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Merry Christmas Kitties...



...There's a new sheriff in town! Okay, So I FINALLY Finished this beautiful piece. Alright, so i could've done the background better I'm sure, but maybe it's simplicity is enough for my peeps! aka you

I just want to say this is a double tribute, this is my Christmas love (ish: might do another one) and my Alice tribute, because everyone has to have a least one....

I have two.

Okay, so i was intending to portray Alice as sort of a dark entity, everyone knows that Alice totally has the intention of taking over wonderlands power (the crown) and ruling for her own. Thus the sort of saturation between blue and red. Alice vs the red queen, or blue vs. red. I wanted the queen to seem harmless and weak, and then there's clearly sides. the hatter is with Alice, as is the white rabbit, and the chesire is on his own accord, he wants to rule on his own, the blue caterpillar is influencing Alice, and the march hare is a manly girl with a Napoleon complex. All this was fun to think about while making.
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Isn't this pretty. :iconimhappyplz:

And by pretty I mean absolutely gorgeous.