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Migidoll Ruby faceup

I... don't even know what category to put this in. Also, apologies for crappy focus, my main camera died a while ago and this is apparently as good as it gets with my tablet (mostly because I honestly can't tell until it gets to the PC just how in/out of focus the pics are).

Anyways, I was going for pastel goth, but that's kinda hard when one's Prismacolor collection is limited and not-pastel. ^^; But hey, she finally has a face. I still have no real idea who she is or what her name is even. I have notes somewhere on where I ordered her, she's sat in a box next to her order-buddy's box (it was a two-for-one event of Migidoll's Yo-SD size critters) who is a mini version of my OC Kaito... and still very blank. And... uh... my doll site is horrifically in need of updates. But, have slightly-fuzzy pics of "I think we took a hard left turn into harlequin somewhere along the way." :giggle:

She'll look the pastel-goth part more once her eyes/wig/outfit arrives. It's been nice to work on a doll again, and I actually like how her lips turned out. O.o The failing-to-be-mint-green going on in her eyeshadow was supposed to be continued elsewhere in her makeup but it totally failed on a lips test and I decided I better not push it.
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