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it hurts. i wonder how many people would have gone to the emergency room by now. i'm typing with 1 hand cuzmy other 1 is holding my head. ik can't lay down any more becvause then it is just me sand the pain. one key at a time....hey it's a distraction. can't even see all the keysd at once cuz my nhair is in the way.

not even sure what i just said. emergency room is not dark or wquiet. threw up 7 times so far. or 8. trying not to get dehydrated. cryinfg. tylenol no t normal kind, ran out, threw it up twice, not helping. switched hands. hope spelling isn't attrocious. hair really in way now.

must eat. monitor too bright...turned brightness and contrast way doen. still too bright. other hand now. does better.

turned monitor down more. better. stupid to write like this. hurtung. dying. inside. why so sick.....physical manifestation of stress? long fucking word. life intollerable, deep down i know. outside, try to look brave and positive. don't know how much longert i can last. hard to see keys now.

headache or migraine for last month and a half or more now (yay typing with both hands, much faster, wanna puke tho)... almost every day. the headaches. fuck , back to 1 hand. lots of breakjs to cry or press hard on face, head. cold, fever? blankets all over me. dont want to throw up again, too bright where i wash bucket out. fucking hurts. make it stop plz.

don't know why i been sick so much. should see doctor, this frequency not normal. hate doctor. porolly just give me meds, shit too owerful god damn it. still typing bcuz it something tio do. keys rather dark. afraid to read what i wrote, will ewant to fix typos. fuck it. just looked bad typo haha. dying. trey not to throw up yet, maybe still tylenol in there somewhere. stupid. feel stupid. no. feel lost, hurt, please hekp me. silly... just wait, live thru it, it go away. eventually. just sucks right now.

looking 4 sympathy? i guess. that so bad? dunno. don't understand this world or these feelings. i.....think i want to see this later too. after. i forget how bad it gets. but if this is because of stress then it will only get worse. life only getting worse. need help. can't do this by myself. hate. hate it. should stop now. pathetic. so stupid. so sick.

so s8ick.
Yay for mature literature posts today, eh? This one is a whole different concept though. It was written on December 10th at somewhere around 3pm while I was violently ill with a migraine. The text is 100% true to that moment. :raincloud: My god, the typos. :faint:

Must print this for my disability case.... must call a real lawyer...... :paranoid:

Weapons of choice: LiveJournal and a severe migraine
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December 12, 2006
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