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Found in the sunken city

By tishaia
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Shatiel85 challenged me to make something without too much filigree. I told myself large patterns, then just a few details, just a few flowers and well. I failed XD. This set is inspired by her work, floral pieces she paints with such skill. 

The bases of the bracelet and large focal bead are covered in transparent blue clay. The blue glitter and tiny sparkles mixed in the clay give it the depth of a deep cool sea. The details are made in the fimo clay called "stone". This is the first time I used antiquing paste, I wanted to make something resembling an artifact of a lost civilisation and I am really happy with the result :).  

The bracelet is 2 cm (0.8 in) high and 7 cm (2.7 in) in inner diameter.
The bead is ~6,2 cm (2.4 in) tall and 7,5 cm (2.9 in) around.
They are both painted with protective glossy varnish :).

They are both in my etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/Tishaia :)
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The detailed work is amazing :o
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Thank you so much! :D
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I do love this bracelet! :iconawwwplz:
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oh my god iìm inspiring someone *___* such an honour :glomp:

i love both of them also if i'm not very much a glitter person :P
i like the shape of the pendant  and the swirly patterns that you make...i really would like to make something like that :D i can try ...but i think that everyone has a style that give personality to every creations :D

i'm working on a commission bangle me too :D finding the right support for making the base is the difficult part :D you have some suggestion for making that shape you made here (so large and thin)
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I'm using the wooden bases like these www.tokarstwowdrewnie.pl/image…. They need to be painted with acrylics so the clay would stick to them, but it works :D.
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ohhh you have a trick so XD! i try to go for the cheaper and lighter way! creating a base around a glass jar :P they aren't perfect but it's ok :P i'm for organic natural shapes ahahaha :P
have you tried putting some fimo liquid between the wood and clay? i always do also when i put some uncured clay on baked to be more sure of aderency.
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Oooo! I have to try your way, without the wooden base I would be free to experiment with the shapes :D. Thanks for the tip! 
I am too lazy to use liquid fimo for this, I just sat one evening and painted all the bases I own and I'm set XD. But for other things I will be sure to try it. 
I always learn new things from you :D <3. 
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XD but you are better than me!!!! why??
damn :P now you have to come here in italy and tell me all your secrets U___U absolutely!

ehehe :D today i've made a bangle with some crazy shapes >_< i'm so tired....tomorrow i have to do the inside and cure it again :P then crackle time! you should try also using acrylics for antiquing...it makes less flat objects...but there are artists like you that do everything with the clay without anything else...and i'm so gealous ç_ç
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I'm speechless >.<
Beautiful color match and such awesome concept! Love the title! ;p
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Thank you so much! :DDD
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Np! >.< Hug  
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