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Hi all!
I've created an Instagram account for all sorts of creative works of mine! Feel free to follow me there. :D Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U!  instagram.com/tirnu.art
There's also an account for my pet rats! I needed a place for my rat picture spam. Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U!  instagram.com/tirnu.rat
You might also notice that I've got a third, private Instagram account. I'm rather private with this so I'm not likely to accept follower requests if we have never talked or if I don't recognize you by your username.

I will be attending Gingacon's artists' alley this saturday, sharing the table with kippycube and neighbouring with SaQe! Let me know if you're attending too! ^_^

Elikkä nykyään minulla on Instagram-tili kaikenmoisille luomuksilleni. Tervetuloa seuraamaan! :D Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U!  instagram.com/tirnu.art
Myös rotillani on oma tili. Tarvitsin paikan rottakuvaspämmille! Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U!  instagram.com/tirnu.rat
Kuten tuolta varmasti huomaa, minulla on myös kolmas tili. Sen tarkoitus on kuitenkin olla yksityinen ja ystävien kesken jaettu, joten tulen tuskin hyväksymään seurantapyyntöjä, mikäli emme ole koskaan puhuneet tai en tunnista nimimerkkiäsi.

Sitten vielä coniasiaa: Osallistun Gingaconiin taidekujan merkeissä tulevana lauantaina. Minulla on yhteinen pöytä kippycuben kanssa, ja SaQe tähystää naapuripöydässä. Ilmoittele ihmeessä, mikäli tulet olemaan paikalla, olisi hauskaa tietää! ^_^

13422914 644449965719175 1367731367 N by tirnu
These stickers will be available in Gingacon! Näitä tarroja on saatavilla Gingaconissa!
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I was tagged by Tikrekins to do this little challenge about my character tirnu!

1. Post 8 facts about your character
2. Tag 8 other characters
3. Post their names along with their owner's avatar.

Tirrrrnuuuuuuuuu-kopio2222 by tirnu
A quick drawing of tirnu for this journal entry

Meet tirnu!

1. tirnu is my fursona. Her early forms were shaped in 2007, but her current fur colour/pattern was finalized in 2008...
2. ...But her body shape is constantly changing in each drawing. I find it difficult to keep it consistent!
3. She's probably my dearest character. I draw her everywhere.
4. My favourite part of drawing her is her ears, and if I colour her, the little white splotch on her chest!
5. I don't know why, but I usually prefer to write her name with a small initial, just like my username. It's not something I expect from others, just the way I like doing it.
6. She's a mix of a jack russel terrier and a corgi. The breeds' natures don't represent myself at all - they just happen to have the closest looks of tirnu and how I would imagine them to mix up.
7. She didn't have a name for a long time. Only when I made this account in 2011 and people started calling me by my username, the pieces kinda fell into their places and tirnu got her name.
8. I haven't planned much of a personality nor a backstory for her - she mostly represents me in my art and I enjoy drawing her in various scenarios.

Here are also some of my first drawings of tirnu, or where I consider it to be an early form of her:
Earlytirnu by tirnu 2007, here she has formed her small size I believe

Ynf by tirnu 2007, this is the kind of tail she still has.

Fursona by tirnu 2008, tirnu's first reference sheet!

Roehh by tirnu 2008, probably the first artsy drawing I drew of her.

And I'll only tag 5 people for now!

1. kittikos and Mari
2. gurain and Gurain
3. kippycube and Raasu
4. Canis-Infernalis and Skaret
5. Valehiisi and Sigr Vairnavík

Thanks for reading! :>
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2 min read

I'm open for little chibi styled commissions, styled as below.

uNWwNVz by tirnu Fd7gPZ4 by tirnu ujKwWqx by tirnu
Chibi Mari by tirnu

(click for full resolution)

- I will draw animals only. No anthros or humans.
- The background will be either transparent or a colour of your choice.
- I need a clear reference picture of your character(s).
- No NSFW.
- I wish to have some artistic freedom with the shaping and poses.
- The hearts are definitely not a necessity! The picture can be decorated with symbols of your choice, if wanted.

- Starting price for an individual character: 6€ / $7
- Additional character(s): +5€ / $6 per character

- For international payments: PayPal
- For payments in Finland: Bank transfer or cash (depends!)

In case of interest, you may drop me a note here, or send me e-mail at: tirnu.art (at) gmail dot com.
I'm open to all questions if you have any!

Thank you!
Please let me know if there's anything critical missing from my commission info! :>
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3 min read
Hey all!

edit Nov 30th: The raffle applications have closed! Thanks for participating everybody! Just a little edit on the ad: The dates I had given for thursdays were actually friday ones. It's fixed now, I'll be posting on thursdays, no worries! C:

edit Nov 28th: Hello! Last chance - this raffle will close on tomorrow at 23:59 in my time! (You can check the time from this link)

edit Nov 25th: Hi again! There are a few days left to participate! Also sorry for the spam, I thought reposting this in a different time would get me more visibility? I will make one more notification about this on next saturday. Thanks! :>

Inspired by Tikrekins' artsy advent calendar raffle, I decided to make one of my own! I haven't done a giveaway/raffle of any sort before, so I hope you can take it easy on me ´v`;;
As I won't have the time and the energy for a full advent calendar with new submissions for each day until Christmas, my raffle will be much smaller. I still wanted to remember my followers somehow during this dark time of the year.

So, here goes:

There are four slots to be raffled. A new submission will be submitted each Thursday until Christmas Eve, on December 3th, 10th, 17th and 24th!
The drawing will be styled somehow like this:
twinkle twinkle lil' tirnu by tirnu

Raffle rules
• Be my watcher! Both old and new followers are welcome.
• Post a comment below with a link to a character you'd like drawn by me. One comment per person.
• I accept feral characters only! You may suggest more than one character, but please remember I will only draw one of them.
• The winners will be raffled on random.org and published only on the day of submission.
• Deadline for participating: November 29th!

Advertising this raffle is not required but very appreciated. No need to ask for my permission, but let me know if you do it! ;v;
Feel free to ask if there are any questions in your mind.

So thanks for reading and good luck! I'm quite excited to do this. >v< <3
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En ole kirjoittanut aiheesta minkäänlaista raporttia, mutta olin ensimmäistä kertaa myymässä piirroksiani viime Traconin taidekujalla. Kokemus oli minulle erittäin positiivinen, ja halusinkin kiittää kaikkia paikalle tulleita, mukavia jutelleita sekä printtejäni ostaneita! Toivottavasti tapaamme jälleen ensi vuonna samoissa merkeissä. Kiitokset myös pöytäkavereilleni kippycube ja msVuonis!

Taidekujainnostukseni ei ole jäänyt tähän, vaan olen kiinnostunut tekemään samaa jatkossakin. Kitacon on tulevana lauantaina ja olen tavattavissa siellä taidekujalla myyntipöydän takaa. Tulkaa siis moikkaamaan mikäli olette itsekin paikalla, olisi hauskaa tavata! :> Sijainnistani minulla ei ole tietoa, sillä siitä ei olla jaettu tarkempaa informaatiota. Kannan kuitenkin tirnu-badgea näkyvällä paikalla (kuva tulossa myöhemmin), joten siitä voi minut tunnistaa. c:

Valitettavasti minulla on ollut hieman epäonnea uusien printtien toimituksen kanssa. Postin lakkoilun vuoksi en ole saanut niitä (saati muutakaan postia) käsiini vieläkään, vaikka olen tilannut tuotteet jo hyvissä ajoin. On siis mahdollista, ettei esimerkiksi kaikkia DOGS-tarroja ole saatavilla. Pahoittelen! Saan varmuuden asiasta viimeistään perjantaina. Viime myynnistä on onneksi joitain printtejä jäljellä ja uskon niiden riittävän.

Myynnissä minulla on siis printtituotteina kortteja, tarroja, julisteita ja kirjanmerkkejä, sekä pienkäsitöinä itse tekemiäni heijastimia.

Pitemmittä puheitta, toivon kaikille kivaa conia ja olisi hauskaa kuulla etukäteen keitä kaikkia onkaan tulossa. Nähdään Kitaconissa! >v<

Lisään kuvia kirjanmerkeistä  ja badgestani mitä pikimmin!
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