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Thane's prayer

By tishaia
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I guess I am not the only one who was moved to tears by Thane's last moments in ME3. This bracelet is my tribute to Thane but also to all those Shepards who stayed with him despite his sickness, her duties that did not left a lot of time for personal affairs, and the world coming to an end around them.
The design is not very "gaming jewelry" at a first sight, but anyone familiar with Mass Effect universe should recognise the prayer right away - it was one of the most powerfull piece of writing in the game, in my opinion. I also wanted to make it look like something that a drell would design. They are very colorfull so they tend to wear monochromatic clothes. I was trying to work with shape more than with the colors. The main piece of ornaments, the "front", is shaped to resemble some kind of altar risen to pray to the goddess.

In my imagination if Thane would send any gift to Shepard along with this letter she receive after his death, this would be something like this bracelet. It has the WHOLE prayer for forgiveness to Kalahira inscribed on it. I imagine Thane would believe that this bracelet would keep it's wearer safe, especially in times when he could not be around to do the job himself. :(

I also think that after the war, even if Shepard would find a new love, she would wear this bracelet to remember this time in her life and the man who truly changed the world for her with his faith and love. :)

The bracelet is made of polymer clay with the wooden core. It's 5 cm high and have around 7cm in diameter on the inner side. The polymer clay was precolored, I only painted the inside with silver acrylic paint. The base color is made of a mix of transparent green and metallic gold clay, to give it more depth. The rest is silver metallic clay adorned with 21 green swarovsky zirconias. The whole bracelet is varnished with matt laquer.

This bracelet was made completly by hand and without use of any molds. The whole text was written by hand with a needle, I did not use any letter stamps. Please see the full size photos to see how complex and intricate the text is.
This is ONE OF A KIND creation. Hope you like it! :)

More detailed photos here: [link]

Thane is from Mass Effect universe and belongs to Bioware.

If you like my creations, please consider following me on facebook: [link]
Thank you!
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This is absolutely gorgeous. The detail is amazing. You did a wonderful job here.
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OMG! I found two things I absolutely adore in one. MASS EFFECT AND JEWELRY!
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Ahaha, I'm so glad you like it! ;D. Thanks! :D
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My name is Maria, it is a pleasure to meet you. How are you doing?
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I wish you were still selling these. I am absolutely in love with Thane and cried when he died. I have replayed ME2 and ME3 just to see Thane (has no life DX). His prayer was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard :( This bracelet is beautiful and a wonderful piece of art, very sad I can't have one, but I'm glad there are others who loved Thane as much as I did :) or, were moved by the prayer as much as I was
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Ah, that was just one item, as the most of my creations, it was made in only one copy, sorry! But thank you so much for the comment, I was also really moved and I just had to medicate myself with creating after his death :<. Really, your words made my week :*.
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Wow so pretty! I wish I could buy one. You really captured Thane in this bracelet.
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Thank you so much! Thaneee ;o;
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So beautiful. I love it!
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Thank you ;o;!
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This was such a sad moment in the game :(
Anyway, this piece is amazing.
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It was so saaaaddddd nooooo... Thank you so much for the comment :*.
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wow, this is gorgeous!
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You're very welcome. :)
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oh god. want so badly.
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Oh I want this so bad, this is truly gorgeous!!
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Truly inspiring work, thank you!
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