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not ded... yet.

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Not for lack of some people trying, but that's a whole other story.

Mostly just posting a quick update on life, that summarizes a ridiculous amount of stuff into: I have now moved for the fourth time in two years. Three of those moves were within six months of each other. Hoping that where I am now works out better... in some ways it already is, although the rental office staff here is pretty inept and I swear I aged 5-10 years with this last move. Looked in the mirror the other day and went, "Whaaaat!?" x.x

I'm hoping I can finally pull out of what's been more or less a survival holding-pattern, and do s'more creative stuff. I've mostly been posting on tumblr ( tirsden.tumblr.com/ ), as it's easy and I can drop in game screenshots without worrying about copyright issues. Yeah traffic is way down after the whole "no more porny stuff" thing but whatever, I'm too lazy to migrate / not sure other sites will last better than what remains of le tumblr.

Uh... yeah. That's that. I kind of want to go (way) more in-depth with some Youtube vids at some point, but I'm still processing shit from two years ago, nevermind the new stuff. We'll see what happens.
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During that period, the closest moochable wifi was a 15-20 minute walk and not real dependable. I'm zero for two when it comes to disability residential organizations that don't suck horribly... but I have a year lease to ride out with this one before I look at options again. Sigh.

I moved three months ago, into their system of group homes. I'd unpacked in about 5 days, then a day or two later the property manager calls and tells me "uhm, we screwed up and put you in the wrong spot." Cue three months of clusterfuck, and mind you, I'd already been in the process of the first move for two months before moving day. So yeah... living out of boxes and not having internet (my third life priority after food and shelter) was just... insane. And now I'm cleaning disgusting carpet in my new room *when I bother to go work on that more* because they're too cheap to do useful things like professionally-clean a nasty carpet while waiting FOR THREE MONTHS with the room not in use.

Fuck 'em. They're called Housing Unlimited, so others can avoid this nonsense. I thought it was bad before I moved the second time, and after talking to my new roomie who's been keeping track of how bullshit HUI is... it's just flat-out fucking nuts.

Meanwhile, I wrote some 67,000 words of fiction on my tablet while bored out of my skull, so I'll be trying to get each project posted here as I get to it. Probably won't be submitting much else for a while because my art muse has been dead for a while now, most likely due to ridiculous stress levels. And the poor dolls, they've been in boxes for most of this wait-fiasco. But the fics are actually finished (minus spellcheck and final edits) other than one story that's kinda stuck on a plot point issue; theoretically it shouldn't be too much more work to get the finished ones presentable. Theoretically. I have internets again finally. :glomp: Internets are distracting. ^^;

And umm... stuff... and things. IDK. Onwards.

Oh and I have like almost 1,000 notifications of various sorts in my DA inbox and over 3,000 unread emails elsewhere. *ninja sneaky eyes* *delete all?*

AHEM! I mean... :hug:
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And I'm over 100 hours in already. :giggle:

Screenies ensue, link version since my subby ran out and I don't feel like giving devianTart monetary rewards for their ridiculous rebranding, especially not when I'm as inactive as I am currently. Uh I guess there are very, very minor spoilers in these? Like, OMG THERE IS STUFF IN THIS GAME. STUFF! Totally ruined it for ya, didn't I? *ahem* Right, so:

Woof! - Dogmeat and his teddy... if only the game handled decorating with junk items better than it does (they tend to fall through tables/etc or disappear completely before ending up in a completely different area of the settlement). The bear is the only one that's behaved and it slowly moves an inch or two one way or another every time I come back to the settlement.

Err, what now? - Part of an indoor level that consistently fails to load if you stand in the right area. Did I mention this game is buggy as hell? It is. And then some.

Living dead girrrrrl! (NSFW kinda) - Speaking of bugs, I headshotted this chick so hard she stayed in alive-idle animation, without a head, and as you can see I looted her gear as well. O.o

Troll crane game - Gimmie my pie, you fruity machine!!!

Can I see your credentials plz - The "doctor" I have assigned at Sanctuary settlement. She acts all badass and gruff too. Nice dress. XD

Boathouse renovations defy gravity, film at 11 - One of the settlements I spent too much time turning into a... what is that even... physics lawbreaker?

Home sweet home - Speaking of Sanctuary, here's how part of my version looks. I've fortified the center of the neighborhood more than anything else, less mess to deal with.

Yush. Addictive game is addictive, despite its many flaws. Fallout + Sims = Tirsden isn't coming up for air any time soon. :faint:
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I don't actually want to write this, but I realize some people may expect an explanation if they notice at all. Basically, I have barely watched Cry for ages now. When I have actually tuned into an LP, I realize I disagree with his opinion on games more and more. Soma was the final straw.

Until Dawn was garbage with a $60 pricetag, and Soma was even worse, if half the price. I do not (and would not) own Until Dawn, but I watched a friend play through it on Twitch and helped her with the game via Skype. I do own Soma, gifted from another friend via Steam... and I feel bad she paid for it. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to like Soma. I really did. I replayed the flippin' thing trying to salvage anything of worth from it. It could have been a really awesome game, but it falls flat all over. My Until-Dawn-playing friend and I finally turned the setting into a roleplay, because we knew there was something good there but the devs had squandered it in the actual game.

Bad games should get zero financial support from gamers, because the biggest message we can send the industry is with our money, or lack thereof. We are never going to have the gaming revolution the industry so badly needs if people submit to what is starting to feel like brainwashing by repetition. Big game is announced, makes big promises, releases in a buggy state with it becoming painfully obvious the promises were just preorder bait and will never be fulfilled. But somehow... "GAME OF THE YEAR! 10/10!!!"

Remember when developers actually had to work on things like story, characters, interesting or at least workable mechanics, and consistent atmosphere when they couldn't get away with shining up the graphics and phoning everything else in? Remember when Silent Hill on the original Playstation could create a seriously creepy atmosphere using crappy graphics, and it still holds up today on replays as "nope, nope don't wanna go in there, nope nope nope" as ever? There is no excuse for modern games to not be able to pull off the same concepts even better, because they have the advantage of stellar graphics and top-notch software for sound, music, etc.

So... whatever. I'm bowing out of the Cry fanclub. You can agree / disagree / unwatch / unfavorite / yawn / do whatever you want in response. If you just want to troll me with a comment, don't bother. I do not feed trolls. And I can no longer blatantly advertise someone I have lost respect for. Cry-related deviations will stay online as a tribute to the old Cry. It was good times, but something changed, and it's a change I cannot and do not have to accept.

Additional reading material if you so desire:

:la: My Amazon "review" of Until Dawn: www.amazon.com/review/R1591XSP…
:doh: My Steam review of Soma (first playthrough finished): steamcommunity.com/profiles/76…
:dead: My giant diatribe picking apart plot elements in Soma (after my second playthrough): tirsden.blogspot.com/2015/10/s…
:o What I would change in Soma to make it a viable game: tirsden.blogspot.com/2015/10/s…
:O_o: Soma "private" roleplay wiki I created for the roleplay mentioned above: tirsden.com/soma/
:nod: One of the few negative reviews of Soma (not mine, but he hits key points):
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My subby ran out apparently, what's up with this "core" business? So not interested in this rebranding they're attempting. (Edit: and as it posts the journal, it tells me custom skins are no longer usable on a free account... fr0g you, DA.) Sigh, oh well... been too sick to do much lately. Haven't had a migraine-free day in over two months, even with a neurologist helping me try to figure out what's wrong. I'm down to 16 mostly single-ingredient items that might be safe for me to eat while I try to get the migraines under control, but at this point I figure I'm allergic to "food"... I just eat what messes me up the least. I've been guinea-pigging salt... SALT. Yeah. Pretty sure I'm allergic to salt now. The test runs have not been good.

But enough with the QQ, just dropping in to say I'm still alive and posting very rarely when something manages to be postable. I do have an instagram now that I use with my tablet, not much there yet but it's stuff that probably won't get seen anywhere else (also the camera maaay be slightly better than the crappy digital camera I have). That's over thisaway:


Mostly been playing games on Steam, roleplaying with a friend when my brain works, and falling way too hard for Nendoroids. They're cheaper than BJDs which is dangerous. XD Oh, and my Dollzone Yue arrived! On the wrong body ironically (72cm) but I actually wanted that body to finish another doll and it got discontinued right after I ordered Yue. Yue is not the character Lee I was hoping for, so I'm fine with Yue becoming a floating head for now, and Sirrus (Soom Epidos Unikenta head) is now finally a complete doll. ^_^

Piccy of Yue (fullset) on the 72cm body: i18.photobucket.com/albums/b12…

And... that's that fer now. Need coffee... and braincells. XD
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