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.:.MR OC: Moira Wu.:.

By Tiruru
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Name: Wu Moira 
Gender: Female
Age: 18 (When she made a contract with Kyubey), 21 (Current age) 
Status: Single
Birthday: June 3
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Molina City 

Hair Color: Mint green and light green
Eye Color: Amber
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 59kg

[Magical Girl]
Wish: "I wish to be adored by the world" 
Symbol: Stars
Motif: Moira fits the motif of a witch. Her theme is a blend of winds, ice and crystals. 
Soul Gem Color: Pink
Weapon: A small magic wand that she wields to create ice crystal attacks, create magic illusions and portals  
Experience: Moira has been a magical girl for four years, two years in Molina City and two years in Manila. She started from a vulnerable magical girl into a veteran who can utilize her magic into creating illusions, portals and ice crystals. 
Strength(s): Moira started as a vulnerable magical girl whose ability can only charm the people she meets. However, her friendly nature made her meet several magical girls to teach her tricks to maximize her magic. 

1st year: Moira met Katelyn, Bella and Anne as they formed a secret group to defend their school from witches.
2nd year: Moira goes to Boracay every December to meet a veteran magical girl named Nene. Nene is a famous magical girl who resides in that island.  She was the one who taught Moira to create illusions from her ice crystals, form portals from her magic and other wind-related offensive attacks. 
3rd year: (TBA)
4th year: Moira became one of the magical girls who guards Manila against witches. She turned into a well-known magical girl called Crystal Witch.

Weakness(es): Moira's magic is much weaker in the morning thanks to Philippines oven-like weather, therefore she-witch hunt during the night. Her "charm" magic only works on humans and witches, but not on Magical girls. 


Brief Description: Moira is a gentle and polite girl who rarely talks with people despite her rising popularity. Soft-spoken and demure, no one could accuse her of anything evil. She is shown to have feminine tastes such as dressing up, doing makeup and skin care. Moira enjoys strolling places alone. One would always wonder why she's alone most of the time. A kind senior to some girls, she's the helpful type. She lives in a dormitory with her three roommates, Renee, Kaye and Clara. Similar to Tomoe Mami, Moira has a strong sense of personal justice and morality which keeps her to help innocent people despite gaining little reward for it as many would fight witches for grief seeds. This gentle and demure demeanour turns out to be a facade as she is actually mentally unstable, resentful, passive-aggressive and cruel. She releases this side when fighting witches. She releases her stress and resentful feelings in school in killing witches.

Moira committed suicide immediately when she realizes the truth about magical girls. (Alternate timeline)

Prior to being a magical girl, Moira, 
a high school outcast who got bullied because of her quirkiness and odd mannerisms. She was excluded by many people, and she felt being excluded by her family as well. In this time, Moira was much quieter and timid as she would avoid everyone and won't go outside unless it's necessary. This was her life until Kyubey arrived at her room and offered her a contract.
When Moira's wish was granted, people eventually grew to love her, but she doesn't know if it's genuine or shallow love. This is the reason why she stays away from people because she knows that most of them are only after her for shallow purposes. They don't love her for who she is, they love what they see. 

When Moira's wish was granted, people eventually grew to love her, but she doesn't know if it's genuine or shallow love. 
Virtues: Gentle, caring, loving, polite, soft-spoken and demure
Flaws: Resentful, passive-aggressive, cruel when angry and mentally unstable
Likes: Drawing, clothes, makeup, skin-care, coffee shops
Dislikes: Fake people, people who play with people's feelings


Orientation: Straight
Romantic Interest(s): (TBA)
Family: (TBA)
Friends: (TBA)
Enemies: (TBA) 

Name: Schneewittchen (Snow White)
Nature: Purity
Title: The Snowbell Witch 
Brief Bio:
Familiars: (put each familiar's nature and duty in parentheses)

It's been months since I have submitted a new drawing. I've always wanted to create a PMMM (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) OC. Scraps of various PMMM OCs have been created in the past, but this is the only OC that has been considered official. I'm also fond of Moira's design. 

She has fragments of Mihime (Old PMMM OC) and Mari/Moira (ZEXAL OC). Moira's design was inspired by Rin (ARC-V) and her Wind Witch deck. Rin was my favourite out of the bracelet girls and her pastel design didn't help. Also, the outfit was based on Cure Miracle and Cure Magical from Mahou Girls precure. 

OC belongs to me
Magia record/Puella Magi Madoka Magica belongs to Studio Shaft and its respective owners
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What would be her magia record stats?

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Thanks for asking. That's a pretty good question.

I'm not sure yet.

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So beautiful! I love her design  and her outfits , her fashion is dead gorgeous <3.

blue heart bullet blue heart bullet blue heart bullet 
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Thank you so much, Rozu! ;w;
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No prob girl : D.

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She's so adorable! >W< 
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Thank you, Diana! ^^ 
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She is so cute!!! >w<
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Thank you, Alice! ^^ 
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She looks amazing!
Now I feel like making a PMMM OC.
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Thank you, Fortune! 
You should. Please show it to me if ever you're going to create one ^^
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oh wow she looks amazing ^^
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Thanks, Yakumo! 
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Oh wow I really like her! Her backstory is very interesting as well! >w< She really looks that great and cool ovo
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Thank you so much, Yumi. 
Your words mean so much to me. ^^
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You're very welcome ^^
I am glad QwQ
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She looks so cute X3 
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Thank you, Neoz! ^^ 
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Yush your welcome cX
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