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{Personal} Brite + my DA status


Ok so first of all I'm not going to outright leave deviantart. I figured I'd use this drawing as a way to announce this shit not that anyone cares.

Deviantart for now is the only platform I'm comfortable posting on, FA is for older audiences, I struggle to communicate with people even if I upload there constantly, Twitter gives me anxiety but I'll try and go on it, Pinterest is... Pinterest, Tumblr I'm not too comfortable with, I dunno for some reason it kinda just feels like a mess when I look at it and can't wrap my head around it. Deviantart's going to turn to absolute shit with this new site design and I'm aware of this, but until comes live, I'm gonna have to stick with it.

I tend to not upload as consistently as I'd like anyway, and most drawings I won't post unless it's in an art dump. Mainly because they tend to be reference sheets or I don't find it good enough. Not that I ever really have much confidence in my art anyway, but that isn't the point. Point is for now I'm sticking to DA but probably will be skulking around Discord if people really want to talk to me for some reason lmao.

Also it's paint not blood totally yep.
Anyway- this drawing was actually really fun to do and I love it when I get really energetic and get to the point where I just wanna blast Timmy Trumpet songs really loud in my ears and just draw feelings- especially when the feelings are just pure energy. It was fun and to be honest I kinda wanna draw out feelings more if I can even though I don't wanna make it forced. I generally tend to be happier with this experimental stuff anyway.

Date created: 20/05/20
Time taken: 30 mins
Art type: Halfbody

Art (c) :icontisefe:
Characters (c) :icontisefe:
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Hey man I got you. You may not like your own art sometimes even though other people find it amazingly awesome. Do what's best for you and your health dear. If you ever wanna share your art with someone other than deviant art just DM me on Discord <3 its always good to draw out your feelings.

Amazing art piece here btw! Im so proud..

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Aaah thank you agh, that seriously means a lot heh. <3

You're so sweet and just- sorry I don't word well but thank you so much ;w; <33

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Of course! Its alright uwu

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and I feel that - ive grown to like parts of new DA but im not 100% with it still - Ive learned other platforms but DA is mah home so <3 i still gonna stalk your art no matter wat~!~

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Also yeah, I am a stubborn little asshole and a boomer of a goblin so my brain refuses to like it/agree with the fact that they ignored the community so unfortunately staying here for longer than is needed is something my brain refuses to do rip. Though will stay for as long as is in the making because though my friends have gotten me confident with twitter I still scree.

I'll certainly stalk your art and oaiehrg that means a lot <333