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Comic Book Brushes

First, this is my first set of brushes on DA. I hope you all like them, and maybe they'll come in handy when making something. These are made in Photoshop CS, and it's a set of 5 including a copyright brush.

- - Please, comment on the brushes and fav them if you use them. I'd also like to see what you make with them, just so I can get a feel for what people use these brushes for. Thanks!
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These brushes look really cool. I might try to use them in a very low opacity for a background or something. :3
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Hey, will this work on elements?
Most CS brushes do, but just to double check :D
i already made something! LOL
this is it - [link]
i'll probably make lots more versions of it, if you want i'll show them to you if they have your brushes.
hey! really cool, if i make smthn i'll show you :P
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man there is absolutly nothin on da that helps out the ps 6.0 user ;A; but if i ever get cs then im sure i will use these n_n
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Great Brushes, Just what I was looking for. Good thing my mother teaches the writing lab at her school(They get the newest Photoshop whenever a new one comes out; she doesn't have to pay, school does)!
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Oh, wow, thanks so much. :) FIRST BRUSH SET! I'm really happy it went over well. If you make something with it, could I see? :3 -pretty pleaseee?-
xChaotix's avatar
Yeah, of course. I just gotta get used to PS again.
Chuckelz-bear's avatar
damn if only it was for ps7
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Aw, I'm sorry. If I could figure out a way to convert, I'd do that for you. D:!
Chuckelz-bear's avatar
that'll be dope
but ah well
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