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people allergy stamp - clean


Much more interesting version: [link]

Really and truly sick of people?: [link]

Weapons of choice: Microsoft Paint, Photoshop 5.5, ImageReady 2.0, stamp border by ~q-tastylicious

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I'm allergic to stupid people!

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I’m allergic to the Kyman hatedom
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I'm more allergic to my family lol
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I think I'm allergic to people like my older sister is allergic to cats. She loves them and will spend time with them regardless. We tried so hard when she came to visit to keep our cats outside, but when she was here she had them in the house more than we usually do. She loves them but still has a negative reaction to them she can't control (in this case a rash).

In my case, the uncontrollable/negative reaction is extreme anxiety and its accompanying symptoms, even though I do appreciate and care for people :')
Sometimes I just need some time away for myself.
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I know a friend of mine who feels this way, generally speaking.
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I hate people at school, except my BFF on Discord, and some friends on DA
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Same bitch, same
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i love this stamp!
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SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!

Using! <3
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this is awesome XD
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Yep- and i still couldnt find any kind of cure for that ... !
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Using using using.
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Are there more stamps like this one? XDD

This stamp though. :iconsparklystarlights:
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These people...



o-o Humanity, stop it.
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In all honesty, I prefer animals to people.
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I know what you mean by the expression, but to take it literally like that last moron there, I'm allergic to my guy. XD So yes, you can literally be allergic to certain people!
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But you are a person
if you are allergic to people, you are allergic to yourself.
Therefore, you will die within seconds...
still not dead yet?
That right there my friend, shows that you are in fact, NOT allergic to people.
Get the spoon out of your ass yet? :) I hope so
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