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completa los que faltan
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completa los que faltan
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Do not have without the marks of the programs?
Please answer quickly is urgent
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Need the rest of the programs....
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How do we use these as icon files? I mean they are png files! :confused:
I dont know much!!
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Dock programs use PNGs, cause they are simply higher quality.

The original poster SHOULD have included ICO ALSO, but it seems he didn't....sadface.
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Yeah that's what i was thinking, that there shud have been the icon files.

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Great work, featured on Geek and Hype. ;)
These are great, however master collection on cs3 and also including lightroom as well as an office 07 full icon set would make everyone wanna get the complete icon set.

Awesome work always, very clean and eye candy.

keep it up .
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Beautiful, I love it! :P
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Love these.

Any chance I could get the .psd files?
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Ça c'est du design, bravo !

Nice work guy, it's design and original ;)
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These are pretty nice! :nod:
Could have more from the family
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Awesome! nicely done! =)
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hehe I just say as always :) you're probably bored of "awesome" comments ;) :+fav:
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Hi there just want to say beautiful work its really amazing!!!!. hmmmm i real stupid question but how do you use it????? the dock icons and are they MAC??? i feel like a real novice right now......a little help thanks would be greatly apprecited!
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how to make it? I asked some people on other site on how but if you can tell us how, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you
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very good jobTito, i'm a big fan! ;)
Super boulot, un travail magnifique, bravo.
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Very interesting lightning .
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Wonderful! But where is lightroom? :(
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what programs did you use?
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