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Hello People,
hope you are all well..

Just want to let you know I've put some *really crappy* infrared videos on YouTube. If you are interested, you'll find the links on my FaceBook business page:… , which you are welcome to +fav or 'like' to stay tuned for more and help me Spread The InfraRed :)

I wonder how you guys feel about those very popular deviants, known as ''genius photographers'', never agreeing that they've manipulated an image, even if it's obvious... Like the one from Izrael, or the other one, that went to China.. One openly denies his photoshop work, the other stays quiet (at least from the comments I've read and the replies I got/didn't get).

I'm not at all against manipulation, I do many selective adjustments myself, patch out some cars, signs or power lines - don't say that in comments, but just don't deny if anyone asks...
But blending a few big pieces of land and items together, brushing some fog on it and letting thousands of watchers believe it's a real landscape, only ''engeniously captured'' just pisses me off. I've seen some of the places shown in their pictures and they really look beautiful enough just as they are. I think it's a little lack of respect for the audience, as well as for the nature.

Don't want to be all angry and pointing people out, but I just had to let it out :)