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And I'm over 100 hours in already. :giggle:

Screenies ensue, link version since my subby ran out and I don't feel like giving devianTart monetary rewards for their ridiculous rebranding, especially not when I'm as inactive as I am currently. Uh I guess there are very, very minor spoilers in these? Like, OMG THERE IS STUFF IN THIS GAME. STUFF! Totally ruined it for ya, didn't I? *ahem* Right, so:

Woof! - Dogmeat and his teddy... if only the game handled decorating with junk items better than it does (they tend to fall through tables/etc or disappear completely before ending up in a completely different area of the settlement). The bear is the only one that's behaved and it slowly moves an inch or two one way or another every time I come back to the settlement.

Err, what now? - Part of an indoor level that consistently fails to load if you stand in the right area. Did I mention this game is buggy as hell? It is. And then some.

Living dead girrrrrl! (NSFW kinda) - Speaking of bugs, I headshotted this chick so hard she stayed in alive-idle animation, without a head, and as you can see I looted her gear as well. O.o

Troll crane game - Gimmie my pie, you fruity machine!!!

Can I see your credentials plz - The "doctor" I have assigned at Sanctuary settlement. She acts all badass and gruff too. Nice dress. XD

Boathouse renovations defy gravity, film at 11 - One of the settlements I spent too much time turning into a... what is that even... physics lawbreaker?

Home sweet home - Speaking of Sanctuary, here's how part of my version looks. I've fortified the center of the neighborhood more than anything else, less mess to deal with.

Yush. Addictive game is addictive, despite its many flaws. Fallout + Sims = Tirsden isn't coming up for air any time soon. :faint:
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  • Reading: various webcomics
  • Watching: Helloween4545's un-sugar-coated Soma Let's Play
  • Playing: The Secret World
  • Eating: cereal
  • Drinking: water
I don't actually want to write this, but I realize some people may expect an explanation if they notice at all. Basically, I have barely watched Cry for ages now. When I have actually tuned into an LP, I realize I disagree with his opinion on games more and more. Soma was the final straw.

Until Dawn was garbage with a $60 pricetag, and Soma was even worse, if half the price. I do not (and would not) own Until Dawn, but I watched a friend play through it on Twitch and helped her with the game via Skype. I do own Soma, gifted from another friend via Steam... and I feel bad she paid for it. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to like Soma. I really did. I replayed the flippin' thing trying to salvage anything of worth from it. It could have been a really awesome game, but it falls flat all over. My Until-Dawn-playing friend and I finally turned the setting into a roleplay, because we knew there was something good there but the devs had squandered it in the actual game.

Bad games should get zero financial support from gamers, because the biggest message we can send the industry is with our money, or lack thereof. We are never going to have the gaming revolution the industry so badly needs if people submit to what is starting to feel like brainwashing by repetition. Big game is announced, makes big promises, releases in a buggy state with it becoming painfully obvious the promises were just preorder bait and will never be fulfilled. But somehow... "GAME OF THE YEAR! 10/10!!!"

Remember when developers actually had to work on things like story, characters, interesting or at least workable mechanics, and consistent atmosphere when they couldn't get away with shining up the graphics and phoning everything else in? Remember when Silent Hill on the original Playstation could create a seriously creepy atmosphere using crappy graphics, and it still holds up today on replays as "nope, nope don't wanna go in there, nope nope nope" as ever? There is no excuse for modern games to not be able to pull off the same concepts even better, because they have the advantage of stellar graphics and top-notch software for sound, music, etc.

So... whatever. I'm bowing out of the Cry fanclub. You can agree / disagree / unwatch / unfavorite / yawn / do whatever you want in response. If you just want to troll me with a comment, don't bother. I do not feed trolls. And I can no longer blatantly advertise someone I have lost respect for. Cry-related deviations will stay online as a tribute to the old Cry. It was good times, but something changed, and it's a change I cannot and do not have to accept.

Additional reading material if you so desire:

:la: My Amazon "review" of Until Dawn:…
:doh: My Steam review of Soma (first playthrough finished):…
:dead: My giant diatribe picking apart plot elements in Soma (after my second playthrough):…
:o What I would change in Soma to make it a viable game:…
:O_o: Soma "private" roleplay wiki I created for the roleplay mentioned above:
:nod: One of the few negative reviews of Soma (not mine, but he hits key points):
  • Listening to: air conditioning
  • Reading: various webcomics
  • Watching: backlogged DBZ Abridged episodes
  • Playing: Saints Row 2
  • Eating: cereal
  • Drinking: water
My subby ran out apparently, what's up with this "core" business? So not interested in this rebranding they're attempting. (Edit: and as it posts the journal, it tells me custom skins are no longer usable on a free account... fr0g you, DA.) Sigh, oh well... been too sick to do much lately. Haven't had a migraine-free day in over two months, even with a neurologist helping me try to figure out what's wrong. I'm down to 16 mostly single-ingredient items that might be safe for me to eat while I try to get the migraines under control, but at this point I figure I'm allergic to "food"... I just eat what messes me up the least. I've been guinea-pigging salt... SALT. Yeah. Pretty sure I'm allergic to salt now. The test runs have not been good.

But enough with the QQ, just dropping in to say I'm still alive and posting very rarely when something manages to be postable. I do have an instagram now that I use with my tablet, not much there yet but it's stuff that probably won't get seen anywhere else (also the camera maaay be slightly better than the crappy digital camera I have). That's over thisaway:

Mostly been playing games on Steam, roleplaying with a friend when my brain works, and falling way too hard for Nendoroids. They're cheaper than BJDs which is dangerous. XD Oh, and my Dollzone Yue arrived! On the wrong body ironically (72cm) but I actually wanted that body to finish another doll and it got discontinued right after I ordered Yue. Yue is not the character Lee I was hoping for, so I'm fine with Yue becoming a floating head for now, and Sirrus (Soom Epidos Unikenta head) is now finally a complete doll. ^_^

Piccy of Yue (fullset) on the 72cm body:…

And... that's that fer now. Need coffee... and braincells. XD

still inactive, but some amusement for you

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 7, 2013, 4:18 PM
  • Listening to: commercials on Food Network
  • Reading: Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig
  • Watching: Devious Maids is on tonight! :D
  • Playing: Tera and SW:TOR
  • Eating: cereal
  • Drinking: water… :pointl: a bug from Star Wars: The Old Republic that I just posted to scraps. If you don't watch my scraps, you might want to just cuz it gets random ridiculousness like this. :giggle: Or, flee, as the case may be. :fear:

Also, a fun game is to google either your username or a common internet alias (or your full name if you really want to although more complex names make for more difficult results). Record how many hits you get from your alias of choice, and then start googling for other combinations of random things to see who/what you are "more" or "less" famous than. Remember to put the words in quotes or you will get a results/hits number for pages that use the words anywhere on the page, not together in one phrase.

tirsden gets 16,600 hits
"Natalie Portman's shoes" gets 7,170 hits
"rainbow spaghetti" gets 16,100 hits I am roughly twice as famous as Natalie Portman's shoes, and slightly more famous than rainbow spaghetti. :laughing:

and yes, I totally stole that from a comment I left over on Geak-of-Nature's journal post. XD

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Still pretty inactive, but!

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 30, 2013, 10:14 AM
  • Listening to: Gunsmoke on TV
  • Reading: this screen
  • Watching: finally saw Shawshank Redemption :D
  • Playing: Tera
  • Eating: bleh, migrainey
  • Drinking: water

My Dollzone Moon head is on its way from China to Mint On Card. So that means I'll be doing a box opening soonish, and (pending motivation), a faceup. O.o Kinda surreal, it feels like ages since I've done much of anything doll-related. *cue blaming Tera and whatnot*

In other news, I got my name change. The name shown on my main DA profile is now my actual name (as opposed to just having been listed because I hated my now-former name and liked the name of the character I created as such). Crazy timing considering all the agencies I have to switch over to the new name, and rent is due tomorrow and I keep wondering if Social Security will manage to get my checks direct-deposited using my new name when my bank still has my old name (because I'm still waiting on a new social security card and the bank can't change my info without it)... and all that fun stuff... but it'll work out.

So, yay new name and practicing my new signature and actually having to remember what my name is now. :laughing:

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Journal Entry: Sun Mar 10, 2013, 10:23 AM
  • Listening to: my Mr. Brightside Radio station on Pandora
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  • Watching: random stuff on cable
  • Playing: EQ2, Bejeweled 2, Minecraft 360 edition
  • Eating: iHungry
  • Drinking: water

Cuz... umm... I totally blame EverQuest II... and playing voices in my head with WeaverOfTheNight. :ninja: Err I mean... totally sane here. Totally.


*cough* Right, so, I have a little sewing project going but I'm not sure how well that will go, and besides that I'm just sorta coasting for now. Apologies for anyone waiting on [all the stuff I'm behind on] but there's a silver lining: I don't crowd your inbox. :laughing: Oh right, it's me who has a pile of backlog in my inbox. :la:

The Dollzone Moon head I keep forgetting I have on order will probably be here either at the end of March or mid-April, roughly, depends on how DZ is doing as we pass some of the spring holidays. I'm still fishing around my brain for what to do for his/her body, it may be another experimental project like Creepysidius or I might just lurk the DoA marketplace for a cheap YoSD body. I do like the experimental concept, something more poseable than Creepy, but I'm running out of pipecleaners and interesting fabric.

I plan to get a decent 3D card later in the month so I can play stuff like Tera, SWToR, etc. At the moment, this is what Tera's server-select screen looks like on my current card which is waaay too low to even know what to put on the screen:… :lmao: I'm surprise it even loads that far!

But hey, finally got to see a buncha movies I was behind on, like Idiocracy, Wall-E, and Inception. :happybounce:

Cookies for all: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

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gamerchine for the win! :3

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 26, 2013, 12:50 AM
  • Listening to: lots of Read It And Weep podcasts
  • Reading: Wicca: A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner
  • Watching: Catfish the TV show
  • Playing: Minecraft 360 edition
  • Eating: blue honey muffins with marshmallow fluff topping
  • Drinking: water

And now I am ridiculously behind on everything, but yes. The ubergamer computer is running (it booted up just fine the first time once I had put it all together, le gasp! :o ) and while it is limited by having the dead PC's graphics card and "only" 4gb of the 16gb of RAM I bought for it, it's already miles ahead of the dead PC. I'm definitely picking up the Win7 upgrade as soon as I can, so I can get the rest of the memory working and not have to deal with the fact that Microsoft dumped most of its WinXP support.

So yesh. YAY! :happybounce: I'm still installing stuff on this machine, but the basics are done. :meow:

Oh and I snagged a Dollzone Moon head from MoC cuz those dolls are getting discontinued and I'm not impressed by user pics of the default faceup so yes... just the head in white skin... and I am thinking it will become another experimental doll project, like Creepysidius. ^.^

*ahem* Right... no more doll stuff until my computer's built. It's built! It just could use a few more things. :ninja:

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dook dook. sew sew. mine mine.

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 21, 2013, 12:46 AM
  • Listening to: lots of Read It And Weep podcasts
  • Reading: Wicca: A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner
  • Watching: Kitchen Nightmares
  • Playing: Minecraft 360 edition
  • Eating: I want... chocolate chip cookies...
  • Drinking: water

Welp, with mucho thanks to WeaverOfTheNight, I have potentially the parts to get the ubergamer machine running, if not in top form. I'll be using the graphics card from the dead PC (which is truly dead, it wasn't the power supply that was the problem... it was the motherboard :dead:) until I can get a really sweet one. Also, I'll only be running 4gb of the 16gb of memory I have, because WinXP only recognizes 4gb and I can't afford Win7 just yet.

The rest of the system is niiiice, but then I have been accumulating the parts bit by bit for a year now (dollies kept getting in the way). The 850w power supply I just got came in a black fake-velvet bag, and the power cables for it are in another plastic-fabric padded bag. O.o Even the screws that came with the monsterhugecaseofdooom just for installing random stuff into it are black. My monster gamer machine is... pretentious! :laughing:

So far I've gotten the power supply into the case, the CPU and memory installed, and the motherboard into the case. Then my back said either take a break or die, so yay breaktime. ^^; Considering my computer-building skills are Pentium II era, this is a bit of an education. Yay for manuals and... factory-sealed parts being put together wrong. Yeah, the X-shaped thing that holds the super-duper heatsink onto the CPU had the screws installed upside down. Took me a while to get them turned around, and at first I wasn't even sure it was possible, because it had snapped-in washers that aren't really meant to be taken back off again. :faint:

Aaand I went and saw Mama on Friday, which I liiiked, and I came home and spent some 8-10 hours sewing a creepycuteawesomefreaky Mama plushie. Pictures coming when I have some less hair-pulling way of doing so than trying to get Win98SE to recognize my digital camera.

I... uh... can't think. Oh right, I been playing Minecraft on the 360, had some fun mucking around a survival world with d00mhammer earlier today. :D And that's that. Cuz I can't think. Yup. Nyow! :meow:

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ringing in the new year w/ a dead computer [edit1]

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 1, 2013, 7:56 PM
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  • Reading: proofreading my own stuff
  • Watching: M*A*S*H, Twilight Zone, Doctor Who
  • Playing: Jade Empire on an old XBox
  • Eating: hungry...
  • Drinking: water

Yeah, uh, I'm back on the ancient P2 400 that runs Win98SE and Firefox 2.0. DA is so backwards-compatibility-unfriendly that even though the site does load (more or less), they have an obnoxious banner that shows up part way through loading, all along the top of the screen where the site menu is. Which means unless I click fast, I can't get past their stupid "request" to "please upgrade your browser to access devianTart." Yeah, I CAN'T. Firefox 2.0 is as good as it gets.

So anyways, you may not see much from me until I can either replace the dead power supply or finish building the monster gamer machine... which could be a while if it's the latter choice. In theory, a 350-ish watt power supply doesn't cost too much, but that's money I was hoping to put towards the parts that are missing from the ubermachine.

So, yay. Happy new year to me. Here's what I can't do right now:

1) Skype
2) Youtube
3) watch Crystream or any livestream
4) pretty much all the games I was playing
edit: 5) I cannot read DA notes D:

Here's some places I can still access but are slow or have limited use due to script errors and stuff:

1) DoA
2) DA (except for notes which are broken)
3) email
4) y-gallery

And if you see me on YahooIM, I'll be using the browser email version which has the most minimal amount of abilities since it's not meant to be a full chat program. The full version of YahooIM in any Win98SE-compatible version does not work.

Grr. I hope your new year is going better than mine. I'm actually surprised the "good" PC lasted as long as it did, but it has incredibly crappy timing to die now.

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apologies and a fanfic meme, cuz they go together?

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 13, 2012, 5:01 AM
  • Listening to: MTV
  • Reading: backlogged DA stuff
  • Watching: lots of M*A*S*H
  • Playing: WoW WotLK edition on a private server
  • Eating: gimmie foooood
  • Drinking: water

First off, yes, apologies. It would seem my mental abilities are draining even further than they already were. If it seems like I'm ignoring you on Skype/messenger/DA/DoA/etc, I've probably forgotten who you are and am too insecure to ask, feel stupid because I can't remember if I said something before, or I'm so far behind everything has gotten buried. That last one is especially the case on DA and hmm... Youtube. I haven't watched most of Cry's stuff since somewhere in early Corpse Party videos. I haven't responded to comments there in longer than that, nevermind posting actual videos.

I'm not dealing well with a lot of things in life right now, and losing more of my ability to remember things is really getting to me. I haven't had a proper night's sleep in years (literally) and that is only partly due to insomnia and severe sleep apnea. One of my last few mainstays, writing, is hampered by a muse with zero attention span and when I do finally return to a project it has veered away from, I have a hard time remembering what the heck I was doing with it... and thus have to reread it... and make it to the end and start writing before the muse goes, "Bored. Play WoW now," or, "This gives me a really great idea for a new story!" *le facepalm*

So anyways, the point of all the whining is to say I'm sorry, and I hope my weirdness isn't too off-putting. That's one reason I haven't been very communicative lately. I just feel like I'm whining. I hate whining... (hey look, now I'm whining about whining! :o). *ahem* So, yeah. Cookies if you read this. Because cookies rawk.

:cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

Meanwhile, a quiz-meme-thingy from…

1. How about a brief introduction of yourself?
I'm hungry... and currently wishing more music artists used the opportunity they have with music videos to do something special... and not just take 100 shots of themselves up close with various filters applied.

2. And what got you into fanfiction to begin with?
The concept that you can write characters you like from other media into something that's your own story. Also, a fanfic "MST3K-ing" site that was hilarious and I really miss... but it vanished somewhere.

3. What kind of fanfiction do you like to write?
Everything under the sun for genres, although I have probably written more sci-fi fanfic, especially anything Riddick-related. I tend to write gay/slash the most, but the setting varies a lot.

4. Do you tend to write the same pairings/characters? Or are you a fandom whore?
I suppose I could say Riddick is my fandom even though I don't completely whore out to him. Pairings, well, I tend to write my OC Aster the most and pair him with whoever the other main char in the fic is. For instance, I'm currently writing him with Lee Everett in a Walking Dead (video game) fanfic, and also writing Aster with Hawkeye in a M*A*S*H fanfic.

5. What is your most popular fanfic and why do you think people like it so?… :pointl: Because it's Cry-slash. 'Nuff said.

6. Forget other people...what is the fanfic you've written that you're most proud of?
A Gentleman's Agreement, even though it's a bit dated as far as my writing style goes. You have to log in to to read it, or you'll get a bad page error (it's flagged for violence, there is no stickypr0n):

7. Do you find writing easy? Hard? What are the most difficult aspects of writing?
It's easy when my muse is on board. It's hard when my muse isn't on board or I'm writing pr0n. The most difficult aspect of writing by far is: MY F***ING MUSE. Seriously, that thing has the attention span of a ferret.

8. Write a few sentences or so of your favorite pairing or character.
Aster looked out the window, pink eyes noting the ever-present overcast sky. He was worried, running fingers through long white hair as he turned away again. Professor Van Helsing was not home yet, had promised to return some three days previous.

The albino sighed, returning to his cup of tea and letters that remained unanswered. What was he to tell his friends when he himself did not understand fully his own situation? Vampires. Werewolves. Aster's friends would laugh at him for speaking of such things as real. So, what was left? He had no motivation to write about the state of the roads and the dismal weather.

...good gods that was random :o and if it sounds like I know anything about Van Helsing, uh, *looks over at browser tab of google results*

9. Are there any fanfiction trends/cliches that you're sick of?
Overuse of brand name dropping, or band name dropping, or singer name dropping, or...

10. Are you guilty of any of these? Or have you committed other crimes?
I try not to. If there's a brand, or a specific song mentioned (those two are where I tend to name-drop), it's there for a reason and I probably debated about using it at all.

11. What was the first fandom you wrote for? Do you continue to like/participate in it?
Duke Nukem. :laughing: I'm serious: ...and well Duke Nukem Forever didn't help anything. *shudder* I never even finished that first fanfic, even though there was more to the story.

12. Name your OTPs or most frequently written pairings/characters and explain what it is about them that you love to write.
That's probably Riddick/Aster or Karl/Aster. Well okay, "Vin Diesel character of some sort" written with Aster takes the cake. Both Vin chars and Karl are extremely dominant and fun to write, and usually evil (Karl always is). Aster is usually much more on the submissive end and tends to be good or neutral, although he can be the sort of person who knows how to get what he wants, depending on how I write him. I know polarized gay pairings are overdone, but I really don't care. I guess in the end it's the sort of relationship I dream of myself, for I tend to be a follower, not a leader... and I hope to find my leader someday.

13. What would you call your writing "style"?
"Improving"... I hope. I know I can write wordy sentences and do some pretty fancy grammatical structure, but in the end I'm trying to make the prose flow so that the reader doesn't realize that they're reading. Hangups in the text make a person remember they're looking at words on a page, and I get annoyed myself when that happens while I'm reading. Trying to strike a balance between colorful and exacting vocabulary versus easiness of reading is quite a challenge.

14. Do you read other people's fanfics? If so, what do you find yourself reading the most?
Rarely... I don't read other people's stuff much anymore. I guess it's from over-proofing my own writing. If I do read fanfic, it helps if I know the fandom, although I've read some stuff where I just didn't care because it was so well written. If character's physical descriptions are included in the text, I'm good.

15. Name one thing you'd LOVE to write but haven't yet.
OH GODS PLEASE DO NOT DISTRACT THE MUSE... it only has like 30 open projects right now. :dead: ...Something Blade Runner using Roy Batty... and Aster... or a story jumping off some point in the Godfather movie universe... *sigh* goddammit quiz.

16. Do you have trouble taking criticism? Or worse yet, do you have a really bloated ego?
Constructive criticism I don't mind. People just making crap comments are trolls to which I do not respond. Ego... errm no. You have not met a more insecure person than me, when it comes to anything I have created. :faint:

17. When you write is there anything that helps? Music? Quiet room?
That seems to be totally random. Sometimes I will listen to the same song for 8 hours on eternal repeat. Sometimes the television is on and I might actually end up spending more time watching it than writing, but the writing still gets done. Sometimes the TV is just on for noise and I write like a mad-woman. Sometimes I can't use the PC to write and have to use a notebook to get it started properly, or write the entire thing on paper first.

18. What inspires you?

19. Lastly, how would you sum up your fanfiction experiences and yourself as a writer?
...I'm still hungry. I should do something about that.

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NaNoWriMo: 117,415 words including ''The End''

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 17, 2012, 9:41 AM
  • Listening to: Delta Rae - Bottom Of The River stuck in my head
  • Reading: work on my new shiny paranormal investigators fic
  • Watching: lots of M*A*S*H
  • Playing: WoW WotLK edition on a private server
  • Eating: uh... yeah... I should eat >.>
  • Drinking: water

Yup. This totally means... I will be procrastinating on/with other stuff instead. :ninja: :laughing:

The official NaNo word count might be slightly higher, but here's the endgame stats for this year:

First word: 'Crack'
50,000th word: 'Aster's'
50,000 words reached: November 7th, 2012, 6:30am EST

Best day: November 7th, with 13,665 words written
Worst day: November 15th, with 0 words written
Average: approx. 7K words per day

Javascript word counter total: 114,919
OpenOffice Writer word count total: 117,415

"The End" written: November 17th, 2012, 11:40am EST

The stats chart, for giggles: clickeh

Aaaand yeah! Whooh. Muse is already on to a new shiny, but in the meantime, I do wanna get this story up on y!gallery as I edit through the chapters. I'm also juggling some other stuff (and known to procrastinate, ohhhhyeah) so there's no ETA on that yet.

And now... to eat! :mwahaha:

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NaNoWriMo ate my soul (again)

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 9, 2012, 12:17 AM
  • Listening to: le television
  • Reading: bits of my NaNo work
  • Watching: channel surfing *click click click*
  • Playing: WoW WotLK edition on a private server
  • Eating: honey marshmallow fluff muffincake experiments
  • Drinking: water

Ayup. Here's my profile at the site for those who are curious, and it includes plot synopsis and an exerpt. The word count shown was updated for actual total words at 50K, but past that I am using a word counter that doesn't count hyphenated words as two words, while NaNo (plus OpenOffice) count them as two. I go with the lower count until the very end when verifying to "win" NaNo, when NaNo's site will tell me the actual word count anyways. I can usually get it close with OpenOffice, but for some reason NaNo's official count is slightly different.

Hence why I have not been around. And I'm not done yet. :XD:

Write on, peeps, write on!

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dooo dee doo doo dooo...

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 20, 2012, 3:52 AM
  • Listening to: le television
  • Reading: need to do wiki-research for NaNo
  • Watching: Married With Children
  • Playing: WoW WotLK edition on a private server
  • Eating: ceeeereal
  • Drinking: water

Generally tagged by :iconveromagica: :mwahaha:

1.What do you value the most?
Being alive.

2.Whats your favorite movie genre?
Hummm... fantasy-sci-fi-action? I cheeeat. :giggle:

3.If you could marry anyone in this world...and beyond who would it be?
In this world, Vin Diesel. "And beyond," probably my character Michael... as long as I get to be Aster...

4.Whats your favorite band?
I guess right now it's My Chemical Romance. It changes. MCR seems to come back a lot.

5. Do many people annoy you?

6. What qualities in people do you not like?
Dishonesty, abusiveness, need for drama, drug addiction, smokers, hardcore religious nuts, fakes, hypocrites, selfrighteousness, boy this list could get long.

7.What's your favorite season?
Fall, cuz it has Halloween in it.

8.Whats your favorite show?
Right now... hmm. For once I have cable again and I'm sitting here going "...Chopped? I guess?" I was actually kinda disappointed in Walking Dead after having played the video game (love the game to death), but I did finally manage to see some of the previous season's episodes along with the new season premier. It doesn't help that I didn't start at the beginning, but I find that I want to drop-kick most of the characters. I kinda need someone to identify with in a show like that, and nobody's really sticking yet.

9.What do you look for in cars...speed, comfort or safety?
I can't drive, can't afford a car, and probably will never have one even if I could. Therefore... I want a 1993 Mazda RX-7 like the one Vin Diesel drives in the original The Fast And The Furious. Properly tricked-out, of course!

10. Have you ever laughed about nothing?
All the damn time! :dummy:

Now to get this abnoxious Tailor Swift song out of my head... wasn't paying attention when it was on VH1. Man, there's nothing on at 6:45am. Hello, Married With Children.

Oh right... and I tag YOU! :nuu:

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Yage is here ^.^

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 9, 2012, 6:03 PM
  • Listening to: Miss Congeniality 2 on TV
  • Reading: need to edit Yage's story
  • Watching: Miss Congeniality 2
  • Playing: WoW WotLK edition on a private server
  • Eating: hmm... what to eat...
  • Drinking: water

Heeee. Another sneak peek of him here:… or if you have a DoA account, his box opening is here:… and I'll get it converted to DA soon (just him and Mysra to go :D ). Youtube video box opening is here:…

Aaand wow. I'm super-amazed he's here so quickly, and the body really does fit his character. It could use some sueding and the seams need sanding, and I want to give him a very very simple, light faceup cuz really, he's already awesome blank.

Now to go find some food, it's been a while. ^^; Dolly is distracting. :XD:

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Yage has shipped. o.o

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 4, 2012, 12:23 PM
  • Reading: not much
  • Watching: actual cable TV (lots of Bravo O.o)
  • Playing: WoW WotLK edition on a private server
  • Eating: breakfast burritos
  • Drinking: water

It's been barely a month since I paid him off and he's on his way already. He's a WS Dollshe Orijean with both faceplates, blank, on the DS18M body. And. Wow. Uh... I still don't really know what to do, other than stalk tracking and be glad his wig and eyes are waiting for him here. Lotsa clothes to borrow too. :3 I seriously didn't expect to see him any time soon. O.o

Meanwhile I'm four doll box openings behind, converting them to DA versions. Mysra's finally got posted to DoA, and well Nirian's was included with Elphen's (DZ Hid-head and Moment) so technically it's three box openings total. That's my next catch-up goal, to get the box openings over here, plus I finally updated Mysra's dolly page at my site. Oof. Behind/procrastination/rawr. XD

Oh, and I've switched to Comcast, and got a nice package that includes the good TV channel package for a while. Way faster internet speed and I am liking the quality of the telephone sound, since I have a lot of trouble hearing people on the phone (I recently researched/discovered it as being an Asperger's issue, it makes sense now why I always hated talking on the phone).

Ayup. Dolly coming home. Whee! :D

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attempting to get back in the swing o' things

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 30, 2012, 7:06 AM
  • Listening to: music from the movie The Rock stuck in my head
  • Reading: Shadowrun 3rd Ed. player's handbook
  • Watching: Youtubery
  • Playing: WoW WotLK edition on a private server
  • Eating: homemade french fries
  • Drinking: water

I'm back-ish and attempting to forge through ye olde backlog of comments, deviations (ohmigods is there lots), and such things. Some three or four doll box openings need converted to DA format plus I have a buncha single shots to post. Dollies want to see more of the internets! :la: Vain things they are. :laughing:

So yesh, thankye for the well-wishes and faves and lovely comments, and apologies if I don't respond to everything cuz it's a lot. :o And I has no braincells. Yeah, we all know this. :XD:


Oh, P.S.: My email got hacked, so if you got a weird email from me, delete it. That issue should be taken care of now, and I didn't lose my address or anything.

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pretty much hiatus mode

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 6, 2012, 1:51 AM
  • Listening to: braincells frying
  • Reading: Ikea 2013 catalog
  • Watching: Youtubery
  • Playing: Sims 3 homeless game & asylum challenge
  • Eating: aquamarine-blue cupcakes
  • Drinking: water

Errmyeah. I gots stuff I needs to deal with. Well, more like there is stuff I'm running out of the ability to deal with that's driving me (more) insane. Long story short, I either won't be around DA for a while or will only be dropping by sporadically. Apologies to anyone I'm in mid-conversation with via comments or the like. I'll be back later.

I did manage a moment of creativity the other day, based on a homeless Sims 3 game I've been playing. I'm hoping to update it here and there, depending on stress level and whatnot:

So. Yup. Breaktime. Have a cookie. :cookie:

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Zanezell155 is doing purty commissions :3

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 29, 2012, 3:23 PM
  • Listening to: braincells frying
  • Reading: your miiiind
  • Watching: Youtubery
  • Playing: Sims 3 lol
  • Eating: no feel gud
  • Drinking: water

And for not a whole lot either! :la: For more infos, go heeeere:… :happybounce:

And here is a taste of ze luffly lufffly artwork ala Zane:

Fool by zanezell155 Chibi Aster by zanezell155 Halechin by zanezell155
Sayerin by zanezell155 Look, I'm like you... by zanezell155 Aster by zanezell155

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Hitler and Indiana Jones walk into a bar...

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 7, 2012, 7:53 PM
  • Listening to: Skype going "squoieek"
  • Reading: your miiiind
  • Watching: Cry, Judge Judy, and other Youtubery
  • Playing: need 2 game moar
  • Eating: no feel gud
  • Drinking: water

Dollynewz: Well wouldn't ya know it, MoC has a bunch of Moments and Ansons on the way and mine should hopefully be in this shipment. I'll find out soon. :meow: And Soom has started shipping the Teenie Gem event dolls, mine was a layaway so it won't probably ship as quickly but it's a good sign! :D

And now... meme. :clap:

Stolen from… :mwahaha: and since the quiz title warned it was a mostly romantic thing, I'm going with all legal and legal-appearing characters this time. :laughing:

Twelve Characters I Love

1. (big) Aster - male albino musician with some television acting
2. (big) Karl - male fire demon who is handsome and ancient
3. Michael - male human with a penchant for Shakespeare
4. (teen) Aiden - male human with l33t drawing skillz
5. Asura - male deity of neutral alignment, ruler of the underworld
6. Jian - male human who is in school to become an actor
7. Mei Ling - female Chinese vampire who is mute
8. Creepysidius - male plushie-body magical construct
9. Ashe - male Asian sniper assassin with impressive martial arts
10. (grown-up) Zhas - male drow (dark elf) who is a bit feral
11. Emyrren - male Aethen (unicorn-horned humanoid) adventurer
12. Strata - male human starfighter pilot from the future of another universe like ours

1. If [8] was involved with both [7] and [4] how would [7] and [4] react when they found out about one another?
Dude, Creepy, seriously? Plushie-boi is gettin' around! :o Creepy wouldn't try to hide something like that, so whoever he liked second of Mei Ling and Aiden... well, if Creepy couldn't ignore his feelings, he'd talk to one or both of them about it. Mei Ling would probably be a bit ":O_o:" while Aiden would probably be open to discussing some kind of open relationship. He's gay and likes making good people happy, so if Creepy and Mei Ling have something going on... "whatevs."

2. [2] and [5] are saying their vows when the doors are thrown open and [11] marches in demanding that the ceremony stop because [11] is in love with [5] and cannot let them marry [2]. Does [5] go back to [11] or stay with [2]?
HAHAHAHA KARL AND ASURA!? :lmao: Gods, Emyrren, why do you even want to get anywhere near that... although yes, it'd make more sense that he loves Asura than the soon-to-be-wedded pairing... and Emyrren would try to stop that wedding. Asura, umm, sees the error in his ways and goes off with Emyrren. Karl... destroys the planet or something.

3. [7]has a phobia that involves [1]. What is the phobia?
Mei Ling is afraid of Aster's rabid fangirls/fanboys.

4. [9] and [12] are having a movie marathon night. What movie does [9] pick and what movie does [12] pick? Is [12] happy with [9]'s pick and vice versa?
Ashe picks an old Chinese martial arts movie with subtitles and Strata picks Sense & Sensibility. They're both pretty happy with the other's choice.

5. [10] is in an unhappy relationship with [4] and realizes that he/she should be with [2] instead.
Zhas unhappy in a relationship with Aiden? That would actually surprise me... and he doesn't seem all that compatible with Karl... although Karl might make use of Zhas's more violent insticts. Who cast Confusion on Zhas? :shakefist:

6. [3] is pregnant with [9] baby. How does [5] react?
Michael is having Ashe's baby (wut) and Asura just shakes his head. Well, he'll help out with the baby and all that but seriously... WUT!?

7. Does [3] handle commitments well?
Yes, Michael handles commitment very well, and does best when he can devote himself to one person who loves him in return.

8. If [12] suffered from a mental disorder what would that disorder be?
Probably schizophrenia. Strata's got a rough enough background, I'm surprised he doesn't see things that aren't there as it is. :petting:

9. [1] sees [4] with [8] and knows that [8] is involved with [6]. Does [1] tell [6] that [8] is cheating or does [6] deserve to find out on his own?
Aster sees Aiden with Creepy and Creepy has Jian on the side. Ow that hurts my brain. :laughing: Aster wouldn't bother saying anything, he doesn't need extra drama.

10. [11] is set up by [10], on a blind date with [7]. Does the date go smoothly, and has [11] decided that he/she wants to kill [10] before the date has ended?
Emyrren goes on his blind date with Zhas, as set up by Mei Ling. Uhm, I dunno, that might end up kinda cute but I have a feeling it might very well might end up in a fight. :XD:

11. [2] and [3] have been dating for a year. Where does [2] choose to pop the question?
lol. LOL. Karl and Michael this time. They've only literally come to death-blows in another universe. That's all. Oh man. Seriously? I can't... I... Michael would probably ask first. Gawds.

12. [9] wants to end their relationship with [5]. How does [9] choose to do so? Heartbroken [5] has a one night stand with [3].
Ashe wants to end his thing with Asura. Awwww... that would be sad. Ashe would be direct about it, and apologetic. Asura goes off and sleeps with Micheal. YEP.

13. [11] and [12] married. How does [12] handle [11] death?
Emyrren and Strata! THANK YOU QUIZ you are finally making sense at least by character temperament and seme/uke stereotype. And then you had to go kill Emyrren. Strata would lose it, I don't think he can take another major blow to his world.

14. If there was one thing [7] could change about their life what would it be?
Mei Ling would like to be able to talk with her actual voice again.

15. If [5] could say anything to [10] what would they say?
Asura would ask Zhas, "How are you doing?" Asura will always remember doing what he could to take care of the drow when he was a boy (as the doll version will stay indefinitely but yeah, had to grow him up for the quiz of doom :XD:).

16. A drunken [8] comes home and finds [1] in bed with [11]. How does [8] react?
Creepy. Get off the booze. And you've dated/banged/somethinged almost everybody on the list by now. Anyways, Aster is in bed with Emyrren. Well Emyrren would be thrilled, but not with the part about finding out Aster is with somebody else... Emyrren otherwise wouldn't even be in this situation. Creepy, umm... I think he's just as confused about this as I am, and too drunk to figure much out besides fall over and zzz...

17. Is a sweet love scene between [6] and [9] possible?
Jian and Ashe, sure. I mean hell, you were trying pair combinations akin to Hitler and Indiana Jones up in the Karl/Michael and Karl/Asura nonsense. Ashe and Jian makes a lot more sense, as Ashe will flip to seme mode if he's with someone more uke than himself (which Jian is... although in this situation, they might switch roles randomly for fun anyways :meow:).

18. [7] and [4] are bitter rivals. What made them rivals?
Mei Ling and Aiden must have really found something to disagree on. :o Uh, maybe lil' Karl figured out a way to get Mei Ling more firmly on the "evil" side of the battle over the apartment, and it's probably a big misunderstanding or carefully crafted lies. Awws.

19. Is a happily ever after possible for [1] and [12]?
Aster and Strata, probably not. They're both into strong men and Aster is a diva while Strata's feelings can be hurt a little too easily at times.

20. [4] undergoes a gender-swap. Who would he/she sleep with first? [6] or [5]?
Aiden becomes female. Well, all the girly dresses he wants will fit better. ^^; Jian is gay and well Asura is bi so... if we're pretending that nobody's really hooked up already like I have been with most of the quiz so far... Asura. They'd make a cute couple and are technically quite compatible.

21. If [7] had to be stuck on a island with [2] or [3] which would [7] choose? Why?
Mei Ling would first and foremost be worried about the damned sun. :o Out of Karl and Michael, she'd choose Karl because an alternate-universe version of Michael was her sire and that would be a bit much considering other details of her past and vampire-Micheal's role in it. Also, mister uber fire demon can get her the frUk off that island.

22. [1] and [2] are romantically involved when [1]'s original love, [11] returns from the dead. How does [1] handle the person's return?
So Emyrren comes back from the dead seeking Aster (yeah I can see that), to find him with Karl (lol definitely). Aster would stay with Karl, because the albino thought his original love was dead and is quite taken with Karl now.

23. [9] is forced to choose who will live between [3] and [6]. Which one does [9] choose to live?
Ashe has to choose between Michael and Jian. If Michael has any input, he'd tell Ashe to save Jian. I think Ashe would choose Jian anyways based on age, although it would be difficult because it would leave Aiden without a father figure... although Jian is sort of Aiden's older unrelated-brother anyways, so there's still that.

24. [7] falls in love with [8]. When [7] gets the opportunity to be with [8] he/she is happy... until he/she finds out that [8] is only using him/her to get close to [2].
Mei Ling falls in love with... plushie-butt who IS GETTIN' ALL DA TAIL. :la: I... he doesn't even have parts for that! :noes: What's your secret, Creepmeister!? Anyways... Mei Ling probably would be happy in that relationship, but sadly Creepy wants Karl. I... I don't even... ow. Maybe he wants Karl to find a spell for a permanent non-construct body. Creepy musta lost a few braincells or whatever's in that head of his, to be even going that way.

.......thanks quiz. you broke my brain. BROKE IT! :faint:

I tag anyone who is insane enough to try this.

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because OCs are fun to ask underwear Q's

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 4, 2012, 7:58 PM
  • Listening to: Nelly - Dilemma ft. Kelly Rowland stuck in my head
  • Reading: your miiiind
  • Watching: Cry, Judge Judy, and other Youtubery
  • Playing: Walking Dead ep 1 & 2
  • Eating: chikin stripz
  • Drinking: water

Dollynewz: I has snagged my pale skin (paper white) Dollshe Orijean on layaway. Two months and he's paid off. :meow: He's most likely going to be an alien. *insert spooky noises here* No word on my Dollzone Moment from MoC yet, but pretty much every other distributor has their flower dolls in so MoC must be next. :excited: And Soom hopes to start shipping the Teenie Gem free choice dolls somewhere in the middle of this month, so my Beyla should ship somewhere after that since I had her on layaway (paid off already). Dollieeees... come home! :nod:

And now, a waste of internet space stolen from… :mwahaha:

Instructions: pick as many characters as you desire and have them answer the meme. (You can answer as well, if you like.) Enjoy!

Today we'll be playing with:

Big Karl, Little Karl, Big Aster, Little Aster, and Asura

.: nachdenklich :. by tirsden .: o___o :. by tirsden .: mein precious und his flower :. by tirsden .: happy birfday to me :. by tirsden .: a day for all mothers :. by tirsden

1. What do you look for in a partner?
Big Karl: Sveetness und charm, for ze moment.
Lil' Karl: A pretty face und delicate temperament.
Big Aster: Strong, handsome, and must be a proper gentleman to his lady.
Lil' Aster: Cake! He has to have lots of cake. :meow:
Asura: Jian is the only partner I desire now.

2. If you could go anywhere, regardless if it's real or not, where would you go?
Big Karl: Germany.
Lil' Karl: Ja, Germany!
Big Aster: Paris.
Lil' Aster: CAKETOWN! :dummy:
Asura: There are endless places of beauty and interest in the multiverse... what matters is who you have beside you while visiting them.
Lil' Aster: ...that's not a place. :o
Asura: The rings of Saturn, then. Better?
Lil' Aster: :o

3. Who is your arch nemesis?
Big Karl: :shrug:
Lil' Karl: ZE BIG VINGY INFIDEL ASURA!!!!!!! :doh: Ja, mein greater ally?
Big Karl: I suppose.
Lil' Karl: Ve need to get viz ze program here. :paranoid:
Big Aster: Whoever is stealing the top billboard spot away from me.
Lil' Aster: Whoever stole my cake! :cries:
Asura: I do not have one at this time.
Lil' Karl: HEY! Vhat about me!?
Asura: You are not worth my time.
Lil' Karl: :shakefist:

4. What's your AIM/MSN/etc. name?
Big Karl: I do not share zat viz just anyvun.
Lil' Karl: Neizer do I!
Big Aster: You think I'll just give that out?
Lil' Aster: C4k3caKeC3kEcAK3
Asura: I decline to answer the question.

5. Favorite videogame?
Big Karl: Oblivion.
Lil' Karl: ANGRY BIRDS! :doh:
Big Aster: I am actually rather liking Walking Dead, when I have the time.
Lil' Aster: Hexic! It's shiiiiiny. :love:
Asura: Minecraft, Jian and I like to play on a multiplayer server with a few other friends.
Lil' Karl: Vhat is ze address of zis server? :ninja:
Asura: :|
Lil' Karl: :shakefist:

6. Favorite hobby?
Big Karl: Shopping viz mein Aster.
Lil' Karl: Plotting ze battle to reclaim ze apartment, of course!
Big Aster: Shoes. The more expensive, the better.
Lil' Aster: ...Cake? :giggle:
Asura: Dolls.

7. Weirdest dream?
Big Karl: It vould rend ze mortal mind und send it into madness.
Lil' Karl: Aster zat is mein size turned into a cake zat only ever yelled for more cake...
Big Aster: ...Standing on the edge of a very tall building, with the streets below so foggy I couldn't see them.
Lil' Aster: Everybody in the House turned to shadows and nobody was talking. :o
Asura: Jian's doll Ariel speaking to me while he sat unmoving.

8. Favorite song?
Big Karl: Rammstein's "Feuer Frei"
Big Aster: "Dilemma"... the one by Nelly, with Kelly Rowland.
Lil' Aster: "Lucky" by Lucky Twice! :boogie:
Asura: At the moment, "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina" as sung by Sinead O'Connor.

9. What's your idea of a perfect date?
Big Karl: As long as it is enjoyed by zose involved, it is perfect.
Lil' Karl: Hmmm... candle light, roses, food is optional! :meow:
Big Aster: Being treated like royalty, whatever the setting.
Lil' Aster: First course: cake. Second course: cake. Third course: chicken nuggets. Fourth course: cake! Dessert course: milkshakes... and cake! :dummy:
Asura: I like everything from a quiet meal at home to spending time at a fine restaurant or a dance club.

10. Pirates vs. Ninjas?
Big Karl: Pirates.
Lil' Karl: Pirates.
Big Aster: Pirates.
Lil' Aster: Cakeninjas!
Asura: Ninjas.
Lil' Karl: HAH! Ze pirates vin!!! :mwahaha:
Asura: ...Enjoy your impressive victory.
Lil' Karl: .........:shakefist:

11. What is your weapon of choice?
Big Karl: Fire.
Lil' Karl: Mein vampire prowess!
Big Aster: My checkbook.
Lil' Aster: Cake-pops! :D
Asura: My spear.

12. What do you do when you're upset?
Big Karl: Usually seclude meinself, unless I can deal viz ze problem by destroying it utterly.
Lil' Karl: Rant.
Big Aster: I'm a diva. You do the math.
Lil' Aster: Cry! :cries:
Asura: I keep as calm as possible, as it is better to approach difficulties with a clear mind.

13. Twilight vs. Harry Potter?
Big Karl: Neizer.
Lil' Karl: DO NOT SPEAK OF ZAT VHICH SHALL NOT BE NAMED!!! :la: ...Ze Potter books are decent.
Big Aster: Harry Potter, if I have to pick one. More magic, less forced angst please. Also, Alan Rickman is hot.
Lil' Aster: Huh? Oh, umm, Harry Potter. :nod:
Asura: Harry Potter.

14. Boxers or briefs?
Big Karl: Mein Aster has ze answer to zat. :fuzzydemon:
Lil' Karl: Neizer! :D
Big Aster: :blush:
Lil' Aster: NUFFIN AT ALL! :dummy:
Asura: That's called "commando," Aster.
Lil' Aster: Like you can talk. :P
Asura: *sigh*

15. All done! Any final words?
Big Karl: I must investigate zat blush on mein Aster.
Lil' Karl: I vas promised cookies! Vare are- :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: ...oh. Danke. Zat is all.
Big Aster: :blush:!!!
Lil' Aster: I don't want cookies, I want CAKE! Cake cake cake cake- :cake: ....:o YAY! :happybounce:
Asura: *bows* It was an... experience.
Lil' Aster: *looks up from explosion of cake crumbs* What. :O_o:
Asura: Nothing.

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