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icon for cover CD
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Great just love it!
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Like Dis Work Ma Brza ;)
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this work is ok --Mp--
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Far too small for dock use... Otherwise.. Excellent
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klassnaia rabota!!! 2 prosibi, esli mojna ))

1- kakie progi polizavalsa ctob sdelati ety raboty?(esli ne sekret firmi ;))))(ia dogadivaiusi kakie, no vse ravno)

2- esli esti vremia mojeshi i mne vislati na email v lucshem kacestve ctob sdelati iconky dlia papki s muzikoi

Terrific!!! Coincidentally, I've got my music folder in E: drive. I'd use this icon if it had been done in 128 or 256 p. Just by chance, are you planning to do so? (Seeing the picture I would think you've already done it so a better question would be: are you planning to release it for us, eager users? That would be great).
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Amazing. It's just amazing. Well done. :]
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Аху..нна! :)) Если еще осталось, то скинь на мыло побольше размером :) liholap[гав]
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small for vista
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where,we can download your work in a decent size??
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really nice.. i like that you put in the path there on the folder too.. nice!
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wow!!... its perfect... awesome..
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it Beautiful[link]
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You're the best iconist :D i love this one, :+fav: :) regards
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