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Jareth's box opening by tirsden Jareth's box opening by tirsden
Definitely fullview! :fuzzydemon:

[link] - Youtube box opening video :D

Yeaaah that was a long wait. I had gotten to the point where I figured I'd never see him, and would have to settle for an older event head (which would have most likely gotten traded on the DoA MP out of angst unless it really struck me as an "I want"). BUT! He's heeeeeeere, and I am loving discovering who he is. I am thinking the child concept just might be him, and that he is perhaps blind... except with his vampire senses and possibly a very old age, he can "see" better than a human can, in a sort of nearly psychic way. Like, the entire environment around him, not just like how we can see forwards and to the sides a bit, without turning our heads.

I'll get him a DZ MSD body just like what I want for Aiden when I can afford it, and either mod his neck myself (MNF heads don't hybrid with non-MNF bodies without work) or send him to a modder. And his faceup is the second ever I have done on a BJD. I wish I had more control to be able to paint the swirlies instead of use watercolor pencils, but eh... it works.

|Karl [Dollzone Leo]|
|Jareth [Fairyland Minifee Sleeping Elf Vampire (Boy) Chloe]|
Arleedraw Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Karl just remind me of a mini dante XD (sorry i tried to resit of saying that but after seeing him on alll thoses box openning i wasn't able to resit anymore)

-yes it's a crappy comment-
tirsden Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL I'm now trying to figure out how Karl equates to Dante on any level. I... apparently need to know more about the DMC games. :giggle:

Aww is not a crappy comment, it gets a cookie! :cookie: I know some people get offended by "your glorious personal character doll looks like ______ from popular media and thus I am somehow ruining it all by saying so." 1) That doesn't upset me, in fact in this situation I am still going "LOL really??" :laughing: 2) I think it's pretty silly to get upset over such a thing. Most people mean it as a compliment anyways, or if there is a resemblance then there just is one. O.o

-yes it's a long reply- xD
Arleedraw Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
yay for the cookie

and yeah you are right it's stupid to get upset about stuff like this >w<
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