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original stories... or perhaps gifts from other universes

3 screams
It must have been somewhere past midnight. I was trying to fall asleep on a lumpy mattress in a second-rate nursing home where I'd landed after busting a calf muscle. The place was most likely the best option my garbage insurance covered. I was 36 years old at the time, and clearly one of the youngest, most aware, and sanest people in the joint. It took moving rooms three times to find one where I could actually sleep, thanks to the ridiculous noise level of aged elevator hydraulics, door alarms going off any time of day or night, and high-pitched tones of nurse call-buttons they took their sweet time answering. I had talked to my friend on
As The Resin World Turns - OC reality TV meme
This meme comes from: http://oc-meme-central.livejournal.com/20817.html Rules: - Choose 6 OC's. - Put your OC's names in list of numbers and answer the questions with your OC's names instead of the number, write at least 100 words to answer. - Once an OC is evicted, you must choose the next consecutive number to fill in the question. 1. Welcome to the House! Introduce the OC's and what their luxury item would be. (These are the doll versions, as far as character goes. The story made by this meme is not canon for the dolls' ongoing lives in "the big lady's house." Click their names in the list below to see what they look like.) [1] (Big) A
The Thirteenth Dress
Anne made dresses. There were normal dresses and custom dresses but there were also special dresses. The special ones were magical and so very beautiful, but they were not for just any girl. A girl who owned one of the special dresses would find herself in the midst of a fantastical adventure, complete with fire-breathing dragon and a kind, handsome prince. Now, there weren't all that many princes around who weren't complete jerks, but it didn't seem to matter as no girl had yet managed to complete the magical workings of the adventure itself. They all wanted the handsome prince at the end, but not the work involved in getting there. They ha
The Truth
Shane didn't usually go to bars, but he was tired of being shut up in his little apartment. Plus, he'd heard this establishment still had a stock of Zima on hand, even though production had stopped some time ago. He'd always wanted to try it. So there he was at the bar, trying to decide whether or not it had been a good idea to kill the stuff off... and then a stranger took the next stool over. The fellow reeked of too much booze that was definitely stronger than what graced Shane's glass, but the drunk was more immediately talkative. "Hey man, you wanna hear a secret?" Shane resisted the urge to go crawl under a rock and responded reluctan
1. Introduction
Dear ______,     You don't know me, but I know you quite well. I've watched you, followed you, studied your every move. The whims you follow, the cautions you take. I'm writing you now to tell you I'm going away. You will never meet me, and I shall never lurk in the shadows of your life ever again.                                 Sincerely,                                                 ________
Regarding Annie ch.1
"I don't know about angels, but it's fear that gives men wings." - Max Payne Cast Jack Carmichael: Kurt Russell Anne Carmichael: Rachel Weisz Agent Torrens: Topher Grace Bob: Gene Hackman Seth: Seth Green Geena: Queen Latifah This is an original story inspired by a short discussion I had with Kurt Russell in a dream last night. The story has nothing to do with the dream. The character descriptions will be vague or nonexistent because this is the sort of thing that would make a nice movie script... and with that in mind, I'd rather just get the idea of the plot down. If you don't know who the actors are that I have cast for the rolls, p
Regarding Annie ch.2
(spacer for avoiding spoilers) Chapter 2 It had been a year. One whole year of fruitless searching, pleading, following false trails, fighting red tape. There was a lot of red tape. For one thing, to the rest of the world Jack looked like the prime suspect in his own wife's disappearance. Anne hadn't been on very good terms with her parents, but neither had he. Jack had survived, beaten the investigation, and was working on one of his own. Working on one of his own. That would have been nice, if he could find anything useful anytime soon. He stared at the unfamiliar ceiling above him as the television contented itself with making ambient noi
Regarding Annie ch.3
(spacer for avoiding spoilers) Chapter 3 The room was rather boring, in a sinister sort of way. White walls, lone table and chairs at the center, small surveillance camera high in a corner. I've seen this in a movie somewhere. Jack waited at the table, watching the door through which this Agent Torrens was supposedly going to come any moment now. Jack had been rather annoyed that the agent hadn't been in the car of goons who had picked him up, but not really all that surprised. Once again he wondered if this whole idea had been a bad choice. The door opened, and a man entered the room, closing the door firmly behind him. He was the very pict
Regarding Annie ch.4
(spacer for avoiding spoilers) Chapter 4 The jet had taken him straight to Area 51. Somehow that had been completely stunning and yet unsurprising all at once. Jack was certainly overwhelmed, at any rate. He had been quickly escorted into a nondescript building, down various corridors, and through a long process of ID checks and elevators. Torrens was with him the whole way. The agent had remained vague about what exactly was going to happen, or had been happening, but Jack was more or less content to go along for the ride at this point. One thing Torrens continued to stress was that Jack would not be going back to the real world, or what he
writer quiz - Regarding Annie
If you haven't read my story called Regarding Annie you may want to before reading this quiz. See the deviation description for the link to chapter 1. Two characters in this quiz have not yet made it into the story proper... but that's part of the fun. xD This is a quiz for writers, but only for writers who know their characters well enough to know what they would say when questioned. That said, here goes…. Imagine you have been given a wonderful opportunity. You get to meet and interview five of the characters from your story. The only rules are these. One- the five must be diverse. Get the good people, the bad people, and the ugly. Two-
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