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It's fucking humid in here and the roaches have gone feral. I hate doing laundry down here. I don't dare risk leaving though, people steal stuff from this room. I'm not sure they'd do it at 3am... but I don't want to risk losing all my favorite clothes and a major chunk of my wardrobe.

I'm wearing the loudest shirt I own, just describing it in text to my friend Ian over chat blinded him. Yay laundry day. This shirt is too small... YES. DONE.

Every time I clean the dryer filter out I remember the paper-making class I took years ago, and how badly they begged us all to bring in our dryer lint. And every single time I wonder if somebody out there needs it...

I'm out of here. Trying not to slam the door. Time to get back to something slightly less fetid.
For the ~100ThemeWriters challenge. My progress: [link]

:shakefist: I HATE TEH LAUNDRY ROOM HERE. But yay I'm done. :D And I wrote one and a half more challenge entries while I was down there, yet more kiddy Riddick. :love: Also, amazingly, my mp3 player lasted all the way through it, which is incredible considering I listened to it a good share of today and I'm not sure when I charged it last. :sing:

Join the madness! :icon100themewriters:

Weapons of choice: Microsoft WordPad, Firefox auto-spellcheck
Saphiroko Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
*snerk* A Riddick Moment. :giggle:
tirsden Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay that'd be funny. :lmao: I don't think he's ever had to deal with living in low-income housing. ^^; Well ok the art teacher version. The canon one? Hehhh... "why would I be in a laundry room?"
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August 9, 2008
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