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Sherry Birkin cosplay by titanicfreak1912 Sherry Birkin cosplay :icontitanicfreak1912:titanicfreak1912 0 0
The Lonely. APH
Feliciano stared up at his ceiling as he listened to the rain pitter patter against the roof. He was lying in his bed; unable to sleep. This was a regular occurrence at this point. He looked at his clock and saw it was 2 in the morning. He stared at it for a moment or two, wishing for the time to faster, but for what? He had nothing to look forward to. No one to see. When they day comes, it will just be more time passed of him in his house...alone.
World War 2 had ended more than a year ago. While everyone was happy about it; he was not. Surely at first he was, hell, he celebrated for a week at the end of the horrendous war. Of course Ludwig and Kiku weren't seeing as the axis had lost and they had to pay for a lot of the damages caused in Europe, but everything was at peace, for the most part. But as months went by, the 2 nations had slowly distanced themselves from the Italian. He didn't notice it was happening, not for the longest time. Not until he realized he was completely alone.
:icontitanicfreak1912:titanicfreak1912 13 2
Jazz durp-JSRF by titanicfreak1912 Jazz durp-JSRF :icontitanicfreak1912:titanicfreak1912 3 2 Sailor Mercury -complete- by titanicfreak1912 Sailor Mercury -complete- :icontitanicfreak1912:titanicfreak1912 4 2 Leggy SWAG by titanicfreak1912 Leggy SWAG :icontitanicfreak1912:titanicfreak1912 8 4
Her Name Titanic/APH CH.4
"Fratello! I think this is it! come quickly!" the northern Italian brother exclaimed pointing at the door to the cabin hes found.
The older of the 2 walked towards it with a scowl on his face.
"Dammit Feliciano! I told you I didn't want to find the cabin of that damn pervert! We don't have any business with him!" he snapped crossing his arms.
"Oh but Lovino~ Its Big Brother Francis~ we must say hi!" he said happily.
He knocked on the door and waited, a bubbly smile on his face. While his brother simply glared. When the door opened, instead of it being the blonde nation they were expecting, they were met with green eyes and brown locks.
"Antonio?" Lovino sputtered.
Said man smiled and pulled both Italians into a hug.
"Let go of me, Tomato bastard!" Lovino cursed.
"Big Brother Antonio! What are you doing here?" Feliciano giggled.
The Spanish man let go of them and led them into his friends suite.
"Well you see...yesterday, Francis and Arthur got into a fight and well..." he pointed his f
:icontitanicfreak1912:titanicfreak1912 2 1
Her Name Titanic/APH CH.3
April 12th, 1912.
The early morning chill of the Atlantic Ocean wasn't enough to deter Arthur from strolling the deck hes grown to love oh so much. Rather, it made him more determined to stay up and continue to take in the sea air. He asked a passing steward for a blanket and a cup of hot tea. Finding an empty deck chair, he sat down relaxing with his tea. He closed his eyes and took a deep inhale.
I can get used to this...
he opened his eyes again and smiled, taking a sip of his tea.
Yep, I'm used to it.
He lied back and closed his eyes again, the warmth of the cup in his hands helping soothe his mind. Everything was quiet, save for the small chatter from other passengers and the sound of the ocean moving underneath them. He had his own personal deck but oddly enough, he enjoyed being on the deck everyone else used. He didn't like being around other people. If anything he hated it. However, here he didn't mind it as much.
Guess that's the effect this ship could have on people. He thou
:icontitanicfreak1912:titanicfreak1912 4 0
Her Name Titanic/APH CH.2
April 11th. 1912. Queenstown, Ireland.
He woke up to a loud sound that sounded like a horn. He got up and quickly put on his jacket and fixed his tie. Attempting to fix his hair, Arthur left his suite and went up to the deck to see what was going on. What he saw was another string of people at the deck, mainly the steerage one, waving and shouting to what seems like land. Arthur checked his watch and saw the time. He had forgotten they had one last stop before going to New York. They were in Queenstown, Ireland. He rubbed his eyes trying to get the sleep out when he felt something hit his back.
"'ello there brotha!" a loud accented voice shouted. He turned around and saw his brother, Scott.
"Scott. What the hell are you doing here?" he asked as he was pulled into a hug.
"Well at first I didn't want to go on but then I thought 'oy, I put my blood and sweat into building this 'ere monster. Might as well sail it me self'' so here I am." he said laughing.
"What ticket did you get?" Arthur
:icontitanicfreak1912:titanicfreak1912 4 0
Her Name Titanic/APH CH.1
April 10th, 1912. Southampton, England. Shipping Dock. 11:15am.
"Mummy! Mummy! Is that the big boat we going on?" Little Loraine Allison asked as she tugged her mother's new dress. Her nanny, Alice Cleaver, a young woman, came behind holding 11 month old, Trevor Allison. She grabbed Loraine's little hand and pulled it from her mother's dress. She looked down at the 2 year old and gave a gentle smile.
"Yes deary, this is the ship we are going to be on."
Loraine smiled back and took hold of her Nanny's dress now. Little Trevor just looked around in slight confusion as he saw strings of people moving towards the great liner Alice looked to Bessie Allison.
"Mrs. Allison? Where might Mr. Allison be? We should be boarding the ship soon shouldn't we...?" she asked quietly.
Bessie merely smiled and fixed her white, striped dress. It hugged her rather petite figure and gave her a very eloquent look. Fitting for the first class woman she was.
"Do not worry Alice. Hudson shall be here shortly. He
:icontitanicfreak1912:titanicfreak1912 5 0
'Her Name' APH Titanic fanfic prologe
                Arthur sighed as he sat down on his chair of his study. He ran his fingers through his hair as he began going through the days mail, flipping through the ones he deemed as unimportant, until he stumbled upon one envelope that had a small, red flag with a white star in the middle of it. As he stared at it momentarily his phone began to ring. Getting up with the mail in hand, he went to the phone and grabbed it and pressed one part to his ear and the other to his mouth and spoke.
"Yes may I speak with Mr.Kirkland please?" a voice echoed through. Voice proper and polite.
"This is him." Arthur responded in the same manner.
"Ah yes good afternoon Mr.Kirkland, this is J Bruce Ismay, Chairmen of the White Star Line company." the person identified himself with pride in his voice.
"Oh i have heard quite a bit of you, good sir." Arthur smiled. Yes, he has heard many great things of this man.
:icontitanicfreak1912:titanicfreak1912 4 1
HetaHazardwtf by titanicfreak1912 HetaHazardwtf :icontitanicfreak1912:titanicfreak1912 3 1 HetaHazard FTW by titanicfreak1912 HetaHazard FTW :icontitanicfreak1912:titanicfreak1912 9 0 Billy... by titanicfreak1912 Billy... :icontitanicfreak1912:titanicfreak1912 7 1 its the effin oni by titanicfreak1912 its the effin oni :icontitanicfreak1912:titanicfreak1912 3 0 The ones they want... by titanicfreak1912 The ones they want... :icontitanicfreak1912:titanicfreak1912 30 4 Chibi Hiroshi by titanicfreak1912 Chibi Hiroshi :icontitanicfreak1912:titanicfreak1912 28 3

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