Its more than enough for me to help her. Lucia, Discordia. Take her to safety.Lucia & Discordia: sure. (take Hinata behind the trees)Umbra Shogun: I have waited long for this moment.Nocturna: and who are you?Umbra Shogun: my name is Umbra Shogun. Iím a demon samurai serving Melchor the Demon Lord of Gravity. Iím one of his trusted generals.Nocturna: did he send you to attack us?!Umbra Shogun: no. I came here to put an end to those delusional cultistsí plans. Those zealots deserves it.Nocturna: thatís something we can agree on. Still youíre one of Melchorís lap dogs.Umbra Shogun: hey!!Nocturna: and youíre a samurai whose mask hides an ugly face!Umbra Shogun: have it your way then!! Nocturna fights against Umbra Shogun. The demon samurai fire purple energy waves but the heroine dodges and hits him with red energy waves from her scythe. The two opponents fight with their weapons.Lucia: (restores Hinataís leg and arm with healing magic) there. Youíre as good as new.Hinata: did you girls just stepped in and saved me?Discordia: yeah. Itís what heroes do.Hinata: t-t-thank you girls. (cries) Iím so sorry for attacking you.Discordia: (smiles) its ok, Hinata. The important thing is that this misunderstanding is cleared up.Lucia: and besides, Nocturnaís not done with you yet. Sheíll forgive you after she punch your head to a hard rock.Hinata: oh, I guess I really deserve it.Nocturna continue fighting against Umbra Shogun. The demon samurai has the upper hand but the half-genie beats him and cuts one of his helmetís horns with her scythe.Umbra Shogun: impressive. Most impressive. You have much learned how to combat skilled swordsmen like me.Nocturna: Iím full of surprises!Umbra Shogun: todayís fight is just a test to see if you stand a chance against me and you passed. I leave you alone, for now. The next time we meet, I want a one on one duel with no obstacles.Nocturna: and obstacles you mean Hinata?Umbra Shogun: yes. Goodbye Nocturna. I hope we can meet again. (teleports)Nocturna: that guy seemed to know me more. She goes to the girls.Nocturna: howís Hinata?Lucia: sheís fine. She realized that sheís been duped.Discordia: and she apologized to us.Nocturna: thatís what I wanna hear from her. All right Hinata. Thereís a reason why King Malcolm is hated. Long ago Princess Ellie was partner a royal family who rule the Umbra Isles in peace and harmony.Lucia: everyone love them dearly. But then King Malcolm showed up and killed Ellieís parents with no regrets.Discordia: however Nocturna managed to defeat Malcolm with Shantae and Momonís help.Nocturna: as you can see, Ellie is the benevolent ruler of Umbra Isles.Hinata: youíre saying that Malcolm killed Ellieís parents?Discordia: sadly, yes.Hinata: (cries) Iím so sorry for attacking you girls. I visited this world via a portal just minutes ago. I was duped in by an old man who claims that King Malcolm is a fair and noble human king.Lucia: (comfort Hinata) its ok dear. Youíre just new here. Everybody makes mistakes.Discordia: yeah. We just wanna make friends.Hinata: (stops crying) so you girls forgive me?Nocturna: almost. (punches her head) now youíre forgiven.Hinata: ow!!! Was this punch really necessary?!!Nocturna: yup. It makes you clear that you shouldnít be duped by some idiots next time.Hinata: oh I see. I guess I deserve this too.Discordia: kind of. But hey we can start again.Hinata: I have the same idea. So what are you girls doing?Lucia: weíre collecting Heaven Daisies for Queen Ellie.Hinata: oh that reminds me. My master Luminous Valentine wanted to meet with her.Nocturna: (smiles) yeah. And looks like weíre ready to meet them. Wanna come?Hinata: sure.The girls teleport. In Demon Castle. They arrive.Queen Ellie: you girls are back.Luminous: ah Hinata. Iím glad youíre here. Nocturna: you must be Luminous?Luminous: thatís right. Iím the Demon Lord and ruler of vampires. Iím also ruler of the Holy Empire Ruberios.Lucia: wow, cool.Discordia: so what brings you here?Luminous: Iím here to sign a peace treaty with Queen Ellie. It involves that my empire will have good relations with her kingdom. She told me about you girls.Queen Ellie: yeah. Did you have the Heaven Daisies?Lucia: (smiles) yeah. (give her the seed bag) here you go.Queen Ellie: wow nice.Albert: marvelous.Luminous: let me see. Wow itís really beautiful.Nocturna: we found them in the Valley of the Holy Flowers.Lucia: we wanted to return earlier but Hinata was tricked by the Cult of Isles into believing that King Malcolm was a benevolent human ruler and she attacked us.Nocturna: it turns out that those zealots wanted to attack Queen Ellie once their scheme worked.Luminous: you did what, Hinata?!!!Hinata: I know I was being duped again. Iím sorry, Lady Luminous. It wonít happen again.Luminous: I know you wonít make the mistake again. So what happend to the cult anyway?Discordia: Umbra Shogun has killed them all.Nocturna: that demon samurai seem to know me before I met him.Queen Ellie: whoever he is, he must have an agenda of his own.Lucia: and we can beat him and Melchor. Heroes: yeah!!!Luminous: alright, shall we sign the treaty?Queen Ellie: (smiles) sure.She signs the treaty with Luminous and the Heaven Daisies grow on her pot.Nocturna: its beautiful.Lucia: wow.Discordia: sweet.Hinata: that flower is unique.Queen Ellie: yeah. My mother loved those flowers.Nocturna: she sure did.Albert: another successful day. We have made new allies and the Heaven Daises are now planted in the gardens.Discordia: yay.Luminous: I wish Chloe was around to see this. Lucia: Iím sure she will, Luminous.Queen Ellie: hey everyone. Letís celebrate this with a meal!Everyone: yeah!!Nocturna: cool. (winks)The heroes enjoy their meals and the crooo is still chased by wolves.The End.
Giant Aayla saves Gmod City In Gmod City.Louis: what a great day. He goes to a store and buys pills.Louis: oh yeah. Pills here!Francis: hey Louis.Louis: hey Francis. How are you?Francis: pretty good. I stole a car from a gangster.Louis: wow thatís pretty awesome.Francis: yeah. Iím a tough guy.They hear loud footsteps.Louis: wow what is that? An earthquake?Francis: I hate earthquakes.Louis: and its approaching us.Giant Aayla appears.Francis: wow a giant lady.Louis: and sheís a pretty alien.Aayla: hello little people. My name is Aayla Secura. Iím a Jedi Knight.Francis: Iím Francis.Louis: Iím Louis.Aayla: nice to meet you. Iím a member of the Jedi Order.Louis: amazing.Francis: weíve good pals with Anakin.Aayla: thatís good to hear. His padawan Ahsoka Tano is also gigantic.Louis: amazing.Aayla: (puts Francis and Louis on her shoulder) Iím glad that you guys get along with her.Louis: of course we are. Sheís a kind and brave Jedi.Francis: sheís pretty cool. Like the time my cool plan is to use Rochelle as bait to lure zombies away.The scene shows Francis put a blindfold on Rochelle, covering her eyes.Rochelle: how is it gonna help stopping the zombies?Francis: oh youíll learn. (puts meat sauce and steaks on her) there you go.Rochelle: alright.They approach a house surrounded by Infecteds.Francis: hey zombies!! I have a perfect meal for you! (throws Bile bomb on Rochelle, covering her in bile)Rochelle: what the hell Francis?! (remove the blindfold and sees zombies running towards her) oh shit!!The zombies chases Rochelle in Benny Hill style and attacks her. Francis throws a Molotov at the Infecteds, burning them and Rochelle to death.Francis: oh yeah.Man: wow you saved us.Woman: thank you Francis.Boy: youíre the best hero ever.Francis: thatís right.The scene shows the heroes.Louis: (laughs) the plan to use Rochelle as bait is hilarious.Aayla: (laughs) nobody likes her. Not even the Jedi Order like her.Francis: wow my cool plan is pretty liked and awesome. (laughs) I am hilarious.Aayla: of course you are.Louis: hey Aayla. Wanna hang out with you?Aayla: (smiles) sure.Francis: alright. Check this. (throws a rock at a store window)Man: hey! Who did that?!!They point at Lacey Stapleton.Lacey: uh oh.Man: get her!!!The angry mob chases her. The heroes laughs.Louis: (laughs) good one Francis.Aayla: (laughs) itís very funny.Francis: (laughs) I hate Lacey.Louis: letís have fun guys.Heroes: yeah.Giant Aayla hangs out with her friends. They visit a city, save a town from a kaiju, throw water balloons at Meg, give cakes to people, put out the fire on a building, take out a droid army, walk in a forest and take selfies. In a beach. Aayla in her bikini lies on her back.Aayla: this is nice.Francis: yeah. Gmod is a fun place.Louis: yeah. You can do what ever you want.Aayla: of course. You know I was once the apprentice of Quinlan Vos. Heís known for his different approach in things but he is one of the greatest Jedi Masters I ever mer.Francis: cool. I bet heíll be happy to see you as a giant heroine.Aayla: (smiles) of course Francis.Louis: as long we protect Gmod, everything will be fine.Francis: thatís true Louis.Louis: and we can do great things together. We can bring peace and harmony to the galaxy. Not even the Sith or Infected Empire can stop us.Francis: yeah. Sith are ugly freaks.Louis: oooh you insulted the Sith, Francis. Did you hear Aayla?Aayla is asleep deeply.Louis: wow she is a big sleeping beautyFrancis: yeah. A blue beautiful giant woman who likes having fun with us.Louis: thatís right.In a glacier. BLU Medic and BLU Soldier finds a frozen Zillo Beast.BLU Medic: we found it. Its a Zillo Beast.BLU Soldier: lets retrieve it to the boss.They place bombs at the ice surrounding the frozen monster. They explode. The Zillo Beast roars.BLU Medic: uh oh.BLU Soldier: run!!The Zillo Beast grabs and throws the BLU members to the oceans.BLU Medic: oh great. Canít this get any worse.Sharks chases them. Later.Louis: (eats pills) oh yeah. I love pills.Francis: haha. (shoots a seagull dead with his shotgun) I hate seagulls.Man: (sees something) oh my god.The Zillo Beast appears and roars.Woman: run!The citizens runs away.Louis: oh shit.Francis: hey Aayla. Wake up.Aayla: (yawns) whatís wrong?Louis: thereís a giant monster in the seas.Aayla: (gets up) itís a Zillo Beast. Its one of the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy. I fought one in Coruscant.Francis: wow. Any idea how to stop it.Aayla: Iíll handle it. Get the others to safety.Louis: got it.Aayla confront the Zillo Beast.Aayla: hey overgrown reptile. Your kind is almost extinct. Give up or perish.The Zillo Beast roars.Aayla: (activates her lightsaber) then youíre an overgrown mindless brute to me.Francis: oooh she insults itShe fights against the monster. The Zillo Beast has the upper hand but the twiílek Jedi beats it and cuts its arm off.Aayla: your reign of terror ends here, Zillo monster. (cuts its head off with her lightsaber) the beach is now safe.The people cheers at her.Aayla: (smiles) thanks everyone.Louis: wow you saved Gmod city.Aayla: of course. Protecting innocents is the Jediís duty.Francis: and youíre a great heroine.Aayla: of course.The End.
Ultrawoman NessaIn New York.JJ: what a good day.Ultrawoman Nessa appears.JJ: wow an Ultrawoman.Ultrawoman Nessa: wow its a nice city.JJ: hi. Iím JJ. Welcome to New York.Ultrawoman Nessa: hello. Iím Ultrawoman Nessa.JJ: nice to meet you.Ultrawoman Nessa: Iím also a gym leader of Hulbury Gym.JJ: wow incredible.Ultrawoman Nessa: this city is nice.JJ: yeah. It has Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty.Ultrawoman Nessa: cool. I have water-type pokemon.JJ: sweet. Youíre a pretty huge lady.Ultrawoman Nessa: (smiles) thanks. Youíre a cute boy to me.JJ: (smiles) thanks.Ultrawoman Nessa: (puts JJ on her shoulder) do you like the view.JJ: yeah. I can see the ocean from up here.Ultrawoman Nessa: nice.They see a thief stealing a bike.Thief: I am awesome.JJ: a thief!Ultrawoman Nessa: Iíll stop him.Thief: I can rob banks.Ultrawoman Nessa: (grabs the thief) I got you punk!JJ: youíre caught red-handedThief: um can we talk about this?Ultrawoman Nessa: let me think. Nope! (throws him to jail)Thief: oh come on.JJ: nice throw Nessa.Ultrawoman Nessa: (smiles) thanks.JJ: youíre a great heroine.Ultrawoman Nessa: of course.In Team Rocket base.Jessie: haha. Our plan to catch pokemon can begin.James: yeah. Our mega Machamp mecha is ready.Meowth: and weíll deliver pokemon to the boss.Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!A Pidgey flies to the cockpit and let a cup of water pour at the controls, causing to go haywire.James: uh oh.Jessie: run!!!The mecha chases them in a Benny Hill style, throws them to a forest.Meowth: oh great. Canít this get any worseA group of Ursarings chases them. Ultrawoman Nessa take a stroll.Ultrawoman Nessa: New York is a great city.JJ: yeah. It has comics, Central Park and monuments.Ultrawoman Nessa: I can pose myself as a model.JJ: sweet.The Machamp mecha attack the city.JJ: a mecha.Ultrawoman Nessa: (puts JJ on a rooftop) youíre now safe.JJ: go save the city.Ultrawoman Nessa: hey overgrown scrap metal. Youíre a four-armed freak of nature. And youíre made of rusty components.JJ: (giggles) good one.She fights against the mecha. Mecha Machamp has the upper hand but the Ultra Heroine beats it.Ultrawoman Nessa: letís end this. Ultra Hydro Pump! (shoots powerful het of water at The mecha, destroying it) oh yeah.The people cheers.Ultrawoman Nessa: (smiles) thanks.JJ: wow you saves New York, Nessa.Ultrawoman Nessa: yeah. Iím a great Ultrawoman.JJ: and the people love you.Ultrawoman Nessa: of course.The End.
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Disgaea Thicc Armor Knight by THEDAIBIJIN
MM vs. Fury Bowser by TRC-Tooniversity
Anime MT by TRC-Tooniversity
Welcome to Paradise Island, home of the Amazons by Nightcore100
GTS stories
Pokemon: A+SBA - Ash's Big New Friend,Molly Ketchum was soon 2 years old, going onto 3, and had also learned how to talk.Today was the first day of Ash's time at Professor Oak's summer camp. While he was away, Molly spent the day with mother (really her foster mom) Delia and her Pokťmon friends.Coming downstairs, Molly noticed Delia and Mimey standing on one leg in the living room. Delia was wearing a pink skintight outfit and she and Mimey were copying moves that a woman on TV was doing. Molly had never seen Delia wearing such attire before.Molly: (reaching the bottom of the stairs) Mama?Delia turned and saw Molly at the bottom of the stairs.Delia: (smiles) Morning, Molly.Mimey: Mime-Mime.Molly walked closer, watching what Delia was doing. Molly: Mama... What're you doing? And why are you wearing those clothes?Delia: I'm doing yoga. Molly: Yoga?Delia: It's a type of exercise. And these are my exercise clothes. I'm able to do my yoga pose easier with these on then my regular clothes.Mimey: (nods) Mr. Mime.Molly: Really? Wow... Can I watch you, Mama? Delia: (smiles) Of course, dear.So Molly sat on a nearby chair and watched Delia doing more yoga and various poses. Molly was tempted to try doing yoga herself. Stepping off the chair, she tries a pose herself, such as stretching on leg out. Delia noticed Molly trying to join in, but she saw that the little girl's balance wasn't as great as hers. More than once, Molly nearly lost her balance until finally she fell.Molly: Whoa.. Whoa!.. Ouch!Delia: Oh my! (comes over) Are you okay, Molly? Molly: (groans) I think so.Fortunately, Molly had only fallen over, and not hit her head or anything serious.Delia: Not bad for your first attempt, Molly. Wanna try again?Molly: Okay, Mama.Delia then brought Molly over to the mat she used to do yoga on. Once more, Molly tried standing on one leg and keeping her balance. But once again, she had trouble doing it. She could only stay on her stubby little toes and stuck her arms out to keep her balance before stamping her free foot back down to prevent herself from falling again.Delia: You're doing good, Molly. Keep trying.Mimey: (encouragingly) Mime.Molly: Thanks, Mama. (stands on two feet again) But it sure isn't easy.Delia: Oh, it's okay, sweetheart. You just need more practice.Molly: Mama, how long have you been doing yoga?Delia: Since I was 10 years old.Molly: (surprised) Really?Delia: Mm-hmm. A good friend got me into it back when I was starting out as a Pokťmon Coordinator. I found it to be a good way to keep myself fit for Contests.Mimey: (nods) Mr. Mime.Molly: Was Mimey with you when you were a kid, Mama? Delia: Oh yes. But of course, he was a Mime Jr. back then. But he still joined in with me when I did yoga back then, too. (chuckles) I remember how much trouble he used to have when we first started out. (pats Mimey on the head)Mimey: (blushes, scratches back of his head) Mime-Mime.Delia: But he and I soon got the hang of it.Mimey: (nod) Mime.Delia: And I'm sure you will too, Molly.Molly: I dunno, Mama. I was barely able to stand on even one leg, like you. Delia: Oh, it's okay, honey. A lot of things are hard to do when you're really young. But as you get older, they start to get easier to do. Molly: They do?Delia: Mm-hmm.Molly seemed to think about what Delia said when suddenly they heard a rumbling sound.Delia: Is somebody hungry?Molly: (blushing) Yeah. I haven't had lunch yet.Delia: Oh my. Well, we'd better fix that right now.Mimey: (nods) Mr. Mime.And with that, Delia took Molly to the kitchen and went on to making Molly some lunch.While this was going on, 5 year old Ash was looking for whatever Pokťmon he could find at the summer camp. At one point, he heard rustling in the bushes. Looking closer, he saw the it was a Poliwag.Ash: Oh boy, a Poliwag!Poliwag: (startled) Poli! (runs off)Ash ran after the Tadpole Pokťmon until he found himself in a small clearing. Looking around, he heard something. Ash wasn't sure, but he thought he heard something or someone crying nearby. From the sound, he could tell it was a human crying, and not a Pokťmon.Ash: Hello? Anyone there?He followed the crying until he saw a girl sat down on the grass with her knees hitched up and crying. This girl while about the same age as Ash, she was very tall - she was 10 ft. in height. She had strawberry blonde hair, wore a straw hat, a pink dress, and pink sandals. Between her sobs, Ash could make what the following words.Girl: It's just like back home. (sniffles) No one likes or wants to play with me... (sniffles) Just because I'm big.Ash went closer to the big girl. For some reason, he wasn't afraid of her. If anything, he felt sorry for her.Ash: Um, hello? The big girl gasped upon hearing him. She looked down at him, her blues eyes still full of tears. She hadn't expected someone to come close to her.Ash: Er, are you alright? Why're you so upset?The big girl tried to wipe away her tears as she spoke to him.Girl: (sniffles) Because everyone is either too scared of me or makes fun of me because of my size and doesn't want me to play with them.Ash: That's just rude and mean. Oh! My name's Ash. Ash Ketchum.Girl: (sniffles) I'm Serena Yvonne. I'm from Vaniville Town, in the Kalos region.Ash: Kalos? Wow. That's pretty far away. Must not've been easy gettin' here. Did you come on a plane or a ship?Serena: Plane. I rode in the cargo area. My Mommy made sure they sorted some food in there with me and a special pot in case I need to erm... go... if you know what I mean.Ash: Oh yeah, I get it alright. (pause) So is it just you and your mom at home?Serena: Yes... (sniffles) I never knew my Daddy. But Mommy said he didn't like me cause of my size.Ash: (outraged) What?! Your own dad didn't like you just cause of your size either?!Serena: (sniffs) Mm-hmm.Ash: Well, that's just not right at all. (pause) Uh, what exactly made you big?Serena: Brobdingnagian gigantism - That's what Mommy told me. I was born with it. It causes someone like me to grow twice as big as their normal size.Ash: Well that answers my question. So what made you wanna come to this camp all the way here in Kanto? Serena: My Mommy thought it might be good for me to see more of the world. And that maybe I could makes friends here. But so far, it's just the same as back home.Serena nearly started crying again.Ash: Well, I'm not afraid of you, or your size.Serena: (sniffles) Y-You're not?Ash: No. I don't see what peoples deals are with your size. Besides, just by talking to ya, I can tell you're a good person who would never use her size to hurt others.Serena felt happy upon hearing this.Serena: (smiles while wiping away tears) Thank you for saying that. (pause) May I hug you, Ash?Ash: Erm, sure.Serena: (picks him up in her hands) Don't worry, I'll be very gentle. And Serena was as good as her word as she hugged him on her cheek. Her cheek felt very soft and Ash felt it would be fair to hug her back. Serena felt good that he was returning her hug. Aside from her mother, no one else had liked Serena for who she was and not judged or been afraid of her due to her size. She felt like she had made a real friend, just like her mother had hoped, and coming to the camp had been worth it.After a while, Ash could be seen riding on Serena's shoulder as she walked back to the cabins. They'd had fun playing together for the day. One of the things they did was hide-and-seek - since it would be hard for Serena to hide, Ash would be the one to hide, and Serena would try to find him.As they reached the cabins, they heard someone say "Oh look, it's the giant freak!" followed by some hurtful laughter.Ash recognized one of the voices right away.Ash: (groaned) Gary. Gary: Hey, look. Ashy boy's riding on the giant freak's shoulder! Ash could see that Serena was visibly hurt by the laughter going on. He managed to climb down from her shoulder back down to the ground with a determined look on his face. Ash: (walks up) Alright you guys! This has gone far enough! The laughter stopped. Ash gathered his courage and went on.Ash: You oughta be ashamed of yourselves. Serena maybe bigger than us but she has feelings too, and your hurting them real bad! She was crying her eyes out earlier cause of you not letting her join in anything! (pause) How would you like it if either of you were as big as she is, and everyone, even your own dad, didn't like you because of it? Her mom brought her here in the hopes that she could make friends, and you're not making it easy for her, calling her things like "giant freak" and other hurtful words! Some of the kids were shocked upon hearing this. Unfortunately, the only one who didn't seem moved by what Ash said was Gary. Gary: (scoffs) What do you know about dads, Ashy boy? Your dad's hardly ever around.Ash: At least I'm smart enough to know when people aren't being treated right, Gary! Gary: Yeah? And who would say that the giant freak should be treated like she was one of us? Ash: My mother would! Gary: (scoffs) Then she's as much a loser as you. (turns to leave)Ash: (outraged, blocks his path) Say that again! Gary: Wha...? Ash: Say! That! Again! Gary: Fine. Your mom is just as much a loser as you. In a fit of rage, Ash tackled Gary to the ground. The momentum caused the boys to roll down a nearby hill.Serena: (gasps) Oh no! (thinks to herself) I have to find someone.Meanwhile, Ash and Gary had finished rolling down the hill, and were now starting to get back up. Gray had got a fat lip from tumbling down the hill and Ash had grazed both his knees. Gary: Alright, Ketchum, you asked for it! Now what started as a simple disagreement turned into a fight between the two angry boys as they tackled each other again, trying to overpower the other.Voice: Alright, break it up! BREAK IT UP! Ash and Gary stopped their fight and looked. It was Gary's grandfather, Professor Samuel Oak, one of the Kanto region's resident Pokťmon experts. Gary: Gramps? W-What're you doing here? Professor Oak: This young lady brought me here.It was then they the boys noticed Serena was with him, and some of the other campers as well.Serena: Please, Ash. Don't fight anymore. (weeps) Please. Ash then decided to walk away from Gary and walked back to the group. He could tell Serena didn't want him fighting.Gary: Yeah, that's right, walk away, Ashy boy. Professor Oak: Gary Oak, you're already in enough trouble. Don't make it any worse than it already is. Gary: It was Ash, Gramps. He... Professor Oak: No tales. It was your fault, and you know it. Serena there has told me everything. I will not tolerate bullying in my summer camp, especially from my own grandson. I simply will not have it. Gary: But Gramps... Professor Oak: No buts about it, young man. Now, go back to the cabins and clean yourself up. You, your sister, and I will talk about this later. Gary walked away in a huff. Professor Oak: Ash, Serena, wait here a moment. I'd like a word with you. Ash/Serena: Yes, sir. Professor Oak: Everyone else, go back to your activities.The other kids left so the Professor could talk with the two. Ash couldn't help but feel ashamed about the way he'd behaved just now in front of his new friend. Not to mention he felt like he was in trouble with Professor Oak. Serena also felt bad as she felt that Ash might be in trouble because of her.Professor Oak: (goes to one knee) Ash, you were standing up for your giant friend, weren't you?Ash: (nods nervously) Yes... But I let my angry get the better of me when Gary made fun of me and my Mom. I'm sorry, Professor. Are you angry with me?Professor Oak: (softens his tone) I'm not angry with you, Ash. (pause) While I'm not thrilled with you and Gary getting into a fight, you were just doing what you thought was right, and that's okay. Reminds me of your father in a way. That's why I'll forgive you this time. But let's not let it happen again. Deal? (holds out a hand)Ash: Okay, Professor. I promise.Both boy and Professor shuck hands, sealing the deal. Serena felt better upon seeing this. Professor Oak: Now why don't you go wash up, young man? Meanwhile, I'll go and have a chat with my grandson. Ash: (realizing what the Professor meant) Okay. Professor Oak: And Serena, I hope you won't have any trouble making friends now. Serena: (smiles) Hopefully not, now that Ash is here.Professor Oak: Alright then.Meanwhile, Gary was with his big sister, Daisy, who was helping clean him up and bandaging him, and at the same time, giving him a good scolding.Daisy: I'm ashamed of you, Gary. What's gotten into you? Bullying that girl from Kalos, and picking a fight with Ash? Grandpa didn't make this Pokťmon camp for you to bully and make fun of people. He made it so kids can see and learn about Pokťmon!Gary: But Ash started it. (yelps as disinfectant is applied)Daisy: Well, you should thought about that before you insulted Mrs. Ketchum right to his face. Especially given I have a good working relationship with her due to my babysitting for her. She doesn't deserve such a rude comment, especially from the grandson of the person who was one of her teachers!Gary: But sis... (yelps again)Daisy: (enunciating) Not. Another. Word. Now, Grandpa and I will discuss a suitable punishment for you later. In the meantime you go home, stay in your room and think about your appalling behavior today.Gary groaned. This was one of those many arguments he was not going to win, especially with his big sister in "mother mode" as he called it. Meanwhile, Ash was trying to tend to the wounds he had received.Voice: Need some help there?Ash looked and saw that it was another boy his age.Ash: Uh, yeah. Sure.The boy came up and started helping bandage the grazes on his knees.Boy: Y'know, I don't blame you for losing your temper with that Gary guy. But in future, it might not be such a good idea to react with violence. You got off easy this time. Next time might be different.Ash: Yeah. I know. (pause) I'm Ash, by the way. Ash Ketchum.Boy: I'm Ritchie Hiroshi, from Viridian City. Nice to meet ya.Ash: You too.Ritchie: I saw what Gary was doing, bullying that girl because of her size. That just wasn't right for me. My Mom always told me we should respect other people regardless of their differences.Ash: Yeah. My Mom's the same way. She says we're all children of God, regardless of our differences.Ritchie: Huh. Sounds like my Mom, too.Ash: Heh. Sounds like we have two things in common - we both can't stand Gary, and our Moms taught us to be respectful to others regardless of our size and other differences.Ritchie: I agree.Both boys chuckled at this as Ritchie finished helping Ash clean up.Later that day, Ash came home after spending his first day at the Pokťmon Summer Camp.Voice: Big brother!Ash looked and saw Molly racing up to him, and she gave him a big hug.Ash: (hugging back) Hey, Molly.Delia: (walks up) Hi, honey. How was your first day at camp?Ash: Oh, it was great, Mom.Molly: Did you see a lotta Pokťmon?Delia: And did you make friends with any of the other kids there?Ash: Oh, you bet. At one point, I saw a Poliwag. But I made a rather big new friend as well.Delia: Big?Ash: Yeah. You see, she was sort of a giant girl.Molly: Giant? Like a real giant?Ash: No, not exactly. She told me she was born with this condition. I can't quite remember the name of it though, it was a very long word. But it causes her to grow twice as big as her normal size.Delia: Hmm. I think I've heard of it through your father. He said it was called Brobdingnagian gigantism. Molly: Brobdi-what?Delia: Brobdingnagian, dear. It's from the story called Gulliver's Travels, where a man named Gulliver first travels to Lilliput, where people there are smaller than humans, and later travels to Brobdingnag, where the people are much bigger than him.Molly: Really? So she's a giant? Delia: Well, not exactly. People with Brobdingnagian gigantism are still humans, but they grow as big as a two-story house. Real giants tend to grow up to 50 ft. in height.Molly: Whoa... So how big is this girl, Ash?Ash: Well, she's just slightly bigger then a Snorlax. Her name's Serena, and she's from the Kalos region.Delia: Kalos. My, that's a long way from Kanto.Molly: It is? Wow.Ash: When I first met her, she was crying. Everyone else didn't wanna play with her cause they either were scared of her size or made fun of her. She gets that a lot at back in Kalos, too.Molly: Why would they do that? Delia: Some people fear what they don't understand, dear.Ash: Yeah. I felt bad for her. So I stayed with, and stuck up for her.Delia: Well, that's good of you, dear. I bet she appreciated it.Ash: Oh yeah. And she's really very nice.Molly: Is she pretty too?Ash: She sure is. I think you'd like her, too.Molly: Oh could I come meet her next time you go to the camp? Oh, please, please, please? Ash: (smiles) Sure, Molly. I bet she'll like you too. That is, if Mom's okay with it?Delia: Well, I suppose it'd be alright. Just be sure you keep an eye on your sister, dear.Ash: I will mom. Cross my heart.Delia: And maybe I could make some of my home made cookies for Serena. I'm sure with help from Mimey and my other Pokťmon. I can bake some big enough for her if use the large baking tray and use more of the ingredients.Mimey: (agrees) Mime, Mime-Mime.Ash: You'd really do that, Mom?Delia: Of course. My Pokťmon and I are willing to put in the effort. Besides, I imagine she must struggle with getting enough food, given her condition.Ash: Oh yeah. She told me she lives with her Mom at home.Molly: What about her papa?Ash: Uh... (scratches his head) Well... She never knew her dad. He walked out on Serena and her mom when she was just a baby.Molly: (gasps) What? But why?Ash: Well, it was because of Serena's condition.Delia: (nods) Hmm. I've seen similar things like that growing up. Molly: You have, Mama?Delia: Unfortunately, yes. Some parents aren't as loving and caring as me and your Papa. Some even go so far as to say that their child is not their child, even if it's true. And by the sound of it, Serena's father was one of them.Molly: (sadly) Oh no. (pause) Well, if you like her, Ash, then I'm sure I'll like her, too.Ash: (chuckles) Yeah. And I'm sure she'll like you too.Molly smiled at this. She couldn't wait for a chance to meet Serena.Meanwhile, Professor Oak did indeed have a chat with Gary, and he was instructed by both his grandfather and Daisy to stay away from Ash and Serena for the rest of their time at camp. Not wanting to be in more trouble with his grandfather and older sister, Gary did as he was told and was told to help Daisy with cleaning the cabins for the rest of the week.After that day, Ash and Serena spent a majority of their time at summer camp together. Molly and Delia would indeed get to meet Serena, but that's another story.THE END
virtualfighter49 needs a new beta reader for his fanfiction.

he is looking for a beta that has a account who betas for


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and the Animes, Ranma 1/2 , Baka to  test, and evangelion
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