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Character is a NPC for :iconbanditguildoct:
Name: Ceade D’roarins
Aliases: Blackheart
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 165
Race: Human\Tainted
Eye Color: Black iris and red sclera in both eyes.

Magic: Ceade’s magic is very undeveloped. Normally it appears only when in serious danger or intense stress. He is able to create a force field of electricity-substance to protect himself and anyone in range. This force field is non-harmful, only used as a defensive manner.

Guild Position: Since the capture of all the high ranking guild members, Ceade took the role as second in command, under Fence. He normally leads operations against Black Sigma. He enjoys looking out for the younger members, trying his hardest to be a good mentor.

Weapons: A dagger. Claw-Fingered glove engineered by Fence. Thief tools.

Abilities/Fighting Style: Ceade is very agile, moving in close to avoid gunfire. He learned close-quarter combat and sword/dagger weaponry skills through Dragoon (his mentor when he first joined BG.)

Weaknesses: Black Sigma. Since his powers come unbeknownst to him, he can use it to deflect an attack, but it will drain his stamina.

Background: Like any original story, Ceade was orphaned at a young age, and lived on the streets of Windmere for years. Till a well-known thief took the boy under his wing and showed him the way of thievery. Ceade was the youngest member ever to be accepted into the Bandit Guild.

Personality: Ceade is normally playful, joking with anyone that can tolerate him. He keeps his spirits high around the younger Bandit Guild members. He can be thoughtful at times and generous. Serious when time calls for it, and brutally honest. Brave in both of facing danger and or facing an unpleasant situation and admitting to his own mistakes. He cares for everyone in the Guild, and does what it takes to protect them.

Character belongs to me.
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