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Full Pack Umiicons
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Nice icons in image, Icons provided, are cut off.
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Thank! I love it.
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Why are icons slashed,are not all as shown above ??
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Классные иконки! Нравятся блики и проработка деталей. Очень круто! ^_^
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So refreshing blues are a must have! :dalove:
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problems with decompressing it not sure it chopped the icons all up into smaller pictures... your end not mine...
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Очень милые. Спасибо!
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Иконки бест! Жаль только, что в архиве кропы одни...
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I love it so much!
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c'est la grand classe :o
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looks very nice!! what progs did you use to make them?
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The icons in the download are all cropped and pretty much useless. This is an awesome set of icons, and I've wanted to get my hands on them for a while. Is there any chance you could fix the download so the icons are not cropped?

Its kind of rude to repeatedly tease your fans with screenshots and broken downloads, but not actually provide the icons themselves.
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nice but an english version would be better

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fantastic look mate...but there is only a problem. Why on earth the icons are cropped? I'd rather change the description since this ain't a full pack. did you actually make them?
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beautiful set!
I like U works…
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it´s so amazing!! you are the best oO...
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