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A p p l e J u i c e

By Tissoz
you can invert the colors!
splatter by
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© 2006 - 2021 Tissoz
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How did you make the ink effect? :D
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with splatter brushes, there are a lot of them on dA if you want!
maybe if u combined with dark red on the background is better... keep on the good work man!
Dude... I have a mouse pad with this EXACT picture on it. Bought it off some guy on eBay. He said it was made by his efforts, but now I don't know.... are you selling these on eBay or something?
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Wtf!! No! i didn't make the brushes so this is not entirely my property... do you still have the name of the seller on ebay?
thanks for telling me!!
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I did a thing kinda like this. [link]
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I wouldn't have imagined I could inspire someone ^^
Well these brushes aren't mine so I don't really feel like it's my work!
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Well, it gave me the idea, and yours is hella tight anyways.
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Very cool.....Thanks
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wahahahaha pwnd! great work
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Cool. Very Ralph Steadman.
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nice idea.
but why is this blur-effect on the right side of the logo?
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hmm... I don't know at all. lol
DrunknMunky360's avatar
Is it possible for you to make a larger version? 1280 x 1024 if you could xD
Tissoz's avatar
I don't think I can because the brushes I used can't be larger ! :s sorry :'(
HumptyDumpty's avatar
d000d. I love it - Think you can message me a step by step to splattering (I'm trying to learn how to use my new CS2 :-)) Keep up the good work!
Tissoz's avatar
it's easy! do you know how to use brushes you downloaded?
HumptyDumpty's avatar
yeah, I just figured out all the brushes stuffff. Where do I dl ?
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