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Heyyy chica!

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A little LucioXSymmetra love, cuz they don't get enough. Like, at all. Surprising, considering the way fandoms usually work with characters who canonically hate each other. Didn't expect to get the game, didn't expect to like it. :ninja: Now if only people would sit their damn tushies on the flippin' objective! *ahem* Calm... serene...

This pic is a scene from an Overwatch/OC mashup roleplay with Shaerileth, where her character Yújìn is combined with Symmetra, and my character Jak is combined with Lucio. And they are sortofkindof getting along. :giggle:

And yes, I do main Lucio. #support4lyfe!

Soundtrack: Zedd - Find You ( )  and Lucio Health Music 10 mins ( )
Tools used: .20mm black Micron pen, sketchbook paper, Photoshop 5.5, trackball mouse
Symmetra and Lúcio belong to Blizzard Entertainment
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I adore this, I love this ship so much