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Thane's prayer 2

By tishaia
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Information and more photos here: [link]
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Canon EOS 600D
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1/20 second
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50 mm
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May 31, 2012, 5:14:22 PM
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Oh, so much yes.  
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Oh my Kalahira. This is amazing, I must indeed ask, do you sell this? And if you do, is there any chance that your shipping includes Argentina? It's a must have for me. LOVELOVELOVE IT <3
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Hi! Thank you so much for the kind words! I do ship to Argentina, not sure how long it would take but via registered mail it would get there for sure. Sadly, I only make one item of each design and this one is already sold. But please keep an eye on me and I hope you will find something to your liking in the future. Thank you again for the lovely comment! :D
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The most beautiful piece of jewelry I have ever seen, because of the meaning behind it.
The prayer moved me to tears, and so did seeing this - you are amazing, I swear, you are an absolute gun

So beautiful, amazing work :D
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Haha! Thank you! You made my day! The scene in the game was so powerful that it made me do it! ^^
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I was sobbing my eyes out XD
The next day I started venting to my friend that my boyfriend died and it took her a while before she realised I was talking about Mass Effect
You're very welcome, you deserve all the praise in the universe for your beautiful creation! ^.^
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i cried when shepard finished the prayer and kolyat told her it wasn't for thane!!!! my husband came home and thought something awful had happened lol he was really peeved to find out i was crying for a game XD
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Pfff! Games are a LOT more emotional than movies or books. You interact with the characters and its a longer journey after all. After ME3 I was dazed for DAYS!
Hope you feel better now. *hugs*
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Oh! I wanted to ask, do you do requests for pieces?
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I do sometimes. Depens on if I am able to timewise and if I have an idea of visualising a design. PM me if you have something specific in mind, and we will work something out! :D
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is there any way i can buy this?
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Hey! Sorry, this item is sold, but please like my facebook page to keep track of what I am making and want to sell :).
Thank you for your interest! :D
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Wow. Just wow. Amazing, beautiful and stunning.
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Thank you so much! :D I dare to guess you would like better one of the things I am making now 8D.
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Oooh, what is it? What is it? =) =)
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Submitted! ;D
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It's beautiful!
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Ugh my feels. Ugh woman, you just made jewlery make me weep. This piece is simply stunning!!
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Ouuu, next time I will make something more uplifting. Hang in there! *hugs*
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Oh I think it is stunning in it's sadness. That's part of what makes the piece so moving. I didn't mean to say it was less favorite because it was sad. You did an excellent job of making it look like a really wearable piece (A lot of video game jewelry isn't compatible with nice outfits or formal work attire.) If I ever get the money, I would love to commission a piece like this only with Kaidan. Your work is so amazing!
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beautiful work !!
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Beautiful. Love it.
BioWare should totally see this. I'll post it to them on Twitter!
Awesome job! :D
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