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icons for site [link]
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grate:) thanks for sharing :)
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tx, very nice icons
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hmm.. is no more existing or parked by admins. Anyway, nice icons however we can't see them all.
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TOTALLY awesome!
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Absolutly amazing man. Thank you very much for sharing your work.
very very nice!
safi-safi-safi's avatar
This domain is free

this website never exist can you upload full version
ayeb's avatar
do you have any tutorials to create this icons plz ?
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Hi Tito please write some tutorial How to make these nice icons? Thanks
laurasardinha's avatar
uau very nice :D

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Original and high quality work :)
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Nice icons :)
Link is dead :(
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Site under construction
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OH My god ,Too Small!
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nice icons! full pack please in high resolution

PS: выглядит очень достойно, так держать!
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great icons! could you make them a higher resolution than 32x32? :D
and1art's avatar
Great style!

P.S.: В чем ты это делал? Расскажи, если не секрет ;)
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1001 первый вопрос -))) как ты это сделал, в чем ты это сделал, эсть ли уроки как это сделать, это вектор? -))) Делал в в пфотошопе;-)
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Я даже не знаю, как такое можно сделать в фотошопе-это мега-высокий уровень!
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this is amazing work :hug:
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Wow!! Are they VECTOR?
i ti ruskiy?
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no man this not vector only photoshop, da ya russkiy-)
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