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Leather Mask Tutorial

For the people who admire my Robin mask, I've made this tutorial of me working on my mask for my Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon!
My very good friend David, :iconvile-victorian: helped me put this all together!

If you have any questions, send me a note or a message on my groups facebook! Good luck everyone!

Also another note: when it's wet, it's a great chance to smooth out any fibers or edges that didn't bevel well. Use any hard, preferably round utensil to "round everything out". Just be careful, the leather is at it's most vulnerable when it's soaked
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What do you use to attach it to your face?
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From what I know, if shaped right it'll be molded to your face, dont move your face too much and it shouldn't be dislodged. But then again, i'm not a professional so I dont know.
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hey, that's so cool! Could you tell me how much the leather you used costs, about?
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the hide i bought ranges in price (depending on size and quality) but I paid $80. I made many masks and lots of belts though
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And So, you dont need any rubber band to fix it ? :DDD 
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I put a layer of liquid latex on the inside of the mask so I could easily adhere the mask to my face with spirit gum. Both of those materials can be found at party city during Halloween, costume stores, and online of course. :)
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Okey ! So i think i probably looking for that this Week, thank you ! 8D 
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This is actually quite helpful. I thank you good sir.
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Holy crap, that's YOU as Robin at the top?


.....I hope you don't mind me saying this but....



*Clears throat*


That's a badass costume, btw....if I had any skills of making costumes, I would totally thank you. Haha.

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Thank you greatly for the information! This is a straight foreword and understandable guide. Not enough guides are like this
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Excellent tutorial as always :3
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This is amazing!
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Cool! This is great for my future costumes.
Good job :D
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Very informative, thanks for posting!

One quick question: how, exactly, did you mold the mask to the facial planes? Did you apply the wet leather mask to your face to get the shape, or use some sort of form?

TitanesqueCosplay's avatar
You can just as easily do both but I just put it up against my face haha. I took it off my face to dry but just held it in the form I wanted, pinching the nose of the mask.
And thank you :) I hope this helps
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Very helpful, thanks! :)
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amazing! I cannot wait to try this out when I make Sailor Moons first costume according to the manga! <3
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holly crap troy baker is in robin cosplay? amazing :D
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Excellent work :3
Hope to try it sometime
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