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sleepy rats

By tirnu
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I became a rat owner about a month ago! It's my first time owning any rodents. I like them so so much. ♥

So this is a portrait of my darlings, drawn on a weekend when I was away from home and I missed them!
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You are amazing, just for understanding rats for who they really are! I'm soon gonna' get a few pet rats next year so I'm saving up to have a lifelong supply of food and stuff for them
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Yep! They're such an misunderstood pet, but I've been able to change some peoples' opinions on them with my stories about my pets. :D
Good luck on saving up!! That's a great plan! Do you have a specific colour of rat in mind? ;w;

I have plenty of rat updates on my rat instagram if you wanna check out some pics of them >v<
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I'm following your instagram!
I rly hope you post more lovely rattie pics!!

And thanks a ton, I know it sounds crazy but I plan to start blue or brown and maybe move up to hairless (but need
to learn how to take care of the ones with fur)
I'm gonna make a wishlist on my page so i can remind myself of things i'd love to have! :D
(including rats!)
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They look adorable! 
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Thanks, I always wanted to know the melting point of my heart.
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Thank you, your comment melted my heart!
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Näin tän aiemmin FB:n rottaryhmässä ja ihastelin tätä jo silloin, mutten arvannut että tekijä olisi nimeltä tuttu devalainen! : D Tää on ihan hurjan söpö, etenkin toi vasemmanpuoleisin on hirveen sulonen. <3 Onnea porukasta, tää onkin varsin komea lauma!
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Oho, tulin tunnistetuksi! :D Hauska juttu! Kiitoksia! He ovat kyllä varsin ihanaa poppoota `v´ Onko sulla rottia?
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Ei oo rottia nyt, mutta varmasti hankin jossain vaiheessa ainakin pari tyttörottaa. :3 Hiiriä on ollu ja niitäkin varmasti tulee myöhemmin taas. Ja ole hyvä! :3
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Okei! Olisi hauska tietää, jos tulet vielä joskus hankkineeksi jompaakumpaa lajia. ^_^
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Koetan muistaa ilmoitella! ;u;
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