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Work in progress - Arishok pendant

By tishaia
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Jan 20, 2012, 1:16:31 AM
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Wow this is fantastic.

Even that I see your techniques revealed I still can not imagine how your work turns out to be that good. I could never do that. I had fimo as a child but all I did were some creepy looking teddybears :D

I really love what you do there.
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My fimo creativity started with cookies and creepy gnomes so really, if you want to try, i'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you! Thank you so much for the lovely comment! :D
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omg, "prototype" made me cry. it`s facking awesome
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Poor prototype :D. <3
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Oooh, so this is how the magic happens??
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Yes, my desk, still the same :D. I have second lamp now thou, maybe I will go blind later than I thought :D.
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i need this because of reasons
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I am absolutely in love with your work.

I have just started making my own clay things and whilst I do not intend to badger you for techniques I am curious about the font you use and how you get your letters so precise. Very impressive.

Keep up the exquisite workmanship.
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Thank you so much! :D
That is no problem at all! I learn everything I know about clay and jewelry making from wonderful people on the internets who was willing to share their techniques. I am happy that someone thinks of me that highly to ask me for tips :D.

I am using a few fonts, althou this one is the best for me to use on fantasy-related pieces. It looks good when carved with needle :). It's called Black Knight and it's free to use, here you can download it here [link]
About how I do my texts. I am making the design, the form of a pendant and the letters on a PC in some grafic programs. Then I print it out in the right size and put the paper on the smooth surface of the clay. I use needle to pin through the paper to mark some strategic spots, the hight and width of the letters, the start and end of a word and so on. Then I am taking the paper of and just carve the letters with a needle looking at the printout.

Hope it helps a little? If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask :D. :hug:
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Thanks for replying, I saw in your work-in-progress you had printed out the letters.

I found the font earlier and have already had a go at my first one.
Carving out those letters is very trying, but I was happy enough with the result.
Need a lot more practice though. =D

Will upload a photo when I finish my first one.

Thanks again.
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Oooo... well, turned up I'm no use after all ^^. Nevertheless, can't wait to see your creation! :D
I love things with text on them for some reason ;P.
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No way! You confirmed a lot for me!
Very helpful. =)

And yes, the pendants with text on them are always extra special. Words can add an additional element or emotion to the artwork that is difficult to express with the colours and shapes alone.

Thanks again!
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Thank you! :D Did you see the finished piece? ^^
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No no me fije does have a link to it???
tishaia's avatar
Here: [link] Fullview pls ^^.
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The Finale is hermosoooo I admiro Girlllll
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Oooh, I love seeing your work and I really like seeing how things come together!!
tishaia's avatar
The prototype says thanks! XD
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this is amazing! Beautiful work!
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Thank you :>.
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