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Still not as active as i'd like to be, but i'm going at least~
check out my gallery, slowly getting better and learning a few techniques for drawings :D

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this is my favorites gallery of artwork i get as references and motivation/inspirations.




I have 16 names
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

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Streaming much more often, but never announce when I do:

Other people to commission!: :iconhonrupi::iconpawprins::iconjames-the-typhlosion:

If you're feeling generous, or have a bit of change to spare, donate here!

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(Looked at my DA ID written section and figured that after leaving that on for what... 3 years.. that I should change it... and secretly I miss the first DA ID style already. )
Here we go again, cleaned up this ID since I've been on this site for 9 years now.

Hi everybody, I'm Tisserove of team Pacer from my pokemon mystery dungeon comic: PMD Fusion, as well as for other combined timelines.
The comic WAS one of my priorities.. but I decided to change it up to anime openings based on each chapter to progress the story faster. It was taking a long time, and it was hard to stay motivated on the story that way.

9 years of knowing this site, nearing half of my life, and I intend to keep improving on a particular set of styles I feel comfortable about... However, I am slow. Taking my time on it(not really).
... The next main thing I need to learn is having focus(-and motivation... for inspiration comes pretty easily). :v
I seem to get distracted quite often, and do not get as much done as I'd like- is what I used to say (and still applies). Adult life is kicking in through the doorway, thus I have significantly less time to focus on personal work.
-I will try to change that and draw as much as I can while I still can while people are still interested. o'uo/
In fact I have a nice rival in the making that will help me hone my skills I hope!

Don't be afraid to look at my gallery, comic, and commission work.....but be afraid of how my art/comic first looks, but changes as it goes on. Everyone starts off pretty horribly, but i keep it all together in this gallery because knowing where you come from, and what to look back on, is very important. This is more because I'm sentimental about my stuff than because I'm an artist. :b
Though... I don't really critiques/criticism much... instant dislike unless I ask for them. ^^;
But I do LOVE me some comments; even if I don't respond, I do read them and in fact keep them stored in my message center for months at a time to read over.
I've posted stuff about me for long enough so I've taken the rest of that down and simplified the information below.

beware stalgins is on its way... Been out for awhile actually but nevermind that.

pokemon mystery dungeon and pokemon (c) to nintendo
PMD Fusion belongs to me

team types:
secret agent

Age: Well... Uh... I'm feeling old. lower 20's.
Favorite game: pokemon mystery dungeon first off, Super smash bros, mario kart,
and I'm pretty good at sonic riders.
Favorite game platform: Wii for I had many good hacking experiences. <3
Favorite artist: :iconvexxblack::iconeldrige::iconspacesmilodon::iconthe-b3ing::iconzuekrz::iconwolfywolff::iconflame-shadow::iconsilverlunarwing:... there's more, but most of them left DA and I shouldn't spam... oh and :iconedmol:~
Favorite animal: (were)Wolves... foxes........ huskies............uhm.. -shrug-
Favorite website: I'm faithful to DeviantArt due to a positive experience; Picarto is rising thanks to how it brings artists and friends together. on Youtube otherwise.
Favorite food: Cereal! oreos! cheesecakefactorymacNcheese! cheesecake! cinnabons! honey baked ham! herb encrusted salmon! Meatloaf! Cajun catfish! cookies n cream ice cream! sherbert's good, too!! Taco bell's mexican pizza..yeah! aaaaaand probably panda express's Orange Chicken! I'll stop there since I'm forgetting cruical things i like to eat, like gummies and chocolate bars.
Current Residence: CA
Favourite genre of music: japanese rock, J-pop, anime openingss. Vid-game music
Favourite style of art: anime, eldrige's hi-renders, Vexx's, Lovih's, Noerbmu's
Operating System: Windows 8.1 now.
MP3 player of choice: one that works...- or mah laptop, and now my smartphone, plus 3DS! mainly smartphone.
Shell of choice: my tan spiral one that i got from a beach :v ...
Wallpaper of choice: I have... 60 wallpapers... but i'll say reminiscing friend-art.
Skin of choice: skin? ... pastel colors give off a nice feel.
Favourite cartoon character: don't really have any favorite cartoon characters
Personal Quote: "I'm black..." is a famous one i used to say. after that,"
If no one else is going to be the light you're looking for, then become that light and shine brightly.
Most likely, no one is going to live for you, and given you just might have only one life to live... make the best of what you can"
Probably will silently edit this section continuously.

Note me if interested. DO NOT comment on this journal for one.

-Open- Commissions 2018 by Tisserovehicks Updated commission prices once again!
Edit: 10/14/2017 > 11/5/2017 > 11/8/2017 > 2/24/18 > 7/15/18

Round 1:
1. :iconnestkid: Rest Area by Tisserovehicks
2. :iconstaragon: Hang Time by Tisserovehicks
3. :iconsolarisdragon: Inflicted With RAGE by Tisserovehicks

Round 2:
1.:iconstaragon: Com - The Damage by Tisserovehicks
2.:iconstaragon: Connect by Tisserovehicks
3.:iconstraviios: Friends -nudgednudge- by Tisserovehicks

Round 3:
1. :iconstaragon: Com - Endure by Tisserovehicks
2. :iconxdarkthunder: Com - Morning by Tisserovehicks
3. :iconstaragon: What they call fun by Tisserovehicks

Round 4:
1. :iconwolfywolff: CO: Writer's Block by Tisserovehicks
2. :iconstaragon: Com - Cool New Look by Tisserovehicks
3. :iconguyromaster: Co: The Technopathic Vulpix. by Tisserovehicks

Round 4.3:
1. :iconguyromaster:

1. not available yet.


Slot closed.
Stay tuned for the next opening, which may or may not be awhile from now!

Send a note if you're interested.~

I've been in a doldrum routine for the past few months... but life is good otherwise. it's getting very chilly down here... ominously so. I keep thinking the earth is going out of its orbit with the sun and the seasons are off. O.o
it's almost the end of winter and THEN it gets cold... weird.

-counts fingers- -oh i now have a Cintiq 13HD that's fun to draw on, a new gtx 1050TI graphics card and a Nintendo Switch I've obtained over the course of a month. I'm hoping to get the new Kirby game next month and play some multiplayer with my co-workers.
Been in a sketching mood mostly, but going to try to fix that with getting more colored pieces up. -At least more than just the recent collaborative pieces. This'll be it for now. Pretty dull, right? 6 days a week working does that to me. along with at least lurking memes.

Alright i'll leave some random videos i find entertaining then:

Hope things are going well for you guys.~
See you guys around!

other sites and stuff;

I've thought about getting a Patreon, but I believe genuine donations are better suited for what I do here.On top of that, supporters can donate as much as they like despite the recommendations.

Bullet; Redyoutube: [link]
art status(es); ready to do some commissions for now, it's been awhile. Hoping to get a different pace for art going.
Bullet; Bluefanart:
Bullet; Blackart trades; none right now.
Bullet; Yellowcommissions; here:…
Bullet; Greenanimations: PMD Fusion. looking forward to making some anime looking pokemon mystery dungeon skits.
  • Listening to: girugamesh, cinema staff, uverworld
  • Reading: messages, wikis, stories.
  • Watching: Skate 3,vsauce, smash tournament highlights
  • Playing: mario kart 64, melee, Smash 4 glory
  • Eating: cereal... thin mint, macaroni, skittles!
  • Drinking: pink lemonade, mnt dew, water 8o

Journal History


Taken Away
Pearry is a Lopunny, shiny but a now cornered one.

Pearry was sent out on a quick journey to pick up crafting supplies from across the region, then return home to safety.
She also knows a few TM moves her mother gave for the purpose of self defense in case she ran into any trouble, such as Thunderbolt and Ice beam. As well as one important accessory: a necklace that conceals her appearance as a shiny pokemon

Luck was not on her side after running into a Rhydon and an Aggron... That decide not only to keep her hostage, but take away her special necklace for the fun of it. It appeared as though they were just going to scare the poor traveling Lopunny, then let her go.
However, after Pearry's identity was exposed, things went farther downhill with what they could do with a rare and elusive shiny pokemon, more so the cotton of this Lopunny.
While having a few moves that could be used for self defense, she's not particularly great at battling. messing with 2 big rock types that could K.O her any minute from any wrong move doesn't sound like a pleasant time as is. She stays in shock, stuck knowing she doesn't want to escape, if she can, without her necklace.

She's going to need some help.
PMD Investigators Anime (Unfinished)
Follow up to this situation: made by the great eldrige

Tisserove Lucario and Shika Mudkip find themselves stumped as the suspicious ninja-like rogue had escaped from their radar. Tisserove seems persistent to track the Accelgor down but has no leads. After the head of the investigation returns, Maxi Smeargle.. The group rather abruptly head out to trace a lead.

Meanwhile on the other side of town, a familiar Charmeleon sets his sights on testing new items of his.

Off camera, the group of six coincidentally meet up and see their suspect up ahead and give chase yet again, but not without a coordinated plan of sorts.
Back in march, I had the ambitious idea to combine older animations and try to make a sort of pokemon mystery dungeon anime in the format of screenshots all the while adding a sketchy opening and a sketchy ending animation to make a short episode. I also wanted to go for voice acting and ambient music.. but it was a bit much to try to get voices, putting this on the back-burner for months. Thus now it's voiceless.

I wasn't going for the cleanest look, just trying to test the waters, as always, and get the idea out. Yet, it still was fun to work out the idea and get pretty good looking frames, sans a few. After the first chunk of frames, it for the minimal movement and I feel like this can be successfully done in the future for more stories i may want to do. :plotting: -Nothing soon yet though, I need to attend to flipnotes still.

Exception To The Rule.
Shipp the Shinx and Reoh the Riolu were in a predicament last time they were seen.
Because they were too young, the Flarie guild rejected them from making a team together.
The decision was very suspicious, as Reoh already does mail runs for the missions of the Flarie guild already.
Even so the two try to figure out how they can go off and explore officially.

Turns out there was a way, 2 other pokemon by the name of Joseph and Forrest catch the 2 moping about their inability to explore.
After hearing their little tail, they've concluded that's the silliest thing they've heard. Where they're from, any pokemon that shows signs of helping other pokemon and seeing the world were perfectly welcome to joining a guild or creating a rescue team.... and that this would be the first case of denial. Perhaps the Flarie guild was new? Maybe it had higher standards. Whatever was said didn't click with Team PipTwig.

The Joseph doesn't like seeing the 2 kids in such a down mood, so he cuts them a quick little offer to join them on their next mission, as part of their team. Nothing says they can't join their team from another guild right? Although skeptical at first, Shipp and Reoh agree to this, as seeing sights and adventuring were their priority.

Another entry to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Fusion, after Team PipTwig's chase for Darkrai, they stumble onto the kids and offer to have them join their team. A heartwarming moment, supposedly. They're probably going to need some sort of training first.

-Oh, I actually tried to speed run this... I had a timer set to go through 7-ish phases... and I can see where I need to reduce time in order to get to the 5 hour range I want to do for my newfound painting style I'm refining here. It ended up taking 7hrs and 9mins, that means there should be 2 hours to shave off in this process somehow... I'm half and half on being pleased with this.. I want to get around to making nicer texture but have it still be simple. With the help of modifying the mixer brush of photoshop cs5, I think I can pave my wave through better than I could before.
Hoppin' leafeon
Leasa, my clawed, hyperactive and mostly cat-like Leafeon doing a hop!

Drew this somewhere from about a week ago, dunno why I delayed on uploading it!
Just a lil' something-something I was messing around with.~


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