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Thane Krios

By tishaia
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Two sided polymer clay pendant, 50x50mm and up to 12 mm thick.
Thane's face was based on his trailer CGI [link] more than his ingame files. There are few differences in coloring of his skin and the shape of his eyes, and I just liked the CGI more :>. I think you can spot the moment I used for reference ^^.
I had a hard time with his eyes, in the trailer you can see faint irises but when I tried to make them out of clay or paint them, they just looked weird and un-thane-like >.<. So I left his eyes all black (like ingame) but painted them with two layers of gloss varnish, that way they are very shiny and catch the light - this make them look alive. In contrast I left his skin unpainted so it looks matt with a faint pattern.
Like usual I used my favourite precolored metallic clays. The only color I added that is not clay is a shadow on his lips.
The backside of the pendant is based on Thane's clothing, I wanted it to look a little art deco. Thane himself is complicated and colorful and I think that adding something more to the design would make it too flashy. I actually tried to make a silver clay frame around the whole pendant, but it was just too much.

This pendant is handmade by me, without use of any molds and one of a kind. It took me nearly 30 hours of work >.<. Hope you like it :D.
Thane Krios and other sexy drells belong to Bioware.

Oh, and in my headcanon, after Thane-loving Shepard defeated the reapers she made all those scientists she gathered, work on the cure for Thane. And they made it. Just wanted to say that. >.<
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That is just amazing! <3
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I cried in ME3 after everything with Thane went down. Like a child. I <3 Thane!!! this is gorgeous, you captured him perfectly.
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Thank you so much! It was heartbreaking scene >.<.
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I can't believe I didn't comment. I think you already know I feel about your work - and this is no exception. AWESOME as always. So much great detail.
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Thank you so much! I do :D. And as for my Thane related creations you are my muse :heart: :D.
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that's amazing!!!! i wish i was that talented cuz i'd totally wear that everywhere i went! lol!
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Thank you so much! :)
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And I also approve of your headcanon!
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Ahaha thanks! :D
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Your amazing skills with polymer clay always impress me. This is incredible. And the colours are so gorgeous!
You did an awesome job (as always :) )
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Thank you so much! I made like 4 different mixes of red for this piece and finally settled for this transculend red with a hint of gold mixed in it, but it was a tough choice. Thane's the only alien who could pull green+red and stay classy XD.
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You're welcome :)
Tough choice but good choice. The result is gorgeous.
Yes, I don't think that green+red fits to everybody :D
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this is fantastic! You really captured Thane, and I love the Art Deco design on the back. I want to try making pendants like this, do you have any advise? like, what kind of clay works best or other helpful hints?
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Thank you so much! :D
I don't really know where to start, but if you have any specific questions I would be happy to help :).
I use Fimo Soft and Fimo Effect for metallic and transculent parts, but I just ordered Fimo Classic to try it out, because some colors in Soft are ... to soft for my taste XD. I used to leave them for a day to dry a little and became harder :).
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awesome! Thank you for getting back to me :D Can you recommend a website for me to find the clay at? And all you really have to do is let it dry in the air? you don't need to bake it or anything? I'm so excited to try this out! Also, do you recommend any specific tools for the fine detailing?
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Ah that is not what I ment. I let it dry before making something out of it so it would be a little harder not so squishy :D. I have to bake it afterwards :). Althou there are kinds that are just airdryed, but I never used them, maybe I will try in the future :).
I buy the clay online on allegro, it's like ebay but only polish. I am sure you can find clay on ebay and even on etsy on the supplies page.
As far as tools go, I myself use everything I have around, I use mostly needles and paper knives and tootpics. For smal faces, that are too little to be sculpted by fingers I got this red plastic thingy I got from my friend. You can see all my tools here: [link] there is also scalpel blade on the right I like to use.
I hope I helped a little :D. Please ask if you want to know anything more ^^.
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oh ok I understand. thank you so much :D Those tools sound perfect, especially toothpicks. You have definitely helped!
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VERY WELL DONE!!! :clap:

I approve of your headcanon as well! :D
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This just made my day! I love Thane! Are you going to sell this necklace?
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Thank you! :D
This is already sold, but I have one more Thane related thing started, just have to find a while to finish it ^^.
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